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Utukashii's Journal

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» Username: Utukashii

» Real name: Riku Sakamaki

» Age: 16

» Gender: Female

» Height: 5' 4"


» About: History/personality

Riku has a younger sister, by six minutes, that she entered the game with. Her sister's name is Sakura but her avatar is Axelle. Riku didn't exactly know why her sister was interested in Sword Art Online but being the more mature one she is, she decided to go with go with her. Riku didn't want anyone messing with her sister in the game, nor to hut her. Her plan was to log on when she was on and watch over her while she was there, or at least that was the plan until they both were trapped in the game.

» Virtues:

Caring. Because of her sister's ADHD she has learned to help out and care for her sister. Even though her younger sister acted many years younger she still took care of her. Riku has promised to let nothing happen to Sakura.

Twin Sense. Ever since they grew up, Riku ans Sakura had always been able to "know" things without speaking to each other. They were also identical, which was good for them most of the time. The only way you could tell them apart was either their clothes or the way they acted.

Careful. She is extremely careful around her sister, afraid to upset her. Riku doesn't ever want to see her sister cry. She especially didn't wan her parents to think she wasn't responsible. Going into the game might have changes their opinions about her though.

» Flaws:

Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html

Mature. Riku had to grow up faster than normal because of her workaholic parents. She had to not only keep her sister safe but be responsible for her own apartment. Riku's parent's had given her money every month to cover the costs but it still wasn't enough, so she often saved up.

Stubborn. If Riku does not support the situation she will not approve of it. When she knows something or someone is trouble she refuses to even think about the outcome of the situation.

Perfectionist. Because she is so stubborn she always needs things to be perfect to feel self sufficient. If there are wrinkles in clothes, she will fix them, a hair out of place is always fixed, and a broken trust we be removed from her life.










Weapon skills :






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Relationships (optional)


Story Thus Far (optional)

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