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  1. Happy 21st Sousuke hope you have a good one, Best friend ive ever had :)

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      Happy birthday also from me Sosuke ;) have a good one

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      Happy birthday from me as well ze!

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    Sakura - The Angelic Blossom

    Profile » Username: Sakura Sasaki » Real name: Sakura Sasaki » Age: 18 » Gender: Female » Height: 5ft 8in » About: History/personality Sakura grew up in the small town of Yokosuka, Japan. She lived in her family dojo as shrine maiden and trained in the use of a katana becoming a master of swordplay in a short time do to the lack of socialization otside of her own family. She had few friends in school and those she did had came to betray her. At somepoint down the line she developed a split personality as a coping and defense mechanism towards stressful and hostile situations. She is normally reserved and shy and does not open up and has a fear of large crowds, but put under pressure she has been known to become cold and aggressive. It is speculated that she has split personality disorder by her family alltough she does not seem to act like another person entirely, but more of a darker version of herself that rarely sees the light of day. Over time Sakura experienced more personalities emerging to express the emotions that she herself could not express. There are currently 3 known instances of Sakura to exist within SAO each persona has its own unique appearance due to the game reacting slightly different to her. Instead of it picking up on her Physical appearance. The game picks up on how each persona looks in the mind of Sakura which causes her to alter appearance in game depending on the current dominant personality. Current Personas Sakura - Usually Sakura is Timid and Withdrawn due the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father when her brother left on the secret military training program. She fears Crowds greatly due to never really socializing and her friends constant betrayals. She often wears a blue and white striped hoody which she wears the hood up often to try and hide herself from the world. Dark Sakura - Dark Sakura is the side of Sakura that takes over when she is in trouble or distress. She has Black Hair and Purple eyes in game and is extremly hostile to anyone around her acting aggressive and cold towards them. In battle she will fight to the death and aims to inflict as much pain on her enemies as possible. Cute Sakura - Cute Sakura is the Side of Sakura that takes over when she is feeling more like herself and opens up towards those around her. Her fear of Crowds is diminished when in this form yet still demonstrates discomfort often saying that she 'Never liked crowded places.' In this Form Sakura has Pink hair which she often ties up and her usual blue eyes and removes her signature hoody to reveal her under shirt with is usually a lighter blue colored tank top. She is more confident in herself acts in a friendly manner to those around her. » Virtues: Caring: Sakura is a caring kind of girl who will do anything for her friends and family to ensure that they are safe. She also cant turn a blind eye to anyone in trouble, and despite her shy disposition she will stop at nothing to do her best to help anyone in trouble even putting herself into danger. Determination: Sakura has an iron will and is exceptionally determined to do her best inside the world of SAO. Before she arrived within the world of SAO she always pushed herself to achieve her best stopping at nothing until she had successfully achieved her goals and the world of SAO is just another chance to prove herself Graceful: Sakura means cherry blossom and she lives up to that name sake with her graceful style in and outside of battle moving like a blossom caught in a summer breeze flowing from one movement to the other with ease almost like a professional dancer. » Flaws: Loner: Sakura is a lonely girl who keeps mainly to herself. She never really had many friends and those friends she had tended to betray her causing her to have trust issues and become withdrawn from others. She has become quiet and tends to avoid crowds having developed a minor fear of crowded places. Careless: Despite her determination and graceful manner she can also be careless leading her into some dangerous and sometimes life threatening situations by letting her emotions cloud her judgement. Split Personality: Because of lack of socialization Sakura has developed a split personality when faced with troubling circumstances. Under Stress she will generally lose control and her faith in herself dissolves resulting in her creating a second personality just to handle those situations. It is her own coping method to deal with stress. Profession: Non - Yet Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Curved Sword (Rank 1) Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Basic Curved sword 15 water 10 bread Pink cloth armour Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) » Story Thus Far (optional) »