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    Nora Linara [WIP]

    Profile Username: Opalite Real name: Nora Linara Age: 23 Gender: Female Height: 5'3" About: History/personality Personality: She's a polite person and considers herself a proper lady, but is rather hot-headed at times. She ends up rushing into things and making hasty decisions, her online friends saying that she pulls a "Leeroy Jenkins" too many times which makes it frustrating for others to have her on a strategy-based team. She does, however, consider others and will put herself in harm's way to protect others, which oftentimes, ends poorly for herself due to overconfidence. History: Nora has had a very bland and casual life, other than the fights she got into at school for being, once again, too confident. Because of this, she didn't have in-person friends, but had the internet to make up for it. At home was also stressful, being heavily scolded for her cuts and bruises and being forced to behave like a "lady". Because of the stress of conforming, she fled to the internet. You wouldn't be able to tell that Opalite, her online persona, and Nora was the same person. This online persona was a lot more refined and considerate than her actual self. However, Opalite still showed that hot-headed temper in certain situations. She chose "Opalite" because she was always fascinated with gems and crystals as a child and her first real gem was Opal. Opal was too common of a name everywhere though, so she chose Opalite, since Cat's Eye Opalite was a natural opal type and Opalite was also a man-made white opal. This persona was very popular online and she made a few real online friends that she'd do everything with, especially MMORPG's like World of Warcraft for example. Her rash behavior in game dubbed her the nickname "Leeroy Jenkins" among friends. Because of the newfound friendships, she became more considerate and kind as an actual person. She was able to make money off her internet fame, online videos and blogs becoming career worthy. She, however, never showed her face. Instead she wore a purple creature mask with Opalite Eyes (The man-made kind). After all, it was her favorite creature in a certain game and trading card franchise. One day, she was on a hiatus for the online job to take in Christmas week, despite living alone in a small cozy house. However she liked it like that. Just because of her break though, doesn't mean she turned off her computer completely. Virtues: (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) Flaws: Reference: http://darkworldrpg.com/character-flaws/ Rash Overconfidence (Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays (None yet) Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)