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  1. Keres returned to her shop once more, this time at rank two and now able to make status effect potions, and therefore craft damage and mitigation potions for Domarus. She was running out of ingredients which meant she would need to gather more soon enough, or rather, Domarus would. Either that or they could purchase from another player like Aereth who offered materials. She had no idea how much merchants were selling materials but it probably was more of a price than Aereth was selling them. In the meantime Keres decided to work with what materials she had. She took one of the chives wondering what it's effects would be. She dropped the plant into the boiling cauldron but when she did it seemed to be dissolving in the wrong way. She quickly shot her hand into it, gasping in severe pain and pleasure as she did so and pulled the chives back out, successfully saving it. She placed it back with the ingredients and collected one Jade vine and one Lavender. She figured if she couldn't make a damage potion she might as well make a way to forge an antidote for her own poisons. And she successfully crafted one too. Two actually. She had managed to put a Jade vine in and it came out as a more.... Duller antidote. Smiling at her work she placed the potion on the shelf.
  2. Keres

    Keres' Potent Poisons

    Name: Potent Paralysis PoisonProfession: AlchemistRank: 1ID: 83426Roll: 12 -11+1=12-Item type: PotionTier: Tier 1Quality: PerfectEnhancements: 3 ParalysisDescription: A lavender liquid that poison's the drinker for 1 post.
  3. Keres

    Keres' Potent Poisons

    Name: Paralysis PoisonProfession: AlchemistRank: 1ID: 83429Roll: 10 -9+1-Item type: PotionTier: Tier 1Quality: UncommonEnhancements: 1 ParalysisDescription: A purple liquid that poison's the drinker for 1 post. Name: Potent Paralysis PoisonProfession: AlchemistRank: 1ID: 83426Roll: 12 -11+1=12-Item type: PotionTier: Tier 1Quality: PerfectEnhancements: 3 ParalysisDescription: A lavender liquid that poison's the drinker for 3 post.
  4. Keres had received word from Domarus that Aereth had crafted an item for her that would aid her in her crafting. An item that would increase the amount of experience she received. She was told to go pick it up since Domarus was busy with his planning and schemes. So here she was on the fourth floor, Porvós curled around her, it's white hot scales searing her skin as she walked. She was wearing her two new items that Domarus had crafted as well. One was the black ring that all of Domarus' minions and followers would be wearing soon enough, and the other was a golden earring designed to appear like a snake's head. When put on, the jaws snapped shut, the fangs piercing the ear. She loved pain if that wasn't yet clear. "Hey there Aereth. I heard you had a present for me. I wonder what it could be?" She waited until Aereth handed her the maid's outfit to which she grinned. "Oooooo~ You want to make me these now eh? I knew you had another side to you." She snickered before switching gear to the new one. "Thank you my shining knight. We should see each other one of these nights. But for now, I've got to make a poison or two. See ya!" +Devious
  5. Keres watched in awe more than anything of Domarus' superiority. Not only was he superior in strength, but despite his inability to care about others, as well as his secret desire to destroy everything in his path, he was able to remain calm, collect, calculative, and able to act in an according manner to get what he wanted. At first glance it would seem as if Domarus was indeed going to kill her. That however was not the case. She could see how he was working to intimidate her first, which worked wonders. The girl had switched to a psychotic, overconfident woman and transformed into a shriveling little girl who was terrified for her life and sought escape. She saw this and although she wasn't certain, she had a pretty good idea as to where he was leading the girl. Of course regardless of whether she knew or not it was not her place to interrupt the sequence. He wouldn't kill her, but if it came to it Rhozarth would. There wasn't anyone else to their knowledge who knew her, though knowing Domarus he wouldn't take the chance. He'd seek out the true answers to that question. @Domarus
  6. She got to the woman again. That scream was music to Keres' ears and she soaked it all in. When the woman slashed her spear across Keres' chest she laughed in a half joyous, half psychotic manner and after Sakoda's words she felt pain pierce her yet again and she pulled herself closer, a wide grin on her face. "Annoyance huh? I'd better step up my game then. I could do so much more you kno-" suddenly she was pulled back with such force that everything became a blur and was flung off of the spear, landing in a pile of rather rugged rocks. Keres landed harshly, her last breath leaving her as she stood there gasping and gagging. By the time she had fully recovered the first thing she noticed was her health. It wasn't even halfway yet. That's right she thought, both of their damage was utterly terrible. Then she turned to look at Sakoda and saw Domarus standing in his Hopebreaker set. Oh she was about to get it Keres thought. Domarus was unarmed but with the pain dampener off, Sakoda would feel far more pain than Keres could inflict. He could easily scar her mentally and emotionally if he actually tried. And.... He just might do that she realized. @Domarus
  7. Keres walked into her shop again this time wearing the maid's outfit that Aereth had specially crafted for her. It was just how she liked it. Sexy and yet modest so that she'd be able to wear in public. She grinned slyly to Porvós who was curled around her torso and when they entered the shop he slithered down her leg and over to the cauldron. She made her way over and picked up the two epazote plants as well as one of the lavender's and moved over to the cauldron. She filled the cauldron and heated it up, dropping the first epazote into the cauldron. The result was the water turning to a purple color and when she poured it into the vial it appeared to her as a paralysis poison to be consumed. She grinned as she had crafted her first poison and set it aside, dropping the second epazote into the filled cauldron. Perhaps she could make it stronger this time. She ran over to the ingredients and grabbed a piece of garlic, placing it into the cauldron and watched as the purple became a lavender color. When she pulled it out she was excited to see that it was a perfect version of the potion she'd crafted a moment ago.
  8. Keres felt her wrist twist in a way that would have broken it in the real world and thus she could feel the pain even though no bones were broken. She cried out with a mix of pain and pleasure before she gagged as the spear was shoved into her. She looked up with an insane look of twisted glee and intense pain. When Sakoda kissed her Keres flinched. However she really could care less what Sakoda did to her. As long as she felt the sensation of torment and pain she could care less. When she twisted the spear inside of her she went limp, letting Sakoda give it her all. The two seconds felt like two hours to Keres. When she pulled back she shoved the butt of her spear into Keres, knocking her back. Her health was nearly at the halfway point now but Sakoda would clearly not stop. Keres felt the sensations of the strikes but, most likely to Sakoda's surprise, the pain didn't seem to make her weak. In fact, it seemed to give her strength as she stood up. Her face showed her twisted and psychotic thirst for pain. She shot forward, now like a blur and forgetting any mercy. She landed seven slashes on Sakoda all over within the span of a few seconds, ending by jabbing the blade up her spine and twisting it around. "TELL ME.. HOW DOES IT FEEL?!" @Domarus
  9. Keres snickered when she blushed but then something she really didn't expect happened. Sakoda had snapped. Her eyes were filled with a seething fire that Keres rarely got to see. To her however, the fire was the size of a campfire. No, it didn't compare to when she saw the fire in Domarus' eyes. When he snapped, the fiery storm could not be contained and incinerated everything that stood in his way. She began to scream in anger, commanding Keres to let her go. She didn't at first of course, trying to tease her a little more despite Sakoda's seething rage. In fact it pleased Keres to see her react this way. Suddenly Sakoda slumped, as if she gave up. Keres smirked and was about to irritate her further when the air was knocked from her lungs. She fell to the ground from the impact, curling up for half a second before straightening herself out, coughing a bit to get the air back in. Unlike others she deliberately chose to turn her pain dampener completely off, so she felt every shred of the sensation of the blow. She started to get back up, her coughing slowly turning into a slow giggling. She shot her arm forward faster than Sakoda would be able to see. "Do it... Again..." This new Sakoda.... She loved it. She wanted to see it, feel it, far more often. The pain, the punishment. "GIVE IT TO ME!" @Domarus
  10. After she had landed her strike she turned to see if she was pulling a counter attack. However she appeared to be too focused in her processing. She certainly liked thinking in great detail about the battle. Still, if she was too focused then she could just land multiple strikes. Thus she decided strike immediately rather than move away again. Keres rushed forward at Sakoda but before her strike could land Sakoda surprised her by reacting with self defense martial arts. That would have been extremely effective.. If Keres hadn't had some training in that area as well. She barely managed to smack her arms and hands away from her, grabbing one of them and flipping herself over Sakoda and held her arm behind her, pressing against her. "My my, it seems I'm not the only one who knows the basics of self defense. Of course, you love me right? So maybe you wanted to use it to get closer to me?~" She giggled before leaping back and shot forward again, striking at Sakoda again and again, a combination of basic martial arts and expert knife wielding. There was no real order to her attacks, just raw instincts and long training. @Domarus
  11. Keres

    Keres' Potent Poisons

    Name: Safeguard potionProfession: ArtisanRank: 5ID: 83361Roll: 12Item type: PotionTier: Tier 1Quality: PerfectEnhancements: SafeguardDescription: A gray green liquid that tastes lemony http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14712-f1-~-the-crimson-moon-~-r1-alchemist-open-only-to-kyriarchía-énosi/?do=findComment&comment=515868 Name: Health potionProfession: ArtisanRank: 5ID: 83362Roll: 12 -11+1=12-Item type: PotionTier: Tier 1Quality: PerfectEnhancements: Heals player for 120 HPDescription: A dark green liquid with a sweet taste http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14712-f1-~-the-crimson-moon-~-r1-alchemist-open-only-to-kyriarchía-énosi/?do=findComment&comment=515868
  12. Keres was utterly shocked at Sakoda's fast reflexes. She did not expect this girl to be decent at combat. Still, she managed to drop her health by one point. She shot to her feet and placed her hand on her hip, holding herself in a way that made her even more attractive. "Well well, you really do have a backbone in there. Now that I know you're not helpless," she smirked. "I won't go easy on you." She shot forward to Sakoda, changing her direction every every one to three seconds. Keres had a tendency to be predictable, but today she had a plan. That plan required Sakoda to become extremely focused on combat now however. It wouldn't work unless Sakoda was extremely focused. To be honest she wouldn't do it unless it was to mess with someone else. When she neared Sakoda she would parry any attack the woman would send her way, slide her arm across Sakoda's, her dagger cutting along as well then leaped up, jumping off of her shoulders, did a flip and landed on the ground behind him. Keres wondered if Sakoda could actually manage adapting to everything she threw at her. @Domarus
  13. Keres decided to try something different this time around. The last time she tried to start with experimenting with the ingredients and not actually make a potion out of them. Today however she felt she should make a potion with one or two materials to discover their basic enhancement. She brought over lemon grass, epazote, and lovage, placing them on a small table beside the cauldron. She filled the small cauldron with water and started the fire. It wasn't a very large cauldron as she was not yet ready for larger projects. She placed the lemon grass into the water and waited for it to dissolve, giving the water a gray green appearance. She placed it in a bottle and she saw that she had crafted a tier one safeguard potion. She got excited and jumped up and down once or twice before calming down again and filling it with more water. Once it was heated she put in the lovage. After dissolving it took on a dark green look. This one turned out to be a healing potion. When she tried the Epazote she put it in too fast and it dissolved too slowly, turning the liquid black. Sighing she decided to stick with what she had crafted and sent them over to Domarus.
  14. Keres was greatly rewarded for her efforts by Sakoda reacting in total surprise and lighting up red, all of her previous control over her emotions evaporating into thin air. Keres smirked in pleasure before she had jumped. Ah now this was the feeling! She was able to openly mess with someone once more! This was one of the few reasons she lived now. Sakoda's attempt to make Keres believe she didn't care ended up helping fuel Keres' passion three times over. Hearing her voice crack was good but when she heard the squeak she nearly had a giggling fit with anticipation. Sakoda seemed to be rather slow as she hadn't turned around to view her yet, so Keres took advantage of this. Whether or not Sakoda turned around, Keres would pick up a small stone and throw it at her face, the run up and make an attempt to slide underneath her. If it worked she'd give Sakoda a little nick on the ankle. Unless Sakoda deliberately turned her pain dampener off she would feel nothing. Nothing but failure that is. @Domarus
  15. Keres watched with extreme satisfaction as Sakoda blushed. However it was not nearly as good as she wanted it to be. It appeared that Sakoda was going to attempt to steel herself, and over time she seemed to be losing the embarrassment altogether. What she was doing and how she didn't know, but she'd find out and shove it aside. She wanted to see the girl blush so hard tears started coming out. Then she did something Keres didn't expect. She smirked back. However this didn't make Keres disappointed. In fact her own smirk grew. "Well well, the little kitty got a backbone at last." She shot forward and leaped onto Sakoda's spear, crouching down and balanced perfectly on the shaft. She booped the girl's nose and put her face only an inch away from hers. "Let's see how well that stays love. You ready to dance?" With that she jumped over Sakoda's head and when she landed she was prepared to deflect any attack Sakoda might swing or thrust at her. Knives weren't meant for blocking but for parrying. That was obvious. Keres really hoped she saw some more emotion after her little words. This would be a boring fight if she was going to be as blank as a statue. @Domarus