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  1. harged in at me, stumbled over the vines and fell to the ground, but the hammer still hit my leg, as I hadn't been able to block the way o low attack. ID# 120201 BD: 1 -> crit fail MD: 2 -> miss Stats: Runa: 96/100 HP | 4/10 EN | 5 DMG | 27 MIT | +5 LD | +1 ACC Goblin: 40/50 HP | 15 DMG
  2. I was still shaken by the feelings that had risen to the surface when we reached the edge of the <<Garden>> we had been looking for and Miss Mishiro started to rub my back. The touch felt strangely pleasant and even though she told me that she couldn't even imagine how it must be for me, I felt that she somehow took away the pain that had risen with the feelings and the memories. I gently embraced the touch of her hand on my back and when she remembered me, that I was here to move forward and that my brother would be proud of me I nodded. Tears were still rolling down my face, but I raised it and wiped them away. I swallowed once, then I felt ready to continue even with the face of my brother in my mind. But now it wasn't the picture of me losing him, but him looking proud at me fighting what ever would come. I straightened to look a little taller, then I turned my focus to Miss Mishiro and said "You are right Miss Mishiro ... Sniff ... I... I came this way to move forward. I will become a strong fighter who can defend the weak ones. I will make him proud of all I'll do." With this said my fighting spirits returned and my face cleared up a little. There were still tears in the edges of my eyes, but they wouldn't hinder me to become a strong fighter he would be proud of. And the first step towards becoming this was to face what was before me right now. I strengthened the grip on my weapon and made a few steps towards the <<Garden>> but stopped before I entered it to wait for the others. @Arabelle
  3. Just a few minutes after Miss Mishiro had told me, that there wouldn't be a party to go out there, as the one who had posted the request wasn't able to continue any more I was on my way to the eleventh floor with Miss Mishiro and a friend of hers. This other girl was a fighter type and she had a weapon on her back, that was may bigger than she was herself. I wasn't sure about her, but she seemed nice enough and Miss Mishiro was friends with her, so I had to trust in that for the moment. Especially as she probably was the one that would keep me relatively save on this high floor. I had never been to a floor this high, and so I was quite nervous, especially every time there was a mob close to us. After us walking a little and Miss Mishiro talking with Miss Arabelle I noticed that Miss Mishiro seemed to be worried about me even more then I was worried my self. She continuously asked me if everything was alright and that I should tell her if I noticed anything that wasn't okay. I simply smiled at her and told her that everything was fine. When she then asked me if I had someone with me when I had first entered the game the picture of my brother smiling appeared in front of my eyes, but it wasn't a happy picture, as just seconds later I saw it again. The moment my brother sent me and the poor other player away and started fighting those PKers. Tears started tolling down my face and I started to sniff, but I tried to answer Miss Mishiro any ways. "I ... sniff ... I wasn't ..sniff... I wasn't alone. My brother was here with me ... sniff ... " before I was able to continue I had to wipe away some tears and then I continued, still sniffing and sobbing "We were here together, b.. but I ... I lost him." Once I had said that there were more tears and I started to tremble and wasn't able to continue talking for some time. @Mishiro @Arabelle
  4. Shortly after I had killed the second one Saphira started her attack, and she killed the boar without any problems, and it seemed she even got the first boar tusk she needed. As she asked me if we could continue or if I needed a short rest I looked up to my energy and noticed that it still was enough to fight one more of these little boars, so I quickly said "No problem there Miss Saphira, let's fight one more, maybe I need a break after that, so my energy can recharge. " Once we had agreed on having one more fight before having a break we continued to walk around the hills and after just a few steps over the hill we had been I noticed a few more boars that were just waiting for us. With my precious candy in hand I ran down the hill, and a few feet before I reached the first one I let out a cry of enjoyment as the weapon started to glow and I closed the distance with a single jump. The boar raised it's head as it heard the cry and the red eyes focused on me but it wasn't quick enough to get away. The heavy candycane crashed into it and sent it flying, but the pub was able to move its head, so the tusks ripped over my arm leaving a little mark, before the shockwave my axe created hit it a second time and it exploded into pixels. I was still looking at the colourful pixels when the pop up appeared and showed me, that I had just received the second tusk. I quickly accepted them and turned back to see if Saphira was following me down the hill. ID# 119874 BD: 8+1 = 7 -> hit -> 5x2 = 10 DMG -> dead MD: 8 -> hit -> 3-18 = 1 DMG -> 56/60HP ID# 119875 LD: 13+2 = 15 -> tusk found (2/3) Runa: 57/60 HP | 1/6 EN | 5 DMG | 18 MIT | +2 LD | +1 ACC Boar Pub: 0/5 HP | 3 DMG
  5. My candy cane was pushed aside by the goblins hammer as it had blocked my last attack and I was barely able to push back at it to prevent it from hitting me in the stomach. As soon as I had pushed it away I jumped back and started running again, but this time I actually reached the vines and jumped over them, turning around in mid air and started to charge the swordskill once again. The weapon started glowing and I stumbled a few steps back, so the goblin would have to move through the vines to reach me. The goblin looked at the glowing weapon and I could see that it wasn't going to follow me as long as it had to block one of my heavy attacks. That was the moment I remembered that most of the skills damage wasn't from the weapon hitting the opponent, but from the shockwave hitting them, so I released the attack towards the goblin and the small creature jumped back a little to evade the axe, but the shockwave hit it and sent it flying back a few meters. I quickly used the time I had before it would be at me to go into a defensive stance and await the monsters next attack. The goblin who's HP bar had dropped by a fifth charged in at me, stumbled over the vines and fell to the ground, but the hammer still hit my leg, as I hadn't been able to block the way o low attack. ID# 119463 BD: 7 +1 = 8 -> hit -> 5x2 = 10 DMG -> 40/50 HP MD: 7 -> hit -> 15-27 = 1 -> 96/100 Stats: Runa: 96/100 HP | 4/10 EN | 5 DMG | 27 MIT | +5 LD | +1 ACC Goblin: 40/50 HP | 15 DMG
  6. We were still fighting around the place where the Goblin had appeared at first when I had a great Idea. I remembered, that I had stumbled over some of the roots and vines that were growing around, so I turned around and tried to look like I was running away, while I searched the ground for some more vines that I could use to make the Goblin stumble. At first I wasn't able to find any we hadn't already destroyed as our fight had gone one, but the I saw a string of vines that looked perfect. I ran over to them and in the edge of my eye I noticed the goblins movement as it charged in at me. I tired to jump aside, but the small mob was faster than me and the heavy weapon in my hands further hindered my movements. So before I reached the vines I got hit by a hammer and even though the damage it dealt was reduced to nearly none the power the attack had sent me flying a little bit away from the vines. I landed and cough a few times before I turned to the goblin and tried to attack it once more just to get knocked out of the attack by another blow of the hammer. ID# 119462 BD: 4 +1 = 5 -> miss -> -2 EN -> 5/10 MD: 6 -> hit -> 15-27 = 1 -> 97/100 Stats: Runa: 97/100 HP | 5/10 EN | 5 DMG | 27 MIT | +5 LD | +1 ACC Goblin: 50/50 HP | 15 DMG
  7. The fight was going on and I noticed that we moved away from where I had been going, as even with the goblin not really being a problem for my HP I instinctively tried to evade every attack it made. As soon as I realised this I changed my style of fighting a little, simply not going back anymore, but actually trying to move forwards with every attack. The red and white candy cane in my hand slashed the air before me as the goblin started to retreat, so my attacks weren't hitting anything, but at least we stopped moving away from the tracks I had started to follow. Once we were back where the fight had started I noticed the goblin appeared to be smiling and what ever it was that made him smile probably wasn't nice for me. So instead of pushing it further back I stopped my advance and simply started charging my swordskill. The glowing weapon couldn't await to connect with the goblin, but the creature was cautious and even when it started an attack it sidestepped my attack even though it had cost it it's hit as well. ID# 119461 BD: 2 +1 = 3 -> miss -> -2 EN -> 6/10 MD: 3 -> miss Stats: Runa: 98/100 HP | 7/10 EN | 5 DMG | 27 MIT | +5 LD | +1 ACC Goblin: 50/50 HP | 15 DMG
  8. Enraged by my own mistake I grasped the weapon even harder and started to run towards the goblin that was still laughing with it's evil eyes focused on me. The attack he had landed before hadn't damaged me, so I was sure it wouldn't be able to land a blow that would actually hurt me. With this in mind I lost the fear I had when the monster first attacked and focused fully on attacking, swinging the weapon multiple times at the small beast, but the goblin either jumped away, or blocked the blow with it's heavy hammer. This was already getting really annoying, so I started to increase the speed of my attacks, but the mob still was quicker than me with the heavy armour I had just gotten, and when I had to take a deep breath before I was able to continue the attacks, the goblin saw the opening and jumped me with the hammer, hitting my left arm I had just raised to protect myself and I noticed my HP drop by the tiniest bit. ID# 119460 BD: 3 +1 = 4 -> miss -> -2 EN -> 7/10 MD: 7 -> 15-27 = 1 DMG -> 98/100 HP Stats: Runa: 98/100 HP | 7/10 EN | 5 DMG | 27 MIT | +5 LD | +1 ACC Goblin: 50/50 HP | 15 DMG
  9. Following along a trail of glowing tracks that appeared every once in a while I travelled further into the woods and soon the light changed due to the change in trees around me. At first the forest had been nice and light with big beeches and showing their light green leafes and enough space between them so even grass was growing there, but now there was nothing of this. The ground was covered in spikey blackbery vines and it got harder for me to move along. Every now and then the vines made me stumble and I already wasn't so sure this was the way to go, but I continues following the track, now using the sugarcane to slice away the vines in front of me. I must have made to much noise, fighting my way trough the undergroth, as I noticed a movement at the far left side of my vision and immideately turned towards it, just to see it being an ugly green goblin with some kind of hammer in its hand. The dirty green creature snarled at me, while it shifted the hammer from one hand to the other and while I was still hoping that it would go away it showed me that it wouldn't by running at me with the hammer high above it's head. I was not prepared for the attack, so stumbled backwards a few steps and fell over some of the vines. The Goblin used the chance and swund the hammer at me, the weapon crashed into my side, but the armour was well made and blockt the blow nearly completely . Now it was my turn to attack, or at least I thought so, but when I was back at my feet the goblin had already jumped back, so the heavy blow of my axe hit nothing but the vines around me. ID# 118733 BD: 2 +1 = 3 -> miss -> -2 EN -> 8/10 MD: 6 -> 15-18 = 1 DMG -> 99/100 HP Stats: Runa: 99/100 HP | 8/10 EN | 5 DMG | 29 MIT | +5 LD | +1 ACC Goblin: 50/50 HP | 15 DMG
  10. I took the <<familiar food>> and instantly a I noticed a pop up appearing. I opened it with a swipe of my fingers and read the text, that told me I had just gotten a quest item and would now be able to accept the quest <<feeding the enemy>> so I closed the pop up and opened the menue with just a few more swipes in the air I saw the quest log infront of me. I noticed there was a tab that hadn't been there before, showing me pending quests, and once I opened it, the quest was right there. I read the text, that told what I had to do and pressed the accept button once I was done reading. On the righthand side of my vision a small marker appeared and told my that my current objective was to search for a suitable companion and next to it it had a bar, that looked something like a loading bar. I did not know what it would show, but as it was part of the quest I would have a look at it every once in the while. With the quest accepted I once again thanked the gypsy lady for the food and made my way towards the next foresty hill that wasn't to far off. I was not sure what kind of companion I would be looking for, but for sure the forest would be a good place to start looking for. While I walked through the forest I started noticing strange glowing tracks not to far off, and as I moved over to inspect them, they stopped glowing and the quest log updated, loading a few percent of the loading bar. - So it would be the progression of following my familiars tracks then - I thought as I looked for more of those tracks. ID# 118720 LD: 5+5 -> nothing found
  11. Once I had killed the boar and looted it for the tusk I had been looking for I had a look at Saphira and saw how she killed the boar she was fighting with, but there was no pop up in front of her, so she probably hadn't been that lucky. She told me that I had done a good job with killing it and started looking for another one of the boars, as we would need to kill some more. I followed her, and while we were looking for the next target for our attacks, I had a look at my energy bar and noticed the fight had already drained it to half. If the boars had been stronger it would have been a problem and I might even be forced to rest before continuing, but as the mobs died with one good hit I would be able to continue fighting. Once Saphira had found two more she pointed at them and I told her, that I would take the left one, while I was already charging at it. The axe started glowing, as I ran at the mob and the swordskill was charging up power to get released in one heavy blow. The heavy weapon connected and the boar got knocked back, but while flying away it's tusks ripped open my arm, leaving a red mark and dropping my HP a tiny bit, but the tusk dissolved after the attack and I wasn't able to loot it. A little angry about it I watched Saphira fighting her boar and screaming "Yeah, you got this, kill this little monster. And maybe you'll be more lucky this time Miss Saphira" ID# 118625 BD: 6+1 = 7 -> hit -> 5x2 = 10 DMG -> dead MD: 6 -> hit -> 3-18 = 1 DMG -> 57/60HP ID# 118626 LD: 5+2 = 7 -> no tusk found (1/3) Runa: 57/60 HP | 2/6 EN | 5 DMG | 18 MIT | +2 LD | +1 ACC Boar Oub: 0/5 HP | 3 DMG
  12. The others continued fighting, even though it seemed Krysta hadn't been able to adapt to the bosses ability to overcome the paralysis, as she once again attacked where it would have been if it hadn't started moving. After she had missed it once again, she warned us that it had gotten over the immobilization once again. The others reacted accordingly and both hit the rabbit, throwing it from one to the other with their attacks and their knockback. Now the monster was paralysed once again and so I rushed in, charging the only single target swordskill I knew and ready to release it once I was close enough, but just a few feet before I reached it I had to find out there were roots from the nearby bushes in the ground that not stayed down there. I got my foot entangled in one of those and with the candycane still glowing I stumbled and fell to the ground, grunting a little and hissing at the root in anger. D: 117053 BD: 1 crit fail (again) Bleed is refreshed. [0] @Krysta: HP 400/400, EN 38/40, 9 DMG | 27 MIT | 2 ACC | 18 Thorns | 1 BLD | 1 PAR [2] Tricolor_mina: HP 330/330, EN 23/30, 8 DMG | 16 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA | 1 BLD | 1 PAR [6] Kirbs: HP 330/330, EN 19/28, 8 DMG | 24 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | 1 BLD | 2 PAR [1] Runa: HP 110/110, EN 2/6, 5 DMG | 28 MIT | 1 ACC Enemy: HP 147/250 [ ] [PARALYZED] DMG: 50 / ACC: 2 / EVA: 2 / MIT: 25 Abilities: <<Creme Egg Power>> : On a MD roll of 9-10, Furry will eat a Creme Egg adding 10 DMG on a roll of 9, and 15 on a roll of 10. <<Bunny Frenzy>> : On a CD roll of 9-10, Furry will use both of its legs to hit the player down with the highest hate adding “Paralysis” to it’s attack. <<Rabbit Rampage>> : On a CD roll of 11-12, Furry will hop on the ground causing an earthquake effect adding “Area of Effect” to it’s attack (Does need to roll for each player.)
  13. It had been a few days since I had finished the first quest that hadn't been one of the tutorial quest together with Macradon, and I had decided that it was time to do some more questing and gathering, as I wanted to get a little bit of new equipment to become a better protector. After I had gotten the new Armour from Macradon and we had fought some creatures I noticed that it was nice and all, but that I wanted to have some more light armour to enhance my speed. The schooluniform was great for gathering and just basic out of combat comfort, but not what I would need as a full blown tank. Besides that I had learned from Macradon that one could get a pet that could help with fighting. He had had a three headed dog, that had helped fighting the nepents, so I wanted to have one too. I spent a few days gathering information on how to get a pet myself, and after talking to a few of the information brokers on the first floor I learned that there was a quest somewhere on this floor which would allow taming a wild animal to become a familiar. Once I had found out I dug deeper and learned that one had to find a possible partner, and that there were items that increased the chance of finding one, so I went to the seventh floor and bought one of the delicious looking garlic breads to help me with finding a friend, and increasing my chances of gathering materials on the way to where a friend could wait. With all the preparation done I decided that it was time for me to leave the town at dawn, as I wanted to have as much time for finding a new friend as possible. I hadn't had breakfast, so the golden garlic bread had to do the deal. It was super delicious and I wished it wasn't that expensive, so I could buy more of it, but for now one was all I had. Eating the bread I left the town of beginnings and after a few minutes an old gypsy woman came towards me and mumbled something about her food being so good one could tame animals with it. I remembered that this was what the brokers had told me about, so I listened and nodded as she told me her story. In the end I smiled at her and she handed me the food, so now I was good to go. - golden garlic bread + 3 LD -> +5 LD for the thread
  14. I had heard of this place on the seventh floor, where one could buy the most delicious food that even enhanced ones stats. As I had planned on doing some gathering and maybe some more questing for the next days I used the teleporter to get to the seventh floor and after some walking around and asking a few other players that were wandering around, or just standing there I finally found the place. It looked really nice and the smell of super delicious food was everywhere. I took a look at all the different things that were waiting for me, right there behind the counter and after seeing all this deliciousness my mouth started watering. With big eyes I finally decided which one I wanted and as the pink- and brown haired came out of the kitchen I pointed at one of those delicious looking golden toasts, my eyes still very big and said "Wow, your food looks so good. I really really really want to have one of those!" + 1 Golden Garlic Bread (+3 LD Snack) -1200 col @Neopolitan
  15. Summary Runa: 1+2 SP | 200 col @Macradon: 1 SP | 200 col