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  1. Keres had received word from Domarus that Aereth had crafted an item for her that would aid her in her crafting. An item that would increase the amount of experience she received. She was told to go pick it up since Domarus was busy with his planning and schemes. So here she was on the fourth floor, Porvós curled around her, it's white hot scales searing her skin as she walked. She was wearing her two new items that Domarus had crafted as well. One was the black ring that all of Domarus' minions and followers would be wearing soon enough, and the other was a golden earring designed to appear like a snake's head. When put on, the jaws snapped shut, the fangs piercing the ear. She loved pain if that wasn't yet clear. "Hey there Aereth. I heard you had a present for me. I wonder what it could be?" She waited until Aereth handed her the maid's outfit to which she grinned. "Oooooo~ You want to make me these now eh? I knew you had another side to you." She snickered before switching gear to the new one. "Thank you my shining knight. We should see each other one of these nights. But for now, I've got to make a poison or two. See ya!" +Devious
  2. for players who've noticed me, the person originally rping as Keres has decided to stop as they already have another character and cannot use both.  Domarus will be rping as Keres until someone decides to fill in the role.  If anyone has slight interest in doing so please message me or Domarus

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    Profile Username: Keres Real name: Raven Jemima Age: 18 Gender: Female Height:5'9" About: History/personality January 5th, 4 years and counting already gone in my pathetic life. This story begins with a girl, one that frankly isn’t that uncommon within the recent generation being born into a realm where the social norm is actually absurd and the taboo are the majority. I am Raven Jemima and this is my story. Ever since I was a child I had everything I ever wanted right at my fingertips. Chef’s cooking my breakfast, lunch or dinner without a single need to even lift my own finger barring the menial tasks of eating or the like. I honestly hate this obsessive reaction of my parents constantly insisting that I don’t worry about my own livelihood as they have stock vested and plans for my own career and college education. It all is frankly absurd that they want me to know life with the same luxuries that their parents managed to set up for them thanks to their large law firm which they now basically don’t even run. January 5th - February 27th. Life is just so boring, how can you own everything in the world and still have nothing better to do than sleep. (The rest of these entries basically read the exact same way. Little to nothing really happens in her life minus the occasion spat with her parents of how she isn’t a kid.) February 27th, 5 years old. Finally I Raven Jemima don’t have to put up with my parents on a twenty four seven hour basis. Do you know just how awful it is for you to fall down once not even that hard to be asked if you need to go to the hospital? That pain was the most entertaining part so far considering they now are berating me with the thought of getting a nice soft carpet put down in case I take another fall. Their is such a thing as loving someone to much mom and dad get a grip I’m not the baby girl you gave birth to I now am liable to make a few mistakes. Ow, that really did hurt though … kinda exciting actually. Still nursing my knee hope more things can happen today that will throw my parents for a loop. Maybe I can come home and tell them how the big kid at school is bullying me … Uh second thought they probably would have him expelled so maybe if that happens I should keep it to myself. June 7th, Age 10. Mom and dad still aren’t respecting my privacy or my right as when I’m practically at the footsteps of being an adult I mean serious I know plenty of kids that ran away when they were nine! Anywho a friend at school recently hooked me up with this website where I can basically download and stream any anime I want. Sorta siked about that he says I should be careful, something about some really weird series. I actually feel up for weird at this point, no joke anything to just lock myself in my room and not deal with my parents. February 28, Age 14. Freshmen at high School first day already starting off awesome this guy has been teaching me some rather unique things. How to sorta rebel from my parents controlling hands maybe I will come home with a few bruises and a tattoo that’ll freak them out. March 28, Age 18. Finally, remember that song by Bowling for soup, high school never ends well apparently it does I can finally move out and find an apartment outside of this city. I must admit, never expected High school to be so educational maybe I can actually go out to some clubs and enjoys the simple pleasures that life has to offer. I’m craving for someone to just go out and pick a fight with I mean sure I don’t like brawling myself but it’s fun to have that thrill of getting injured. I remember some girl broke my arm freshman year most fun I had in a long time. To bad she was expelled for that. Stupid parents. Virtues: Loyal- Keres is extremely loyal and once she decides that someone is her friend she sticks by them. Her full loyalty however resides with one individual whom she wishes to stay by at all times. She will never willingly disobey or disappoint someone as long as she can help it. Etiquette- With her friends she is always kind, and treats them with possibly more respect then they should. With good friends she calls them things like ‘my lady’ or ‘my lord’ as if they were of high power and she were a lowly servant. She’ll only call them something else if it’s a title they requested. Discrete- Keres is the best with secrets. She doesn’t join in on gossip and always holds tightly to information. If somebody tells her something that must be kept hidden she tells no one. Not a soul. Flaws: Emotionless- Keres doesn’t show much emotion at all around those she respects, or anyone new. This results in her being a bit quiet at times. If somebody asks her to show emotion she won’t comply unless she sees them as high in authority. Liar- Keser thrives on sarcastic comments and dark jokes. This is as far as her emotion shows and it’s usually in a negative way. She would gladly lie for others as well, particularly those who command or order her around. This makes it hard to believe her but she doesn’t see the problem in that as others are truthful for her. Addict- Keser has a unique adiction to punishments and pain. This resulted from her extremely powerful desire to get out of her parent’s over loving gifts and attention. After watching servants in anime’s be punished in each show she watched she craved it as well. When she met her friend in school he began to do this to her and she enjoyed it. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)