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  1. «Name» Kuro Profile » Usename: KuroZX » Real name: Yukia Kurogane » Age: 21 years old » Gender: Female » Height: 1.65 meters » Face Claim: Kaguya Houraisan »History: Born to a high-class family, Yukia Kurogane was the third in line to inherit the Kurogane clan’s power in Fuyuki city. The Kurogane lineage is only half of the imperial family in Fuyuki, with the Arisato clan providing the second half. Yukia had a very strict life, being homeschooled and only allowed to play once she finished all the work she had to do. Yukia was always at odds with the Arisato cl
  2. «Name» Silica Profile » Usename: Silica » Real name: Keiko Ayano » Age: 13 years old » Gender: Female » Height: 1.40 meters (estimate) »History: A usually cheerful and upbeat girl, Keiko was always regarded as a sort of idol by others due to her beauty and character, leading to many people having confessed to her before. Her name is derived from the fourteenth element in the periodic table, silicon, due to her father continuing his tradition as a chemist to name his children after elements, starting with her brother, Tetsuhiko Ayano, named after the 26th e
  3. «Familiar Journal» Name: Shiranui Amaterasu Sumeo no Okami Species: Divine Wolf (mini field boss) Gender: Male Fur color: Pure white (when tamed); light gray (when wild) Eye color: Deep Azure (when tamed); glowing crimson (when wild) HP: (Owner's level)x 2 + 1 DST: 0 DMG: 2 Abilities: Mode Change - the ability to switch between three kinds of weapons, it takes one full turn to switch and the owner can't attack while he's doing so. The weapon affects only the kind of status effect that can be inflicted on the enemy, on a BD roll of 9-10. Modes: Reflector Mode - calls o
  4. «Name» Hikari Profile » Usename: HikariZX » Real name: Rita Arisato » Age: 23 years old » Gender: Female » Height: 1.72 meters » Face Claim: Fujiwara no Mokou »History: Hikari works as a freelance graphic designer and artist in Kyoto, sharing an apartment with her brother. In terms of personality, Hikari is a very introverted girl who always preferred to be alone, playing on her laptop, though she opens up and is very friendly to those she considers actual “friends†and she does have a soft spot for family members, especially her brother and sister-i
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