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  1. What does it take to get your ggo journel approved -_- its been a week now

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      Has Zero been on?

    2. Crozeph


      patience my brother, patience...it took a while for me too back then

  2. Happy Birthday Sousuke! :D

    1. Sousuke


      Y thank you manta xD

  3. ID 6646 BD 5 MD 6 Sousuke began to limp towards the dragon again he was getting real sick of the dragon now. He could feel his body beginning to feel less and less sluggish. He assumed he was beginning to get an adrenaline rush from the combat. He rushed forward as the dragon breathed ice in his direction forcing him to roll out of the way.
  4. 6635 BD7 (7 to hit dragon) MD7 (8 to hit sousuke) Sousuke was beginning to gro sluggish from the injuries he had sustained. He he barely managed to dodge another incoming attack from the dragon and with a lucky lunge managed to deal a bit of damage to it himself. Sousuke 30/35 Dragon 78/120
  5. 6569 BD 7 MD 2 Sousuke opened his eyes as saw wynter pulling him backwards away from the dragon. He winced in pain at the dull aching pain that had begun in his chest. He made the assumption that he atleast had two to three broken ribs. Ofcourse this was a game so his real body was unharmed but in the game he was injured and it still hurt like hell. He pulled himself out of Wynter's grip and nodded a thanks to her for getting him to a safe distance. Now the true battle began. Being injured Sousuke was going to be sluggish, but as it were he only had a few broken rips, he could work with
  6. Sousuke after his wandering around the battlefield and observing the carnage that Arek was demonstrating found an opening in the ranks of the enemy. Unfortunately one of the ogres had managed to somehow get the drop on him and clobbered him good knocking him back a fair way. He attempted to get out the way but the beast kept up a relentless assault causing him to have to do some serious dodging. He managed to find a pattern in the attacks and during a particular long wind up to an attack he impaled the beast through with his sword causing it to bleed and fall down in a heap on the floor as it
  7. 6461 BD 5 MD 8 (8 to hit Sousuke) Sousuke took the opportunity to rush forward and make a move on the dragon. He got locked in a fierce battle with the beast that lasted a few minutes. For a time at least Sousuke seemed to be holding his ground predicting the movements correctly and effectively blocking or deflecting attacks until it landed a nice hit on him using the base of its foot as a blunt object to knock him flying until he hit a wall and slid down it. Sousuke 30/35 Dragon 118/120
  8. Sousuke heard his and Arekkusu's names called and saw Wynter coming towards him. The dragon reared and sent icicles towards her and Sousuke dived out from beneath the dragon and deflected the icicles to protect the girl who seemed to be wandering towards her death. ''Wynter what are doing here you need to back up now, even Arek is struggling against this thing!'' he shouted hoping she would atleast back out of combat range.
  9. 6377 BD 3 MD 3 Sousuke was blinded momentarily by the snow storm that was wiped up by the dragon, but his skills in military trained him for situations like this and he could here the screams from his brother and Arek was no where to be seen or heard. Sousuke waited for a moment when he could see the silhouette of his target before he engaged so he could anticipate its movements and make a reliable attack. He saw it for a brief moments through the blizzard making a movement for Crozeph its foot raised about to trample him and he rushed in as fast as he could raising his sword horizont
  10. If anyone is looking for a pst to ask for help i belive most are in active at the moment so if you need a hand dont hesitate to ask me if no psts are available and ill do my best to help you guys out :)

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      And lol at life bro I'm not trying be king I just wanna help is all :)

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      @less sorry I just had a few guys ask me about it is all from what I can see there are not very many of u that are consistently active at this moment in time I'm sure you all have your reasons of course I'm just trying to help :)

    4. Rin Tachibana

      Rin Tachibana

      They arent inactive at all 0-0 they are aaaalllways on skype if someone needs help. And TBH they have not been here as much as normal BECAUSE it was christmas and new years... A time to take a break 0-0

  11. 6359 BD 4 MD 6 (8 To hit Sousuke) OOC - Ignore the other ids i was lagging like hell on the school net and my page would load properly so i kept re rolling thinking it was nt working -_- ive used the first roll of the four lagged out rolls and will ignore the other rolls that came after that were spammed sorry -_- Sousuke Stepped forward drawing his blade as the stealth field de activated and watched the dragon face of with Arekkusu. He rushed forward to aid him and clashed swords with the dragons claws on the other paw. It made a swipe at him but elegantly managed to dodge the att
  12. ID 6356 BD 9 MD 3 (8 to hit Sousuke) Sousuke broke away from the main battle to use his military training to his advantage and lets his instincts take over. He observed the battle field with intensity looking for an opening in the enemies clumsy movements and formations. It wasnt long before one of the weaker ogres broke formations once again to attack Crozeph and looked to have damaged his shoulder. Sousuke sized up his mark and rushed forward leaped off the sides of to of the ogres in spectacular parkour fashion before coming down and cleaving the beast cleanly in two causing it to
  13. Sousukes drew his sword as Crozeph began to run and followed him keeping his sword at his side ready for anything. He caught up to his brother and shouted so that he could be heard over the wind. "I'm not letting you go alone whoever or whatever this person is I'm staying with you we are stronger together who knows what's waiting for us out there!" He called and grabbed cross pjs hand to stop just for a moment. "Besides Tomoya wouldn't let you go alone and neither am I." He said hugging his older brother. He didn't know where all this sudden affection was coming from but he felt it would help.
  14. Sousukes had decided to return to the site of his brothers grave to pay his respects. Had been holding onto the ideals left behind by his brother with everything he had making sure his legacy lived on. He stood in front of the tree where The name Tomoya was engraved and the copy's of Sousukes equipment lay beneath. The real equipment had belong to his brother once and he wore it with pride. "I won't forget you brother and don't worry I'm doing my best just like you would want me too." He said his thoughts turning to the sword that was now safely locked in a case in his shop for display in memo
  15. 6282 BD 7 MD 9 (8 to hit Sousuke) CD 11 +1 hp Sousuke watched the battle unfold calmly and watched for an opening against any of the opponents that they faced. One of the ogres broke formation and rushed towards Crozeph. Sousuke reacted quickly to intercept the charging behemoth stepping in front of the attack from its axe and taking a nice blow to the arm inflicted I nice chunk of damage to the boy. Unfortunately for the ogre he wads able to recover quickly and deal nice blow to the ogre of his own. Sousuke grunted in displeasure when his sword failed to inflict bleed Damage on his opp
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