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    Anime [ specifically Naruto and SAO hehe ;v; ], manga, drawing, Owl City, tonna' other bands, cats, making friends. Because I'm really bad at making them. ; v ; Please go easy on me. //falls over

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  1. Gonna be busy the whole day so I won't be able to reply until tonight. Sorry! D:

  2. Really tired and want to sleep but.. I also really want to continue RPing. Life problems. qvq;

    1. Vasth


      wants to RP all day but......life is in the way

  3. Help, question? For the earning a living quest, it says two pages [21 posts] but isn't one page 25 posts? Do I just have to have 21 posts, or do I actually have to make two pages of RPing by myself? x'D

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Starrine


      Ahh, I see! Just wanted to make sure before I started on it, haha. Thank you very much! c:

    3. Zelrius


      What profession are you planning on being?

    4. Starrine


      Leaning towards cook/chef, but I'm thinking blacksmith might be a good idea, too.. Being able to craft my own weapon/armor would be nice, but I feel like cook would definitely fit my character a lot better, haha.

  4. Anyone wanna RP with me on floor 1/2? c: Just a casual RP, no battling or anything!

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    2. Starrine
    3. Mack


      Alright, Mack's in now. He's a bit gruff around the edges... and a bit blunt, but he's not mean... though he can come off that way :)

    4. Zelrius


      As a Level 40, I offer you an RP of that sort. If you're up for it, message me.

  5. Heyy, I'm quite new and have a few questions. Anyone wanna help me out? qvq

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    2. Starrine


      Thank you very much! <3 I'll message you so that I don't take up a buncha' space here, haha.

    3. Lowenthal


      I am a Staff Member, so I'm more than willing to help with questions that Hirru may be unable to answer. Or if you're on the fence about anything. (Really? I'm lonely and just want to chat QQ)

    4. Starrine


      So far, Hirru's been very patient and awesome at answering my questions, but if I have any more, I'll be sure to send a message your way! Thank you!! ;v; Pffhaha. but of course, if you'd just like to chat or RP, I'm up for that as well! >u<

  6. art by me! base used for pose <3 Profile Username: Starrine Real name: Shika Ume Age: 16 Gender: Female Height: 5'4" About: History/personality History :: Shika, more likely known as Starrine on SAO, was born and raised in Japan. She lives with her mother and little brother in a small home. Her father left the family while she was very young, and she doesn't really remember him at all. Shika's little brother is about 2 years younger than her, and tends to stay locked up in his room. However, considering Shika's outgoing personality, the two have always shared a unique bond, and are very cl
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