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    Profile Username: Nadia Real name: Miyasaki Kikyo Age: 16 Gender: Female Height: 5'10" About: Nadia was born and raised in a small town that didn't see much change over the past sixteen years. However, her family did. Her younger brother died in a lake near her house, and nothing has been the same ever since. Her mother blames Nadia for the incident, because she, then twelve, was supposed to be watching her brother. Because of this tragedy, Nadia now fears large bodies of water, and drowning. After suffering years of emotional torture and abuse from her mother, Nadia decided to join SAO to get over her fear of drowning, and to get away from her abusive mother. She believes that SAO will be different from her small town; an escape from her mangled life. Virtues: Determined / Nadia is very determined in-game. She strives to become the best player that she can be, and will stop at nothing to do so. In fact, her favorite feeling is the one that she gets when she levels up. Optimist / Always thinking of the future, Nadia has a positive thinking strategy. She believes whole-hearted in the ideology that if think something negative will happen, it will come true. She is always there to cheer up teammates when they're down. Values justice / Above all, Nadia values justice and the law the most. If she sees someone breaking the rules, then she will always be there to stop them from doing it, even if it means seriously harming them. Actually, in real life, she hopes to become a lawyer. Flaws: Trust issues / Due to a troubled past, Nadia has a hard time trusting people. It will take someone a long time to develop a serious relationship with her, and she views anyone not close to her as unworthy of her attention. Players in the game may attempt to gain Nadia's trust, however no matter how hard they try, it is extremely difficult to gain her trust. Big mouth / Unfortunately for her, Nadia doesn't have a filter. Whatever she's thinking, she's saying, even if it is something negative. This has landed her in a lot of bad situations, which are hard to resolve. This trait may be viewed as her being insensitive, but deep down she doesn't really mean anything she's saying. Hostile / Due to the combination of her having trust issues and a big mouth, Nadia is viewed as very hostile and standoffish. However, this trait may be an asset in-game, since she is a very aggressive player. She is only non-hostile to those that she trusts, which is a small number of people. Profession: N/a Skills Non-combat: » N/a Passive: » N/a Combat: » N/a Weapon skills: » N/a Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Two-handed axe Roleplays » [solo/private/open] » [solo/private/open] Relationships N/a Story Thus Far N/