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Mayonaka's Journal

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» Username: Mayonaka
» Real name: Mayonaka
» Age: 14
» Gender: Female
» Height: 5' 2"
Col right now: 3,905
Face Claim: Anko, Tomako Market

» About: History/personality

Before SAO, she was a very active girl. Playing soccer and basketball every week made her very athletic and strong. Her basketball coach pushed her past her limits, he wanted her to be the best at it. Being short; basketball was a hard sport to play but everyone supported her choice. Mayonaka had been appointed captain of the school soccer team because she not only had close relationships with the others on the team but her skill level was high. The sports she played were easy for her because she thought of everything as a video game. Mayonaka was very popular in her High School being captain of the soccer team and all. She was star athlete and student, her life was perfect in others' perspective. Her friends were the best part about her though. She didn't categorize her friends by how much she liked them; she did it by how they met. Not exactly was she popular, everyone knew who she was. Mayonaka had lots of people that didn't like her, jealousy and hate were two main factors in this. Mayonaka was that one kid in school who didn't fit into one category like popular, nerds, emo, or anything; she was everything.

Upon hearing the uproar of the SAO launch she wanted to try it out of course, being a total gamer and all. Badly she applied to be a beta tester but sadly didn't get accepted into beta. She camped out until she bought the game, almost having to kill someone to get it !(XD) To get her hands on one of these games was a dream come true for her. This would be her first full dive game.

In The Game: Ryu, a smile in the sky



Chapter 1:
Being audacious as usual, Mayonaka successfully retracted some baddies attention off of a small child enough to save him. After he bolted away safely she ran away as fast as she could, trying to get as far away as possible from them as she could. Mayonaka tried to get lost in the crowd but smacked into another player, sending her on her butt. The boy she ran into offered her a hand to be helped up, he also asked why Mayonaka was in such a hurry too. Of course, Mayonaka answered politely, leaving her trust in his hands even though he refused to tell her his name. Suddenly, he grabbed her wrist and yanked her along with him, running faster than her. As soon as they reached the West side of town the boy pulled her close in his cloak and shielded them both from being seen by the men that didn't know were chasing them. Mayonaka was utterly confused by all of the sudden actions, especially now as he laughed his head off like a manic and rolled on the ground. Noticing that Mayonaka was alarmed, the boy explained the situation he was in and told her his name. His name was Ryujin, but he told her just to call him Ryu. Mayonaka told him her name without hesitation and alas the cute nickname May was created by Ryu. She took his hand as he lead her to a place name the <Inn> where she laid down next to Ryu and stared at the stars. They discussed the reasons why they joined this horror of a game. After awhile, May fell asleep next to Ryu accidentally. Ryu, being a good person, carried her to where he lived and placed her on his bed while he slept somewhere else. Soon after that Mayonaka woke up in the middle of the night and began to wander aimlessly outside and stupidly out of the town where I was greeted by a group of PKs. Ryu came immediately after I screamed and finished off the group without any trouble. She apologized for being a trouble as they walked back to Ryu's place. When inside Mayonaka faced the wall and fell asleep on the bed with Ryu on the other side of her.

This what Mayonaka looks like IRL at school!

» Virtues:

Short: It's easier for her to dodge and escape, but not all the time. Her shortness allows her to move swiftly through tough obstacles. Being short also makes people want to help her, they think she is a child.

Kawaii: Mayonaka is short but has overly long hair, making her almost like an anime character. Being short helps her get into character sometimes, to get out of trouble of course. When she wants to confuse someone or persaude someone she makes her voice high and acts five years old. You can't be cute without a beautiful face now can you? No, Mayonaka is very pretty.

Stubborn: Mayonaka will fight for whats right until the bitter end. Whether she dies in this "game" she will fight until the end. Her life will be remembered and cherished. Mayonaka is willing to die for any of her friends, at an cost. If she makes a promise, she keeps it. She will not betray anyone unless they betray her. Her head is wise but she thinks its better to trust her heart. Mayonaka will throw herself in front of a sword if it means keeping a promise.

Polite: When she first meets someone she treats them like a friend, unless you get on her bad side. Mayonaka was raised to have very good manners, especially around adults. When you get to know her more she tends to be less polite, showing her rudeness, stubborn, and cute sides.



» Flaws:
Audacious: She goes into something without thinking. Her feet are too fast for her mind, she will go to any length to help without using her brilliant mind to create a plan. Mayonaka often causes trouble in public places for the fun of it, only with Ryu of course. Her ability to trick people make this flaw show more often then usual, which is only good at some times.

Impatient: She would rather finish this game by herself and get it done. She will not wait for other people to do it for her. Mayonaka is fully capable of getting through the game alone, but she meets people along the way; which changes everything. Her laziness also causes her to fall asleep in the most odd places, because she is too impatient to wait for someone. This is a matter of life and death, if she chooses life, then she can't be a coward and run from her problems.

Small: She is pretty short so people mistake her for being younger than she is. She acts mature, but does look like it. Its hard to buy things at the market because the merchants think she stole the money rather than earned it. Mayonaka is also at a disadvantage because if someone gets a hold her her she can't fight them. It's easy to lift her off the ground too.

Feisty: Is you get on her bad side she will not resist the temptation to battle you. Though she hasn't killed anyone she still is capable to. When someone calls her short; that's the last straw, your are now on her bad side.

Rude: Before becoming feisty Mayonaka will most likely refer to you coldly and speak curtly to you. She gives no affection to you, she is through with you. If you somehow tick her off even more she will not hesitate to insult you or even draw her blade at you.








Weapon skills :

» One-Handed Straight Sword



Twinfire Feather
*Only these two players will receive a feather for doing the event. The feather heals 5 HP and remove the burn effect like a two-in-one potion.



One Handed Straight Sword
Name: Sword of the Unknown Knight
Description: This sword was dropped by someone who no one knew, hency why it's named like it is.
Ability: +2 Damage


Item: Amulet of Hoya
Description: A necklace given to Grim from Etheral as a gift at Grims wedding, he wears this around his neck at all times to see the the two names forever engraved in its form. Grim X Yureka.


>>Spirital Fire Lace Gloves
These gloves, given to the one who kills the Fire Spirit, are two different colors. The both seem red from afar but when you look at them closely you can see glitters on what looks like ice in them. Nothing special to them, just pretty looking.


1 Yeti pelt



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{C}viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3242-COMPLETE (Ryu and May)

15 COMPLETE adventures = 15 Skill Points 

Relationships (optional)

Story Thus Far (optional)

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