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  1. Dekunut

    What up my friends

    Nice to meet you too ^^
  2. Dekunut

    What up my friends

    My name is Dylan. like everyone else. I like anime, manga, and games. Decided to get into this series despite it flaws, but i'm sure we'll get along.
  3. Dekunut

    Dekunut's Journel

    ''Play this new game, they said. It'll be fun, they said.'' Profile Username: Dekunut Real name: Dylan Age: 18 - 20 Gender: Male Height: Average About: History/personality Dylan had a happy childhood like everyone else. With a supporting but very religious Father and kind Mother that motivates him to thinking that he'll have a bright future. But, at the age of 15, where he developed a liking for watching anime. Dylan's father caught him watching a harmless show about pocket monsters and deiced to punish the poor child with unnecessary violence for watching ''demonic cartoons and he has to purged. Dylan's mother noticed this and tried to call the police to stop all of this. Just before the cops took him away to the car, Dylan's father was screaming the word evil at his own child. Over and over, before he was taken away, never to be heard from his son ever again. Hoping to escape from his past. Dylan turned to gaming, casting himself away from his room until either dinner or school. With only to his Mother and Grandparents to support him. But when a certain VRMMORPG just released, the young man was glad that he got out of High School, just to play what could the Game of the Century. So he puts on the Nerve Gear he bought with the money he saved on his birthday's, turns on the game, and said those two magic words that we all know and love. "Link, Start!'' If only he knew, that he threw himself into a death game, created by a mad man. Dylan is described as a sheep in wolf's clothing. If the sheep is made of references and sarcasm, and the wolf is just trauma from his childhood, and it's cranky when he realized how serious Kabaya was when he announced the death game. But that wolf will calm down if he learns to trust people that doesn't want to stab him in the back. Virtues: Honest: Dekunut is seen as an honest man. But in more of a very ''brutal'' way that may get himself killed if he's around the wrong players. But sometimes, his kind of telling the truth can make good advice to other players. The reason he never lies, cause he thinks lying will bring him bad luck in the game world. Laid Back: Despite his rude attitude, Dekunut is actually a nice person to hang out with. If you can tolerate him or understood half of the references he babbles about. But, he act likes this as a way to mask his childhood pains and worries about home. Dork: Dylan can't help but make constant references about Anime, Manga, and Games every time he communicates with friends, along with jokes and memes. This tends to make other players uncomfortable or just walk away. But not to ones that are weird likes him , or just plain nice. Flaws: Sarcastic: Tends to act like this during rude players or players that ask obvious questions. Can go further into it if Dekunut wants to really piss off whoever he's talking to. But he'll drop it a little bit once you get used to it. Not very trusty: Ever since the death game began, Dekunut became more cautious when it comes to partying with other players. Thinking they'll PK him or take away his money. But he'll try to open up, but it'll take awhile for anyone to gain his trust. Wolf in Sheep's clothing: Though he acts like a stable minded person, Dekunut acts like this to hide the pain from his childhood, along with his worries about his Mother. But he'll open up to anyone he trusts very much if could try. But other players will notice, every time he looks up to the sky with a pain expression. Profession: Skills SP: 5 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: »Rank 1: 1H Straight Sword (Novice) Inventory Bundle: Basic Package Weapons/Tools: Straight Sword (T1 with Paralyze 1) Effect: Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) remove the enemy’s action on their next turn. Paralyzed opponents lose any evasion properties. Light Armor (T1 with Evasion 1) Effect: Reduces the die value by (1 per slot) on an enemy’s attack against you. Cannot be used to avoid a critical hit. 5 Started Healing Crystals (Heals 50 HP) 2,000 Col 10 T1 Mat Stats Lvl: 1 HP: 20 EN: 2 DMG: 5 MIT: 5 ACC: 7 EVA: 6 Roleplays Relationships