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  1. Rinne

    [PP-F1] Tetsu << Earning A Living >>

    After what looked like an intense wrestling match and a bout of maniacal laughter, Yatsu finally brought the beetle's HP down to 1. The unusual player turned to her with a large grin and the corners of her lips briefly quirked upwards in return. Rinne wasn't feeling particularly happy with her companion's weird antics nor was she growing close to him in any way. She was just glad that they were finally at the end of this long, arduous fight. The DPS player jogged towards the now-subdued beetle and plunged her spear into its stomach. With one last dying twitch, the mob exploded into tiny red pixels. "Finally," Rinne sighed. A pop-up message detailing the loot and Col she received from the fight appeared in front of her. She looked to Yatsu, who was eagerly waiting for her to send his half of the rewards over to him. "60 Col, one consumable, and two of the ores you were looking for. I keep the consumable, and you keep the ores. Deal?" She sent the materials to him, along with half of the Col. "But why the heck was a beetle carrying ores in the first place? Video game logic never fails to astound me..." She looked to the deeper parts of the cave. "I feel like fighting that one mob took up too much of our time. Shall we continue gathering materials, then?"
  2. Rinne

    |F1-PP| "New Friends or Enemies"

    After hitting the boar with her strongest Sword Art, Rinne watched the mob's HP go down. By a mere 8 points. Her eyebrows creased into a frown. By herself, dealing 8 points of damage would've been a big deal already, but compared to the other players who were dealing double-digit damage along with status conditions... "Pathetic," she mumbled to herself. "I'm barely even contributing to the battle..." But she can't back down now. Not when she had her pride to defend. The large mob, realizing that it was done for, opted to let out a loud squeal. She took a step back and tightened her grip on her assault spear. It was louder than the cries of pain that could be heard whenever the mob was hit, and it was in no way a dying squeal, so that means...! At the sound of approaching hoofsteps, Rinne found herself inching closer to the sword-user who hadn't joined the others in attacking. Two other boars, as large as the one that had summoned it, charged into the fight and grunted angrily at the players who had hurt their friend. Well...[censored]. If she accidentally drew any of the mobs' attention, she'd be done for. Chances were, the summoned boars were about the same level as the original one. And her basic attack damage was subpar, compared to the other two players who were doing most of the fighting for them. She eyed her EN bar, which had ticked back to 1. One more point until she could use a Sword Art. She slightly relaxed her posture and quietly watched the proceedings of the battle. She wasn't attacking this turn. (OOC: If I go on a long absence again, you can skip me)
  3. Posts might be a bit delayed. I'm going on a vacation for two days, and I'll have school with all of its performance tasks and final exams waiting for me afterward.

  4. Rinne

    [PP-F1] Tetsu << Earning A Living >>

    Thankfully, her companion was able to block the beetle's next attack before the mob could reach her. She decided to ignore his inappropriate jokes as a sign of her gratitude (she would have asked him to stop in her usual blunt manner). The blue-haired player placed some more distance between herself and the fight, almost reaching the outside of the cave. She checked her surroundings, and once she confirmed that nothing would suddenly jump out and attack her, she reached into her satchel and brought out one of her starter potions. She swirled the red liquid inside of the vial experimentally, then uncorked the potion. One of them heals for 50 HP, and she was about to use it to recover only 12 HP. What a waste, she thought as she drank the bitter red liquid in one gulp. Now fully healed, she positioned herself a little closer to the fight. Close enough to charge in once her energy's fully replenished, and hopefully far enough to dodge the mob's attack if it decides to go for her again.
  5. Rinne

    |F1-PP| "New Friends or Enemies"

    The HP bars of the temporary party appeared below hers, and she eyed them carefully while waiting for the others to draw the attention of the boar. So far, no one was losing HP and, judging from how everyone simply went in and attacked the mob, no one was a tank with a <<Howl>> skill. Or there was actually a tank, but since no one was losing HP yet, they decided offense was the best defense, and started attacking the boar without <<Howling>>. Rinne watched their HP bars for a bit longer as the boar made its unsuccessful counterattack and wondered if adding them all to a party had been completely pointless. Well, at least I tried to make sure everyone has a higher chance of surviving. The man named Vigilon could've handled this by himself with little trouble, she realized. Rinne looked over at the brown-haired player as he successfully landed an attack and inflicted a status condition on the large mob. Given how she was speaking to him in an elevated tone of voice earlier, he had responded in a calm and polite manner that almost made her regret it. She didn't hear Lawrence's comment properly, but she was pretty sure the other guy tried to defend Vigilon. Fight now, apologize later, she decided silently. All three players attempted to land hits on the mob. The two male players succeeded, while the red-haired girl failed. It was only when she was sure they had its attention that she decided to step in and chip away at its HP. The blue-haired girl appeared at the boar's unguarded left side and quickly struck the large mob with her strongest Sword Art <<Heft>>. Then she took a few graceful leaps back, landing just a few steps behind Lawrence, before the boar could turn on her and counterattack.
  6. Rinne

    [PP-F2] Unexpected Encounter

    Flowy Haired Girl worded her response in an interesting manner. But she didn't directly object to Rinne's previous statement about her being different from players who did nothing but stay in the safe zones, waiting for the frontliners to save them all without contributing to their efforts themselves. Plus, it was pretty easy to tell from the girl's armor that she went out of the safe zones often. Perfect. Rinne had been aiming to explore Floor 2's lush forests today, and while she would normally prefer to do so by herself, most of the mobs could kill her in four hits. Three if they got lucky. And the player sitting across her seemed high-leveled enough to handle the floor's mobs. She just hoped the dark-haired girl would be willing to let a low-level like her come along. "Survive, huh...? Wouldn't keeping to the safe zones achieve that goal more effectively?" Rinne questioned, the corners of her lips lifting upwards to form a small sardonic smile. "Though I guess some people don't want to fall into idleness." She paused, lazily swirling the remaining contents of her coffee around the base of her tea cup. "I suppose I don't really care about the frontliners either, but it would be nice if I could help them. Right now, I just want to see how far I can go in terms of level." Then she lifted it to her lips and took one last sip and set the cup down on the table. "Finally," Rinne sighed, moving to stand up. Flowy Haired Girl was almost done with her food, so now was the best time to ask. "I'm leaving the safe zone to gain some experience today. Hopefully level up. Would you be doing the same?"
  7. Rinne

    [PP-F1] Tetsu << Earning A Living >>

    She stood up, giving herself a few moments to recover from her previous attack. Her partner had rushed in after her, and finally landed a hit, bringing the large beetle down to 5 HP. One critical attack from her, and the fight will be over. Once her energy ticked halfway back up, she grabbed her spear and attempted to rush the mob. But Yatsu seemed to have done...something. As he stepped away to make room for the DPS player, the beetle squirted a disgusting white liquid from where he had previously attacked it. And since she was charging towards it, she found herself straight in its path. She attempted to stop, but the liquid managed to reach her anyway. It splattered all over her blazer, and it was warm and sticky and..."Oh, sh*t!" the usually-dignified player exclaimed. She darted to the side before more of the...liquid could splatter on her clothes, and she briefly looked up at her HP. The white semen-like thing turned out to be harmful. 8 out of 20, one lucky hit from the mob and she's dead. She inhaled, attempting to suppress the panic that was rising up inside of her. Here's hoping Yatsu lands his next attack so the beetle's attention would be equally divided between us. Rinne looked at her partner and called out, "I'm almost out of HP! If I can't dodge, take the next hit for me, okay?"
  8. Rinne

    [PP-F1] Tetsu << Earning A Living >>

    Yatsu approached the beetle with a different strategy this time. It was loads better than just blindly attempting to strike it with his sword (at least, that was what his first attempt looked like to her), but he wasn't able to predict the beetle's movements correctly so he missed his attack. That's okay. He was improving. The beetle suddenly took off, its wings fluttering like a helicopter blade, and charged towards her. Good news: it's backside was now exposed. But since the other player had missed, she still had its attention and she was currently pressed up against the cave wall. That's okay. Rinne rolled to the side, as the beetle approached and it sliced at thin air with its sharp horn. Well, not just thin air, she realized. It had gotten her good across the side, proven by the red line and the tingling sensation at her waist. Reminder to Rinne: buy armor with EVA enhancements. Like, right after this gathering trip. Scrambling to stand up, she grabbed her spear, and saw the beetle charging in her direction once again. So we already know that it's pretty agile and it's flying so--oh, I see. She smirked and charged towards the mob until it would almost seem that it was going to hit her again, and dropped down and rolled underneath the mob. She came up behind it and landed a strike on its behind. Riiight where it's softest. This time, the mob sliced through thin air.
  9. One more quest material, and she was getting out of here. Just one more, and she'll be able to finish this boring quest. She blew a few locks of blue hair out of her face with a puff and reached towards the herbs. With immense concentration, she went through the delicate process of uprooting the <<Red Herbs>> for what would hopefully be her last time. Please don't fail, please don't fail, please don't fail... After a few tense moments, she managed to uproot the herb. Yes! Rinne quickly deposited it into her inventory, then opened her quest objective, finally seeing the check mark after what had seemed like ages. (Well, actually, she just spent about half an hour gathering materials, but it felt way longer than that). She stood up and stretched, relishing in her small victory. Maybe after this, she could proceed to one of the more exciting quests. Like something that involved combat.
  10. It took Rinne only a few minutes to reach the next area, and the short walk was fairly uneventful. She passed by a few players (some of them were friendly and waved to the lone player as she walked past them, most were too absorbed in their quest to even notice her), and a small group of three medium-sized boars. As she walked past, all three looked up at her and watched her with their small boar eyes, and she was sure they were all about to attack her, when one of them snorted and continued chewing on grass. The other two followed, ultimately deciding to ignore her. Smart decision. She arrived at her destination, and set to work. After a moment of searching, she found a familiar patch of herbs and grinning victoriously to herself, she walked up to it and started gathering materials. Third time's the charm, as they say.
  11. Rinne

    [PP-F1] Tetsu << Earning A Living >>

    Rinne retained her thoughtful expression. It was too early in the morning for the miners to be having their lunch break. They entered the cave she had pointed out earlier, and almost conveniently, there were lanterns hanging from the hooks hammered into the walls. The distance between them was small enough that most of the cave was lighted up. There were still some blind spots that served to unsettle her, though. But it was a step up from caves that completely lacked light sources. Yatsu stopped by the entrance and examined a clump of metal ores. She hovered behind him awkwardly, then decided that she could use her time better by looking for materials herself. Surely, the future blacksmith took kindly to sharing. She had just turned away too look for some ores when she heard a suspicious rumbling sound. Were her suspicions regarding the missing NPCs valid, after all? She whirled around to face the origin of the sound and witnessed the male player trading blows with a large green beetle, near the cave entrance. Neither of them lost HP. Acting quickly, she grabbed her spear and charged into the fight. The beetle had an exoskeleton that couldn't be easily cut through, as Yatsu proved with his unsuccessful attack. Her gaze wandered through the beetle's body looking for a potential weak spot, until she found a gap between its armor. Right where its head met its body. Hope this works! She dragged the head of her spear against the ground as she went in closer, wincing at the unpleasant sound of iron against stone, and activated a Sword Art. She stopped at the beetle's left side, more specifically in front of where the weak spot(?) she had found earlier was located, and lifted the head of her spear upwards, the sharp blade going between the armor, successfully wounding the mob. Having landed a hit, Rinne leaped backwards and almost crashed against the cave wall. She took off a chunk of its HP, but now the mob had its full attention on her, and it was angry. "I think it's about time for you to attack!" she called out to her partner.
  12. Since there was nothing else to salvage from the last herb patch she had found, Rinne wandered around the area aimlessly, keeping an eye out for splashes of red against the green grass. It should be easy to find some, since the two colors contrasted naturally, but a minute of circling the area with no successful results proved otherwise. She paused in her search and rubbed her eyes. Then she went around the area again carefully scrutinizing every spot of grass. She can't possibly fail two times in a row, right? Wrong. After another unsuccessful round of searching, the player finally decided to give up. She rested underneath the shade of the big tree for a few moments and checked her quest objective. 3 out of 5, and she'd already exhausted all the materials in the area. She had to move to another one of those recommended spots with the hope that they would be much more abundant in berries than this one. The blue-haired player closed her menu interface with a sigh. Who knew searching for materials would be so hard?
  13. Rinne

    [PP-F1] Tetsu << Earning A Living >>

    Three days...that's right, it's only been three days since the log-out button disappeared. And yet, people had already jumped at the opportunity to kill each other, despite the warning that killing someone in the game also meant killing them in real life. Now, Rinne was no doe-eyed empathizer whose eyes would brim with tears upon hearing about player killers, but this was just, too much. Things were progressing too quickly for most players to follow. "I guess having the freedom and power brings out people's dark sides," she said. "That's why I feel that part of this is the game's fault. No, actually, all of this is the game's fault. There's no way to leave, no way to know if we actually die in real life once we die in the game, and the game's rule system hardly penalizes players with orange cursors. The only known penalty so far, is being unable to enter safe zones. And that doesn't help much, does it?" She paused from her tirade and sighed. "But then again, the system was already designed to be unfair in the first place." As they neared their destination, @Yatsu began equipping his armor. He asked her to pay no attention to him, so she turned her head away while observing him from the corner of her vision. He lifted his sword and started banging the pommel of his sword against his helmet. Well, that was weird. He repeated it for a second time, and the blue-haired player winced at the unpleasant sound. Then he did it for a third time. She turned to him with a frown, and was just about to tell him to stop doing it, then she saw him with his eyes closed, wearing a wide, satisfied grin on his face. Okay...do your thing, then. She widened the distance between them. Thankfully, he stopped doing it after maybe around the sixth time. She didn't risk another peek at him. The two stood at the edge of the forest region, and looked out at a wide mountainous region with many cave openings and crumbled ruins. The inner adventurer within her rejoiced at the sight of ruins and coaxed her to explore them. Like, right now. Maybe when I'm at a higher level. Rinne pointed at the nearest cave entrance. "There it is," she said. "The other caves you see are full of mid-leveled mobs, so we obviously can't enter." She observed her surroundings and frowned. "But, it's pretty strange... the info merchant said that there should be NPC miners wandering around this area. But why can't I see any?" (OOC: How about spawning a mob to spice up this thread? Loot minimum, of course)
  14. Rinne

    [PP-F2] Unexpected Encounter

    The other girl had an excuse prepared. Well, what was she expecting, anyway? Rinne still felt annoyed due to the overly-loud players surrounding her on every side, but she forced herself to look at the situation without bias. Yeah, the girl did sit down at her table without permission, but the blue-haired player wasn't considering many other factors, like the 'hard night' the other player had mentioned and the fact that neither of them could think straight because of all the noise. She was feeling crankier than usual because of the noise and the cramped inn as well. Maybe I should let this pass. She let out her frustration with a long sigh and took a sip from her coffee. Just a few more, and she'd get out of here. "Well, I do agree that it's pretty hard to think straight right now," she said, her voice taking on its usual monotonous tone. She didn't sound irritated anymore, however, which should be a bit of a comfort for the other player. She took another sip from her coffee. "So I guess you could sit here. I'm gonna head out once I'm done, anyway. You should, too, before you start turning into one of them. It's contagious, you know." After a slight pause, she said, "You give off a vibe that's different from those people who would choose to stay in the safe zones forever. Are you also aiming to reach the frontlines?"
  15. Rinne

    [PP-F3] <<Worn out Welcome>> (Hestia)

    Rinne nodded politely to Hestia as they parted ways. She would then watch the tank walking along a cobbled path and looking out for players in need of help for a few seconds before setting off for the armorsmith's shop. The dark-haired player was truly a selfless person. She willingly helped players without expecting anything but the assurance that she kept them safe in return, and was patient and considerate. Maybe it would be nice if there were more people like her in the world. She was sure that if she ever needed help, Hestia will be the first person who'll come to her mind. Arriving at the armorsmith's shop, she knocked three times on the door before inviting herself in. "I have the materials with me," she told the two NPCs as she placed said materials on the counter. "How long before I get my armor?" Griswold said something Rinne didn't hear, maybe it was something about waiting inside the shop for a bit, and took the materials with him as he disappeared into the back of the shop. "You'll get the armor in a few minutes, dear," Hanna said when the player turned her gaze to the NPC. "Crafting armor takes less time than you think it does." Rinne nodded to the NPC woman, and she passed the time admiring the different types of armor displayed throughout the inside of the shop. I skipped a part of the NPCs dialogue by responding quickly, didn't I? Maybe if I hadn't skipped, the NPCs would've given a tutorial using the armor displayed here. It may have been beneficial, but most of the info is found in the manual anyway. After a few minutes of getting lost in her thoughts, Griswold called her over and presented her with her new Leather Coat. She dismissed the pop-up message indicating that she had completed the quest and equipped the coat, checking out her new appearance in a nearby mirror. Finding it satisfactory, she bade the NPCs goodbye and left the shop. One quest down, maybe a hundred more to go. Thread Summary Rinne > Leather Coat (Uncommon Light Armor) (+1 EVA) > 2 SP > 200 Col Hestia > 1 SP > 200 Col