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    Coolnerd12 Profile » Username:Coolnerd12 » Real name: Ron Lemon » Age: 13 » Gender: Male » Height: 4'11" » About: Ron Lemon was no ordinary person. His parents were strict about his education ever since he started school. Due to this, Ron became the smartest boy in the state in his age group, and competed in national competitions, like the National Spelling Bee, which he has won 7 times. For social activity, he was only limited to his computer and any geniuses in his school. He didn't like the geniuses in his school, for everyone in his school shinned him for being academically different from everyone else, so he relied on his computer. He discovered video games when he was 10, and immediately liked it. Video games introduced Ron to a new world, free of oppression from his parents. MMOs have also had a major impact, interacting with an actual person for the first time. Once he saw SAO, he had to get it. Everything was felt, tasted, and smelled, unlike most video games. He could physically interact with the players around him, and be appreciated for who he is unlike the students that attend his school. He called himself Coolnerd12, due to the fact that he is smart, and he felt relaxed, calm, cool. » Virtues: Intelligent-Ron's parents were very strict about his education, up to the point where they would physically abuse him for not meeting their expectations. He was also a social outcast at school for being academically advanced compared to everyone else attending his school. He didn't have anyone to talk to during class, so all he could do was learn, and he became extraordinarily smart. Flexible (like when you can quickly adjust your ideas to fix the situation)- Ron had to adjust to many situations throughout school and home. He had to go from complete freedom to being incredibly smart. Usually, when he had a test, he had to withstand the long nights of studying. He also had to adjust to many different conditions as his parents abused him differently. Loyal-Even though his parents abused him, he always remained loyal to his parents. No one knew why, but perhaps he remained loyal to his parents so he doesn't receive harsher punishment. » Flaws: Dependent-He never had done anything himself, so Ron has to depend on others on decisions or when he's in severe danger. His parents oppressed him to do everything with their permission, and out of fear, he obeyed. Naïve-He is innocent, because he hasn't been exposed to such content. He has been in his room with nothing but video games, so he hasn't been exposed to such violence other than his parents'. Timid-Ron has never talked to anyone in his school, so he hasn't developed his social skills. He tries to avoid contact with as much people as he can. Profession: TBA Skills Non-combat:TBA Passive:TBA Combat:TBA Weapon skills:TBA Inventory Weapons/Tools: Beginner's Pack Two-Handed Straight Sword Roleplays [solo] TBA