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  1. Nihilus

    [F02] «Breaking the Unbreakable»

    I will accept this quest...
  2. I wish I was strong enough to help with the boss fight...

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    2. Zelrius


      Lessa, I wouldn't guarntee that.

    3. Zelrius


      He's got atleast 8 levels to go and this might be over here pretty soon

    4. Lessa


      At the rate we're going? He'll be fine.

  3. Nihilus

    Nihilus <<The Ashen Wing>>

    Profile » Username:Nihilus » Real name: Daniel Thompson » Age: 17 » Gender: Male » Height: 5'4 »History: Born in England, Daniel grew up in a rural Yorkshire town after his parents seperated. He developed an intense curiosity about the world at the age of 10, using the internet to learn as much as he could about anything that caught his attention, particularly in the areas of history and technology. This hobby developed into a obsession, to the point that he feels uncomfortable being away from the internet for longer than a few days. As he grew older, his peers began to look down on and bully him for his obsession, leading him to become withdrawn and avoid human contact. He continued to shy away from others until he was 15, when he made three friends who shared his obsession. The four of them shared a interest in japanese culture, and so resolved to learn Japanese together. While Daniel generally neglected his education in favour of his obsession, Japanese interested him enough that he put in enough effort to become semi-fluent in the language. Two years later, on an exchange trip to Japan, he learnt about <<Sword Art Online>> and was intrigued by the claims made by its creator of the game's potential. he bought a copy after standing in line for two days straight and, using the Nervegear owned by the son of his host family, entered the world of Aincrad. His title of <<The Ashen Wing>> comes from the black feathers he likes to decorate his clothes with. Personality: Seems very shy when first approached, but as he gets to know people he will start to open up around them, showing a somewhat sarcastic but kind, intelligent and strong-willed person (Even if he's still rather socially awkward). » Virtues: Kind: Nice to anyone he gets to know, always willing to help those in need. He tries to be friendly to anyone he meets (Although it's somewhat hard to tell with his shyness) and will always support those he considers his friends. He regularly offers assistance to those that he believes need it most. Inventive: Can come up with solutions to problems on the fly, and is often coming up with various scenarios and outcomes. He regularly writes stories in his head and can apply his inventiveness in practical situations, using the knowledge he's gained from his obsessive usage of the internet to solve problems, even if it's in a unconventional way. Strong-Willed: Will stand up for what he believes in, and will not be broken even in the face of constant danger. He will retaliate against those who look down on him for the way he is, fighting back like he never could in the real world. It can be difficult to change his mind, but he is willing to listen to reason. If faced with danger, he will not allow it to affect him, instead applying his inventiveness to come up with a method of escape. » Flaws: Obsessive: Tends to obsess over anything that catches his attention, before discarding it in favour of the next thing to draw his attention. He will learn as much about the object of his obsession as he can before something else interests him. While the information he learns from this may end up being useful, it is difficult to get him to talk about anything else. Shy: Finds it difficult to talk to strangers or to open up about his feelings, and has difficulty socializing. This comes from his experiences with bullying, and is deep-seated. He wil flinch away from contact, mumble while speaking and try to hide his face. He will open up eventually to those that get to know him, but it may take some coaxing. Cynical: A lifetime of being bullied and mocked has left him rather jaded, and he tends to see the worst in many situations. He is quick to point out the flaws in a plan or arguement, and generally thinks negatively, especially in regards to his own appearance or demeanour. He also possesses a rather dark sense of humor because of this, and will often make somewhat morbid jokes around those he feels comfortable with. Profession: Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » One-Handed Curved Swords (Rank 1) Inventory: 10 bread, 15 water, Cloth clothing Weapons/Tools: Basic Scimitar » Roleplays [Op-F1] Elementary (In Progress) (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships » None Yet Story Thus Far » N/A