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  1. Shin Kagami

    [F6-SP] A New Leaf «Gemini»

    It was a peculiar Catch-22 that I found myself in. One where I would simultaneously win and lose in either situation, one where progress cursed me with a growing possibility and blessed me with new virtual realities to explore. This paradox is exactly the reason why I selectively chose to not think about it. “I’ll cross the bridge when I reach it. And maybe I’ll burn it down if I need to. *THUD* The smile I wore remained on my face. The pleasant tingling sensation which was supposed to imitate pain washed over my body as I found myself on the jungle floor with a body on top of me. I rolled the body off of me and dusted myself before offering a hand and an amused smile towards the hooded figure. Up to that point in time, I thought that there was no need for me to wear a mask in this game and my voice reflected that. “Need a hand?”
  2. Shin Kagami

    [F6-SP] A New Leaf «Gemini»

    I groaned at the thought of the Frontliner’s progress in clearing the game. On one hand, I knew my paradise was secure. It had taken them so long in order to reach this Floor that I knew I would never had to worry about them clearing the game. Their rate of progession through the Floors was even slower than people’s acceptance of our current living situations. “And that hasn’t even happened yet either.” But on the other hand, I knew that my paradise would never be able to expand. According to the box that the game came in, there are supposed to be one hundred floors to this game. In my eyes, that meant that there are a hundred floors ready for me to explore with exciting sights and nearly countless ways to escape the real world. However, the closer that they are to unlocking all of the floors, the closer I am to losing this perfect reality of mine.
  3. Shin Kagami

    [F6-SP] A New Leaf «Gemini»

    I walked around the main settlement as my clothes clung to my body and were practically drenched in sweat. I saw the floor’s trademark Amazonian NPCs everywhere I looked, performing amazing feats like swinging from vines between the trees and the more menial task of peddling wares. “I had to give it to Kayaba - the sole developer of this death game. Even though he is a complete psychopath who thought it would be fun to lock thousands of players into his game where failure is almost equivalent to death, he knew how to make fantastic worlds. I couldn’t believe that I was awake after I jumped into the game the first time. Much like a horror film that only has jumpscare after jumpscare, the shock factor didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. The most exciting news was always when the Frontliners cleared a new Floor Boss because that would mean I can be surprised once more.
  4. Shin Kagami

    [F6-SP] A New Leaf «Gemini»

    Like everyday since I came to that realization, I had no specific goal in mind other than to continue enjoying myself. Like many days, I was aimlessly wandering the floors by travelling through the several cleared labryinths and staircases which connected each floor of Aincrad. Like every action I’ve done, I decided to settle on relaxing on the Sixth Floor on a whim, one that I have not yet previously visited for an extended period of time because of its humid nature. Like many things in life, or rather most things, I would come to regret this as the action which was my entry point into the real game of life and death that I would soon revel in. However, I would only really regret the most immediate consequence that I would encounter in this event. “Why did I choose this floor? It’s so hot and humid all the time.”
  5. Shin Kagami

    [F6-SP] A New Leaf «Gemini»

    Since the beginning of the death game, I was always indulging in my own indolence. When we were teleported to the plaza and the announcement was made regarding our indefinite stay inside this video game, I was afraid like everyone else. Unlike the majority, though, I found a kind silver lining within this historical event and torn between the different realities: “I’m a disappointment for getting into this game and getting trapped in here. But at the same time, I can’t disappoint anyone anymore as long as I’m stuck in here.” I ended up taking this game as a sincere blessing from its developer. This game was a perfect closed room experiment; a place where I could no longer feel the pressure of expectations on my shoulders. So I spent a lot of my time doing something I had rarely done in the outside world of expectations: I was relaxing.
  6. Shin Kagami

    [F1-PP] Filtered Sunlight

    My eyes were closed for only a few minutes as I started to feel drowsy, the scenery was something you'd never experience in the considerably stuffy capital city of Japan. Although I've had experiences mountain climbing, flower arrangement, and many other things people would consider as connecting oneself to nature, they've always felt as if they were nothing but a chore, like a piece of coursework that I was mandated to complete. I guessed that this was how it felt to stop and smell the roses, and I had to thank being trapped in this digital world with no one I knew since it felt like it freed from nearly all responsibilities. Though, that zen that I had achieved only lasted for a short amount of time as the wind was knocked out of me by something falling on me. I sat up quickly and started coughing, wheezing, and making all sorts of sounds that someone's lungs shouldn't make. I knew that it wasn't painful, in fact, it felt like I didn't really need to breathe in the first place inside the game, but rather it was a simulation of how someone's wind would get knocked out of them. As I regained my senses, I turned my head to see a girl with her orange hair tied up in a ponytail with a glaive at her side. As she apologized for disturbing my nap, I blinked slowly when I noticed her hand resting on the glaive before taking a deep breath to calm down. "No need to be hasty, "I thought. "Just keep my wits about me." "You guessed correctly. I don't have many plans to go ahead and start levelling up. After all, what's the point of levelling up when you can ensure your safety in other ways? As long as you keep your wits about you and be mindful of your surroundings, you could go venture out anytime you want without any danger." My eyes continued to flicker to the hand resting on her glaive, gauging whether she'd be the type to attack me. Although most of my fears were already assuaged since she didn't attack while I tried to restore my breath, I didn't move my position. Instead, I provided the most gentle smile that I could; the cordial smile that I've honed for my entire life. @Azhoda
  7. Shin Kagami

    [F1-PP] Filtered Sunlight

    NOTE: This thread takes place about a month after the launch date. I was glad that I had the foresight to upload music to my NerveGear before I logged in. It was wonderful that I could fill in the gaps of silence when I was travelling across the plains on the First Floor or simply relaxing nearby, patiently waiting for something to happen to me. The First Floor was like a home to me for the entire time that I stayed in Sword Art Online even if it sometimes reminded me when we were told that this was a death game. Usually, I was never really on my toes when I was outside of a safe zone. I figured that the rumors of people dying to boars were a farce. Most of these people had played games before, and even if this was a new system, it seemed as if everyone had the mindset that as long as you don’t go looking for trouble, you’ll be safe. In fact, it was when I was relaxing and lying down in the forest, taking in the virtual sunlight filtered by the virtual leaves, when I had my first real social interaction besides people trying to get me to join their party for the sole reason I was a girl. @Macradon @Yukiro @Cordelia [OOC: Sorry for taking a bit of time. I was busy with a couple stuff and wasted time bothering with how I want my character to look.]
  8. Shin Kagami

    Kagami's Junk [Food] and Oddities

    Name: Jack’s Hexentanz Item Type: 2H Battle Axe Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: [x1 Burn] | [x1 Blight] | [x1 Cursed] Description: A one-sided battle-ax that emits an occultic aura. Sometimes cackling can be heard, and the owner likes to joke that it used to be a witch’s offering to the grim reaper. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18213-event-f1halloween-event-19-something-wicked-this-way-comes/?do=findComment&comment=584844 Name: Ghost Treat Effect: If you already have a familiar, the treat can be fed to it to change its appearance to a ghostly form of itself. If you do not already have a familiar, it allows you to skip the searching portion of the <<Feeding your Enemy>> quest. If you fail to tame the creature, you will have to find it again by the searching rules in the quest. Description: It looks like an ordinary pet treat that you would get if it weren’t for the mist that it generates. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18213-event-f1halloween-event-19-something-wicked-this-way-comes/?do=findComment&comment=584844
  9. Shin Kagami

    [EVENT-F1]Halloween Event '19 - 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'

    Kagami’s infamous ability to oversleep and arrive just before any cut-off time was unprecedented. Although she had planned to arrive at the earliest time possible so that she could finally reveal the person behind the misty veil, her bed was too comfortable, preventing her timely escape. Her debut would also be masked in its own similar obscurity, as this was her first social event in a long time since she had lived most of her time stuck in Aincrad as a recluse obscuring her presence from the player’s community. Even if she had met someone she knew, Kagami’s face was hidden underneath her mask, something that she had grown to enjoy wearing, which was white on one half and black on the other with the only meaningful feature was a black eye and smile displayed on the white half. As she pushed through the tent flaps and paid the measly entrance fee, Kagami was handed a goody-bag that seemed heavier than your average goody-bag normal and noticed that everyone seemed to be exhausted. “It looks as if everyone turned into zombies or something.” «500 Col paid to Jack.» «Obtained»:
  10. Shin Kagami

    Kagami's Junk [Food] and Oddities

    List of things that need to be approved: Hexenant and Ghost Treat List of things that have been approved:
  11. Shin Kagami

    Shin Kagami's Notes

    Profile Username: Shin Kagami Real name: Shin Kagami Age: 16- > 18/21 [Real Time/Perceived Time] Gender: Female Height: 6’0” (183 cm) About: History/personality: To many, it would appear as if Shin Kagami was born underneath a lucky star whilst being blessed by the heavens. For starters, the young lady was born in a family of affluent business owners and was presumed to have a secure, pre-destined future laid out for her. She was also largely successful in many aspects of her public life including her status as an influential advisor to major business decisions and her ease when it came to excelling school academics and athletics. And to top it off, her amiable demeanor radiated an aura of sincere dependability and kindness towards her peers. But for Shin Kagami, this entire outwards life couldn’t be anything more than a white lie she tells herself for her own protection. She grew up with the notion that her life was a financial investment that was wholly dependent on her family’s continuous support. According to her family, Kagami was the vessel they would channel resources into to increase their influence. Those resources were an education if virtually every relevant field of expertise possible. She grew to hate every single activity that mastery was continually hammered into her skillset and her existence. While she had achieved levels of skill above what most people could ever achieve, the pain that Kagami endured drove her to vow to never use those skills unless absolutely necessary. Without the support and guidance she needed, Kagami continued to grow up physically and mentally, but with a severely stunted emotional development. While many people wore their hearts on their sleeves, Kagami locked her heart away deep behind the set of masks that she wore every waking moment. As her mental health continued to detiorate, she increasingly found herself debating which persona would be most appropriate in any given situation. As time went on, she stopped caring about her own personal needs and started to live for others’ expectations. Every waking moment was filled with a singular desire: “Don’t disappoint people more than you already do.” Virtues and Flaws: Virtues: Flaws: High functioning… Depression Kagami's expertise in a wide variety of skills is a testament to the efforts that she has put into learning their mastery. She appears ready to take on any challenge given to her, regardless of its difficulty. She radiates an air of dependability because of her successes... but she is extremely apathetic towards life. Kagami is plagued with a lack of self-motivation and constant dread towards any activity. She understands her life as one dedicated towards living for other people; after all, she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone more than she already does. A great actor… Always wears a mask Kagami is an excellent actor and is able to take on any persona that the situation calls for. To her, the world has become her stage and everyone is her audience. She rarely feels dishonest about her actions... For each situation and every interaction, a new mask is created and is used to protect herself. Though the mask may eventually degrade, the countless personas she's adopted has made her lose sight on her own desires and herself. The greatest act she’s ever done is convince herself that the only face she’s ever had was a mask. Multiple perspectives...: Voice themselves in her head: Kagami does her best to recognize as many possible perspectives on situations presented to her. This has made her extremely flexible when it comes to tackling problems, and is the main reason why her skillset is so diverse. Sometimes her mind moves quicker than her conscious can process. It isn’t uncommon for Kagami to hear a voice in her head, either pulled from a memory, her own voice, or a distortion of either one of them while her mind races with thoughts. Often, they remind Kagami of her regrets in life and she no longer has control over them. Her intrusive thoughts now choose her and no longer the other way around. NOTE: Not to be confused with a specified mental illness such as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Profession: N/A Skills (0/5 SP): Utility Skills: - Combat Skills: - Rank 1 Rapier (5 SP [ ] +1 DMG and Rank 1 Rapier Sword Arts when Rapier is equipped) Weapon Skills: - Armor Skills: - Extra Skills: - Equipment: - Vanity Rapier - Rare Light Armor (Savvy 1/Evasion 1) Consumables: - 3 Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) Miscellanous: - 10 Tier 1 Materials Roleplays/Transactions: [placeholder for formatting] Relationships: [placeholder for formatting] Story Thus Far: [placeholder for formatting]