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  1. "Good." She responded first to Shield's affirmation that the players had no intention of pursuing the Seer any further. "Though he stood among the Council you all fought and defeated, the boy is under my protection once more. Make no mistake, I take the safety of my people quite seriously." Her tone was far from subtle, though she fell short of such a pointed threat. She turned, facing the players that continued to engage her just as a new face approached. She blinked, obviously surprised by the turn in conversation. Hirru's hesitance and conviction brought a soft smile to the Queen's face and she drew forward to place her hand atop his. Her fingers rested over his that were full of tension as they gripped his weapon tightly, and she addressed him. "Hirru. In the midst of war, compassion is an emotion that escapes many, and that is not always wrong. An enemy is often just that: an obstacle to be defeated. War is unkind, and unforgiving. And I have seen many a soldier lost to it. Not just those that are struck down by their opposition; but also those that lose themselves amongst the hatred and bloodshed. "What you did was a kindness. Such mercy is rare in the best of times. Your actions may have lost you favor with your own comrades," She paused just briefly enough to run her gaze over the few players remaining in the otherwise quiet room, lingering on Hestia and Shield beside them. They trailed back to meet Hirru's jade eyes. "but I am thankful that any of mine own could have been spared. For that, I thank you." She pulled away. Lun'Rael turned, and continued to speak while she leaned over the large oak table. She reached towards the center, drawing her index finger in a short pattern that resulted in the soft blue light of a rune glowing to life. "For your success, I thank you. For your want of peace, I thank you." A small compartment revealed itself, rather plain-looking once the light of the rune had faded, but mysterious nonetheless. She reached in to collect a small handful of something, and as she retreated the opening was quick to disappear after her. "Here." With short steps she took one of each of Hestia's, Shield's, and Hirru's free hands, slipping a small trinket in them as she went. "At the very least, you have earned my favor. There is much and more that needs my attention, so for now, take these with you. It carries little meaning outside of my domain, but in time I believe you shall find use for them. Now, if you'll excuse me." With that, Queen Lun'Rael turned her attention away from them, focusing back on the remaining scrolls and other documents that lay in shallow, unorganized piles. Thread Rewards:
  2. "Kalanes..." She echoed in a whisper, a thoughtful expression taking over her. A hand raised, and she tapped her first knuckle against her chin a couple of times, mulling something over in silence until the rest of the players' words reached her. "Hikoru. Hestia. Shield. And the United Aincrad Liberation Front. You have my thanks." She gave a small bow herself towards the three that stood across from her. Her eyes and polite smile brightened with Hestia's praise, and Lun'Rael's hands clapped together in front of her as she straightened. "Oh, my darling Evahira. It's wonderful to hear that she'd left a lasting impression like that. She was always trying so hard." She spoke with a fondness like she was recalling a distant family member. Sincere, but strangely removed. With so many factors to contribute to the Queen's behavior, it might be impossible to understand exactly how she was programmed to 'think'. It was then that she began to move, walking forward in strides that had her tattered clothing drag through the air and over the stone floor as she did so. She removed a deep blue hood as she spoke, the ornamental headdress that still rested over her silver hair swinging softly as she turned her head towards her destination: the long table that had served as the focus of the Council's planning room. "Well, 'business as usual' might be a bit of an understatement." She spoke a bit more casually, as if pleasantries were now out of the way. Rifling through some papers that lay askew, she let out a sigh and continued. "I must speak with my people, but even that requires a great deal of preparation." Her brows narrowed, no longer looking at the players, though it was unclear exactly what she was doing aside from taking in her surroundings. "The Council will be pronounced dead, of course. I must assess the damage and begin repairs, not only on the tower itself, but in what I can only imagine is our last remaining haven. As it was you who I see before me and not one of the Forest's armies I may be safe to assume they no longer occupy these areas, which is my only saving grace. You've only mentioned the Council, so my Royal Guard is surely no more, whether they were disbanded or sent to their death from then to now, I may not even find the truth." "And then the boy..." Her hands stopped their idle movement, flipping through whatever documents they could find scattered about. She shifted her weight, pulling her arms back to herself while she wore a troubled expression. "Oh, what to do with that poor child?" @Hikoru @Hestia @Shield
  3. She blinked and squinted, the hand she held free raising to her temple for her slender grey fingers to press against her head. The clang of the chains shackling her other arm above her head caused the Queen to jump with a start, and her crimson red eyes hurriedly looked up to the figure that first approached her. Her eyebrows narrowed, confusion and a lingering haze clear on her face. "Evahira, you..." She stopped herself, a clarity coming over her. She turned, taking in her surroundings for several long moments while a handful of other figures carefully approached her. Queen Lun'Rael stood, holding herself a bit more proudly than she had been slouching over when she was still half-chained to the wall. She smiled politely at Hestia's gesture, but made no movement to accept the flask of water she held out. She took everything in for a moment, from Hestia's comfort to Shield's brief explanation of the battle that took place just minutes prior. "Usurped? The Council?" Again, she seemed to struggle with the information, but only for a moment. Her eyes closed, and she let out a silent sigh. "Thank you. All of you. It seems I have missed much in my absence. To be blunt, I hadn't counted on...coming back, once the Forest Elves had overrun the tower." She spoke solemnly, and then found her resolution once more. Her chin moved from side to side and she took in the battleground that they stood in. "My heart breaks to know that malice was born in these walls. Nonetheless, there is much to be done. First, how shall I call you, my rescuers?" She gestured forward with a smile. @Hestia @Shield