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About this blog


Here is where you can find any and all information regarding the podcast series. 

Information includes, but not limited to:

  • Pre-Podcast Questions
  • Release & Stream Information
  • More to come

Here is where you can watch/listen to the podcast live!
Twitch | YouTube

All podcasts are archived and uploaded to our YouTube Channel for those that cannot catch the live show.

Entries in this blog


Want to be on the podcast?

Hello my fellow Aincradians! The time has come to open up to the community for special guests! If you want to be a guest on the podcast then this post is for you! To apply to be a special guest, you need to meet these requirements: If you have been on the podcast previously in that season, you will be invited back for any episode that has the same main topic that you have discussed. The application will ask for the following information: If you do not make it on the podcast this season, you will be in the next season. The list will rollover to the next season. If you are still interested in applying to be a special guest, please send me (Shark) a PM with the required information.  Once you are accepted as a special guest, you will receive an episode number and a TENTATIVE date. The date may change as the topic is not finalized until at least a week before the podcast. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on discord, on the site, or comment below. 




Sword Art Online Podcast Season 5!

Hello all! As you might have seen, the Season 5 premier of the podcast is right around the corner! I am excited to announce that the co-host for this season will be @Hestia! With that being said. I would like to collect any questions that you all may have that will be answered and discussed on this months episode. (Episode frequency TBD based on user interaction and interest)  So go ahead and comment on this post with the questions you would like to hear discussed on this coming episode!



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