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    «KuroZX»'s journal

    «Name» Kuro Profile » Usename: KuroZX » Real name: Yukia Kurogane » Age: 21 years old » Gender: Female » Height: 1.65 meters » Face Claim: Kaguya Houraisan »History: Born to a high-class family, Yukia Kurogane was the third in line to inherit the Kurogane clan’s power in Fuyuki city. The Kurogane lineage is only half of the imperial family in Fuyuki, with the Arisato clan providing the second half. Yukia had a very strict life, being homeschooled and only allowed to play once she finished all the work she had to do. Yukia was always at odds with the Arisato clan’s youngest daughter, seeing her as a sort of rival. When the Arisato clan fell out of grace and became a simple Japanese family, Yukia’s previously planned arranged marriage to the Arisato’s youngest son simply broke apart, much to her content, as she had realized her sexual orientation years before, when she was only 9. Continuing to live in Fuyuki until she finished college at 19, Yukia lived as the madam of the Kurogane house after her father died of old age. Deciding to track down Rita and finally settle her odds with her, Yukia travelled to Kyoto and bought SAO and the Nerve Gear once she heard Rita had done the same, planning to use the game as a means to settle the score. Yukia’s history with Rita is sour, as Rita hated her for rejecting her brother, implying she felt the Arisato family wasn’t good enough to marry into the Kurogane’s. Rita’s hatred subsided as they got to know each other, same with Yukia, even becoming friends at one point and eventually best friends. After the Arisato’s exile and loss of power, Yukia was devastated and even tracked down Rita, managing to speak with her a few times, only for the friendship to break apart as Rita still bore resentment for Yukia rejecting her brother, something that made Yukia resent her for still harboring hate for her after all these years. Now in SAO, Yukia’s goal is to settle the score with Rita, though not going as far as to kill her. Kuro isn't afraid of the death game, she thinks a game you can freely die in is way too boring and non-challenging for her. Kuro is a black belt in Taekwondo and doesn’t use a weapon, instead using punches and kicks as her main form of attack. » Virtues: Intelligent: Yukia was thought by the best teachers around and is incredibly smart, able to resolve a complicated equation in a few minutes, maybe less. Yukia makes almost no use of this trait, however as she prefers to think with her fists, not her head. While incredibly intelligent, Yukia isn’t smart at all, often walking into trouble while left unattended, lacking the common sense to see trouble due to her sheltered life. Righteous: Like Rita, Yukia always had a strong sense of justice and was always eager to help someone, though her methods were far from good as she expected adequate compensation in return for her help, making her seems egotistical and selfish, while in truth, she just wanted people to know the price for her help, as she usually kept it to simple things. Cultured/Extremely Good Memory: Being born to a high-class family, Yukia is naturally well-versed in the common and uncommon knowledge of history, culture and events, being able to describe World War II (or any important event in the history of the world, for that matter) accurately from memory, event by event, not missing a single detail. Elegant and Beautiful: As the first daughter of a noble house, Yukia is naturally very elegant and her facial features can only be described as beautiful, leading to many proposals from many families for one of their sons to take her hand, even though she’s a lesbian and such a thing would be impossible. Perfectionist: Much like Rita, Yukia can’t leave something unfinished unless it’s perfect, going to great lengths and stressing herself out over minor things that must be done absolutely perfectly for her, including making her maids use a very specific order of arrangement set by her so that everything is done perfectly with no errors, something many people despise about her. Strategist: Due to her intelligence, Yukia is a natural born strategist and can normally come up with a plan for anything, effectively being able to save herself at any situation. Her plans are complex, include alternate orders and can even be compared to some of the greatest military strategists of all history. This knowledge was actually passed down through her family, who taught her about Sun Tzu and his brilliant strategies through the Art of War. She eventually got more interested in strategy and began playing video games such as Nobunaga’s ambition, yearning to be more like Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Nobunaga Oda’s strategist. » Flaws: Arrogant: Due to her status, she thinks of herself as a queen and almighty ruler, finding other people below her at all times. This arrogance is what gets her into so much trouble, particularly with men who don’t like being insulted... though she usually resolves these problems using her fists. Hot-headed: Kuro is way too reckless and hot-headed for her own good, often charging in to be the first to get a hit off or maybe get the last hit bonus item. This characteristic of hers makes it so she can’t stay still for very long so she’s always either questing or grinding. Naive: Kuro doesn’t really understand how to judge a person and will most always believe someone no matter what... unless it’s a clear enemy of hers, that is. This trait usually gets her into a lot of trouble, mostly with gangs or perverts, though she beats all of them up in no time if they try to do anything to her... Foulmouthed: Kuro is rude, very much so. She won’t let anyone get her way over hers and will usually respond in kind when someone insults her. Kuro swears constantly, (OOC: so much so, all her RPs probably need to be in Unrestricted... xD) something that makes her come off as unapproachable and unfriendly, something she really isn’t. Superiority complex: Kuro thinks she’s better than everyone else but she doesn’t let that stop her from being kind and inflicting justice on everyone she meets, though her kindness is very odd... Due to her upcoming and life, Kuro thinks of herself first and foremost, often requiring others repay her for her help or even saying “I’ll give you the honour of being my friend!†while meeting someone. Merciless: Though kind to most everyone, Kuro is a ruthless and merciless killer to both monsters and people who she deems as enemies, particularly Rita, though they usually match strength. Her ruthlessness is supreme over anything as she kills without any regard to life, instead pounding her fists on the enemy until it’s reduced to a pulp... literally... Yukia in school Profession: » Skills Skill Points: Points Spent: (Unless stated, all skill points were spent outside of a thread) Non-combat: » Passive: » Sprint - 0 » Hiding - 0 Combat: » Weapon skills : » One-Handed Straight Sword - 0 » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Basic One-handed Straight Sword (starter) » Cloth Jacket (starter) RP Items (used only as plot points): Col: 0 Transactions: » Roleplays (Unless stated, all RPs are in progress): » Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) » Music Themes: »
  2. HikariZX

    Silica «The Dragon Tamer»

    «Name» Silica Profile » Usename: Silica » Real name: Keiko Ayano » Age: 13 years old » Gender: Female » Height: 1.40 meters (estimate) »History: A usually cheerful and upbeat girl, Keiko was always regarded as a sort of idol by others due to her beauty and character, leading to many people having confessed to her before. Her name is derived from the fourteenth element in the periodic table, silicon, due to her father continuing his tradition as a chemist to name his children after elements, starting with her brother, Tetsuhiko Ayano, named after the 26th element, iron ("tetsu" in Japanese), him being born on the 6th of February, resulting in the 6th day of the 2nd month, 2 and 6 being combined into 26, giving out the element iron. Due to the 104th element being impossible to use for a girl's name (Rutherfordium), her father instead summed 10 and 4 to get 14, silicon ("keiso" in Japanese). Silica is always cheerful even in this situation but she loses her cool when fighting or sensing danger, often having her not even try or giving up too soon. She avoids males most of the time, knowing most would try to marry her despite her age, though she parties a lot and is usually considered a mascot for the party, most of the time not having to do anything, something that makes her mad and feel useless. » Virtues: »Cute: Silica is very cute and cheerful, an attitude that earns her most every male's adoration for her while resulting in jealousy by most females. She is like this by nature as she was always mostly cheerful, even before entering the death game. She also is physically attractive, having a pretty face and a cute figure, making her popularity rise even more. »Supportive: Silica is always there to help out one way or another and is always trying to do her best to be useful to everyone. This makes her mad when people don't let her act since she feels useless and unappreciated. She also can't stand watching anything die except monsters, often using her Feathery Dragon, Pina, heal anyone in her party who has even just lost a bit of health. »Kindhearted: She's always cheerful and caring to others, a natural attitude of hers. Silica can't stand to see someone sad and will always try and help the best she can, even if it means sacrificing herself. She likes helping new players get started and even can give some money to new shops to help them out. » Flaws: »Arrogant: Being treated as an idol by pretty much everyone she meets, Silica began to develop an ego and thinks that if one party doesn't want her, there are plenty others who do. While she feels that she can get anybody she wants, she also hates the fact that everyone wants her, though that doesn't help her reduce her ego. »Weak-willed: Silica hates fighting and usually doesn't really try. She also normally can't handle taking a single bit of damage, panicking immediately. Silica can't fight alone, even with Pina by her side and she usually stands back while her party handles the danger, often coming in to help out a bit before returning to the side-lines. She hates this part of herself too as she doesn't want to be seen as useless by anyone. »Easily Embarrassed: Silica is very easily embarrassed and blushes at the slightest things, often trying to avoid a "panty shot" at all costs, warning everybody around herself not to look and desperately holding her skirt over them. Silica also gets embarrassed around men, especially ones she likes and normally can't hold a conversation without blushing even a bit. Skills Skill Points: 0/2 (+1 for every level and completed RP) Points Spent: 2/2 (Unless stated, all skill points were spent outside of a thread) Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills : » One-handed Dagger 2/30 - Rank 1 - +1 DMG when using a One-handed dagger Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Basic Dagger (starter) » Cloth Jacket (starter) » 10 Bread » 15 Water RP Items (used only as plot points): » Col: 0 Transactions: » Roleplays (Unless stated, all RPs are in progress): » Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) » Music Themes: » Silica's theme » Battle theme » Boss Theme » Vs. Heathcliff
  3. HikariZX

    SAO RPG Character Shipping

    I third it! Does that make it official? <.<
  4. HikariZX

    SAO RPG Character Shipping

    Ruri shipped me with Mudkips 'cuz of a skype all of ours, it's a reference... : P Also... Cyndaquil... my fav pokemon's Typhlosion, so Cyndaquil... Hikari x Cyndaquil horde
  5. HikariZX

    SAO RPG Character Shipping

    Except I'm not into men... yeah, I'm a lesbian, sue me... : P But really now, those Mudkips are doing their job.... still would have preferred the Typhlosion, but whatever...
  6. HikariZX

    SAO RPG Character Shipping

    Considering I've been shipped before... not really that bad? The ships need some sense in them too... if this is me with myself then it's fine but I know there are some more Hikaris on this site...
  7. HikariZX

    SAO RPG Character Shipping

    Lemme fix that for you... Dylan x Dexter There ya go~ :D
  8. HikariZX

    SAO RPG Character Shipping

    THANK YOU! Someone understands, at least! Yeah, Typhlosion's my favorite pokémon, my first ever starter actually, was Cyndaquil...
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    HikariZX's Journal

    «Familiar Journal» Name: Shiranui Amaterasu Sumeo no Okami Species: Divine Wolf (mini field boss) Gender: Male Fur color: Pure white (when tamed); light gray (when wild) Eye color: Deep Azure (when tamed); glowing crimson (when wild) HP: (Owner's level)x 2 + 1 DST: 0 DMG: 2 Abilities: Mode Change - the ability to switch between three kinds of weapons, it takes one full turn to switch and the owner can't attack while he's doing so. The weapon affects only the kind of status effect that can be inflicted on the enemy, on a BD roll of 9-10. Modes: Reflector Mode - calls out the divine chakram "Solar Flare†to burn enemies. (needs rank 3 in familiar communication to take effect, lasts 3 turns) Sword mode - calls out the blade "Thunder Edge" to paralyze enemies. (needs rank 3 in familiar communication to take effect, lasts 3 turns) Rosary Mode - calls out the holy bead chain "Tundra Beads†to freeze enemies. (needs rank 3 in familiar communication to take effect, lasts 3 turns) Personality: While not being able to talk, Shiranui is wise and caring, always willing to help someone in need. He won't hesitate to punish evil beings and is extremely skilled with weapons. Physical Appearance: Coated with a layer of pure white fur, Shiranui wields his Divine Instrument on his back, suspended in the air, a swirling white mane rising from his back, crimson markings cover his entire body, giving him the appearance of a true divine spirit. Virtues: -Loyal: Shiranui will follow someone he deems worthy unwaveringly, protecting them at any cost, even so far as going against his own kind to protect them. -Courageous: Shiranui's will never wavers, his bravery is relentless; he will do anything to save anyone. Being a divine wolf tasked with clearing the game and protecting every single player, Shiranui will put himself at risk for the sake of everyone. -Righteous: Shiranui, much like his tamer, values justice above all else, though their ideals are very different, Shiranui values protection more than anything and never hesitates to help people. -Majestic: Shiranui can be counted as a beautiful wolf, a silver mane rising from his back like fire, crimson markings adorning his body, he truly looks like a divine spirit. -Wise: Shiranui is extremely smart and understands human speech, though he cannot speak it himself. He can write, calculate and even aid someone with their homework if need be. This all stems from him being a Divine Spirit. Flaws: -Relentless/Unmerciful: To those he deems evil, Shiranui will not show any mercy, killing them no matter how much they beg. He dons an aura of evil around him in order to keep people from ever running into danger by trapping them in their own homes. -No-nonsense: Shiranui doesn't play around, he focuses on what he's gotta do when he's gotta do it, no nonsense allowed. He doesn't have a sense of humor and jokes go right over him. -Dense: He doesn't really understand much of the situation if it's not explained to him, he doesn't pay attention to his surroundings at all, preferring to leave himself for solving the problem rather than understanding it. -Old/Lazy: Though he is extremely strong and courageous, he is an old man inside and is pretty lazy when left alone, you can probably find him sleeping at the side of Hikari's shop's door when they're not fighting. -Aggressive: He doesn't like anyone he doesn't know personally, often challenging them to see if they're worth being trusted. Being a Divine Spirit makes it so you can't trust anyone, only carrying on your duty, something Shiranui upholds to the bitter end.
  10. HikariZX

    SAO RPG Character Shipping

    You win, Ruri... *surrenders herself to the mudkipz* But I'm more a Typhlosion person, anyway...
  11. HikariZX

    HikariZX's Journal

    «Name» Hikari Profile » Usename: HikariZX » Real name: Rita Arisato » Age: 23 years old » Gender: Female » Height: 1.72 meters » Face Claim: Fujiwara no Mokou »History: Hikari works as a freelance graphic designer and artist in Kyoto, sharing an apartment with her brother. In terms of personality, Hikari is a very introverted girl who always preferred to be alone, playing on her laptop, though she opens up and is very friendly to those she considers actual “friends†and she does have a soft spot for family members, especially her brother and sister-in-law; Hikari tends to be cold to strangers, more often than not, preferring to end a conversation quickly than to waste time, though she is always polite to everyone. Hikari has a tendency to like monochromatic objects and her favorite attires consist of only black and white, though mostly black. She is a self proclaimed "nerd" and enjoys playing MMORPGs, which is what led her to Sword Art Online in the first place. While she can be considered of above-average height for her age, Hikari is actually very petite and has a pretty pale complexion, leading to people misjudging her actual strength. In real life, the color of her waist-length hair used to be black, but she dyed it silver in SAO; she also changed her eye color, which used to be a very dark brown, into crimson red. She enjoys eating snacks, mainly crisps or cereal, and doesn't have a very particular "favorite" taste, though she is a very picky eater. Her favorite food is Chips and Steak. Ever since her childhood, Hikari has loved swords and knights and even in kindergarten, she enjoyed pretending to be someone else, mainly a swordsman or archer; she was never truly "girly" until her adolescence, acting tomboyish even now, though she usually keeps to herself, making others think she's very shy. » Virtues: Swordswoman: Ever since childhood, Hikari has been good with a sword (though she didn't use a sword then); when she turned fifteen, she decided to hone her skills and started taking kendo. Righteous: Hikari places justice above all else and when she does something wrong, she never hesitates to take the blame, although, when she is blamed for something she didn't do, she will go to lengths most people wouldn't dare to go just to clear her name. Friendly: Although it's hard to earn her trust, once you do, she's a friend for life and won't hesitate to help you or motivate you. Perfectionist: Due to her OCD, everything she does must be perfect, though her definition of "perfect" is quite different than most people's, consisting of her own kind of organization, which most people define as "weird" or "nonsensical". Strategist: She loves coming up with a plan to get through a dungeon or a field, though most tactics involve ranged attackers firing from behind tanks to minimize damage and that makes her very predictable. Unique fighting style: While her tactics are predictable, her fighting style is exactly the opposite: in the real world, she used to fight weilding a shinai in one hand and using her fist to either counter or even parry the opponent, so when she heard about an extra skill that let you use your limbs for combat, she tried desperately to find it. Until she gets the skill, she fights using only her sword, while blocking with her shield instead of her arm, like she used to, and executing sword skills at a rapid pace, firing them from random directions while she moves around the enemy using quicksteps. Politeness: Though it takes a lot to earn her trust, she's very polite to everyone she feel like they're not an enemy, including strangers, though close friends are excluded from this rule, as she talks normally and casually with them. » Flaws: OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Though a minor case, Hikari keeps her room in a way that would seem very disorganized to other people, while she fails to see why. The reason is she has a very particular way of arrangement and, while not really as bad as serious OCD, it is counted as a minor case; the way she arranges things is unknown even to her as no one can notice a clear pattern, therefore, it can only be described as "random". Anti-Social: Hikari mainly keeps to herself, preferring to go solo, she almost never agrees to party with others, save for her close friends. This goes farther beyond to complete distrust of strangers, often her having to have known the person, or at least observed him or her enough to create a favorable image of him/her in her mind to even be driven to having an actual conversation. Idealist: While valuing justice above all else, her idea of "justice" is extremely twisted, making her seem more like an anti-hero in nature, it consists of a kind of vigilante-like attitude, she feels she needs to bring people to justice at all times. She hates equality, believing it does not equal justice and values individuality and coexistence, despite her anti-social nature. Perfectionist: While trying to be perfect, she sometimes over-thinks things and that gives her headache, in the real world, she used to take anti-depressives to help with this and her OCD, but now that she doesn't, she's much more prone to headaches and emotional breakdowns. Emotional: While she's mostly cool and composed, she has a short temper and tends to let her emotions run wild when provoked, but in the same fashion as her perfectionism, this too tends to cause her a headache, though this is a lot more serious and can cause her to have an emotional breakdown; the way the former happens is she tends to over-think the same way as when she's trying to be perfect, while the latter results either from extreme anger and unknowing of what to do, or from blaming herself so much, she doesn't feel adequate to be even a human. Berserker-like Attitude: When in combat her personality changes completely from quiet to borderline insane, she enjoys fighting tremendously and is always eager for the next battle; this attitude makes her disregard the damage she's taken and completely wipe out the enemy before she's killed, leading to many potential dangerous situations. Sarcastic: Her form of sarcasm borderlines on condescension, she hates being asked the same questions repeatedly or being asked a stupid question, she replies with a sarcastic answer. (ex: When her brother asks if she's home when she clearly stated it when entering, she usually replies: "Of course not, I'm still stuck in traffic") Profession: » Hikari works as a blacksmith in her shop, "Lighting Darkness", where she forges gear for either Col or mats at a reasonable price. Hikari is available to help you get materials to pay her but at least a third of the materials earned in the RP go to her (forging fee must always be paid). Rank 3 - 66/80 EXP Skills Skill Points: 0/15 (+1 for every level and completed RP) Points Spent: 15/15 (Unless stated, all skill points were spent outside of a thread) Non-combat: » Familiar Communication - 2 (Points Invested: 2, +2 DMG on familiar) Passive: » Extended Weight Limit - 0 (Points invested: 0, +0 extra inventory slots) Combat: » Light Metal Armor - 1 (Points Invested: 4, Rank 1, -1 to incoming damage) » Howl - MAX (points invested: 1, generates 3 Hate) Weapon skills : » One-Handed Straight Sword - 2 (Points invested: 8, Rank 2, +2 damage using a One-Handed Straight Sword) Original Skills: Explanation: Skills performed through a sequence of normal attacks, not aided by the system. Usually of power in-between a normal attack and a sword skill. » Brilliant Storm: A sequence of 10 slashes coming from random directions, the basic move of Hikari's special style » Triangle Slash: Three slashes executed in a triangle pattern, taught to Hikari by her brother. » Sword Rain: A flurry of 10 thrusts into the enemy, followed by a more powerful stab to knock it back, learned through a book about European Sword Fighting and Chivalry, this move is better used with a rapier, though Hikari was determined to perform it with a normal blade. » Demonic Wolf's Fang: A combination of "Brilliant Storm" and "Skull Cracker", a move mimicked from "Kobold Miners" in the mountain biome of the first floor. Identical to "Brilliant Storm" at first, the move is finished off with Hikari jumping up and crashing her sword into the enemy's skull. « Fujiwara Volcano: Starting off like the end of Demonic Wolf's Fang, the user swings around the enemy in a circle, slashing the enemy eight times while doing so and finishes it off with an uppercut using the sword. Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Basic One-handed Straight Sword (starter) [stored] » Cloth Jacket (starter) [stored] » Light Iron Chest Guard [stored] (viewtopic.php?f=63&t=3950) » Spiked Iron Shield [stored] (viewtopic.php?f=63&t=3950) (+1 damage on a successful BD10 crit.) » 1x Adult Fire Dragon Scales » 6x Healing Potions » Rage [Equipped] (+2 Damage, can't crit) » Helel [Equipped when crafting] (viewtopic.php?f=63&t=3950) (+1 to crafting dice) » Wolf King's Aegis [Equipped] (viewtopic.php?f=63&t=3950) (+2 DST) » 1X Boar Meat (food, does nothing but being food, can be used to cook, though) » Wings of Terca Lumireis [Equipped] (viewtopic.php?f=63&t=3950) (+2 DST; +DR on EBD6-8) RP Items (used only as plot points): » Sleeveless Black Trench Coat: A part of Light Iron Chest Guard, first trench coat » Winter Black Trench Coat: Gotten by Miaki and gifted to her, second trench coat » World's Eye: The Wings of Terca Lumireis' trench coat, third trench coat Col: 1200 Transactions: » Bought 2 Healing Crystals from General Store - -1000 Col » Bought "Rage" From http://www.sao-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=2843The Feather Forge - -400 Col » Sold "Death Blade" to Felicia_raptor - +700 Col; -Death Blade » Bought 4 Healing Crystals from General Store - -2000 Col » Sold "White Knight's Sword" and "Light Metal Chestquard Mk.3" to Primrose - +900 Col; -White Knight's Sword; -Light Metal Chestguard Mk. 3 » Gave "Golden Millennium Sword" to Yami - -"Golden Millennium Sword" Roleplays (Unless stated, all RPs are in progress): » viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3862 [Completed and locked, despite accidental breakage of the rules] (only part 1 of the quest, the profession hasn't been accepted yet) » viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3942 [Completed and locked, part 2 of quest, profession added: Blacksmith] » viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3988 » viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4163 [incomplete] » viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4120 [Completed] » viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4153 [Completed] » viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4473 [Completed] » viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4324 » viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4424 Relationships (optional) » Miaki (Friend; Guild Leader) Story Thus Far (optional) » Music Themes: » Hikari's Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UTtrMJ1NSA » Battle Theme (Floors 1-20): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6e6_4GWEUo » Battle Theme (Floors 21-50): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9_APxbZ7A8 » Battle Theme (Floors 51-90): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTEnhB_V9wg » Battle Theme (Final): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwaTqGLaUas » Boss Battle (generic) Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUiBhVBVCn8 » Floor Boss Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TTT0QDVqvI » Final Boss (Vs. Heathcliff) Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E_XkbokVFY (OOC NOTE: Journal has been re-formatted but no information has been changed except for real life name)