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  1. It was nearing the end of the event. Most everyone had been attended to, and their wishes answered. Still, there was a pair that had eluded being graced by Father Wuotan's presence up to this point. Why, it was none other than Macradon and Kairi! How silly the Father had been to have put them off until the final moments. Though it seemed like they were only just arriving, Father Wuotan's remaining time in the realm was waning. This would need to be quick. "Greetings, friends!" he sounded joyously as they approached, offering a warm smile their way. "I am Father Wuotan. It seems the two of you are the last on my list this holiday season. I've been giving gifts to those who deserve them, and though you may be last, you are certainly not the least. Tell me, is there anything you were hoping for this Christmas?" His voice was a tad more distressed and rushed than it had been before. It was truly almost time to go. But he had to hang on until he had provided gifts to everyone.
  2. Father Wuotan

    [F11 - NYL - PP] A Chance Meeting

    Father Wuotan chuckled at the pair of requests, seeming to mirror one another. Such weapons were easy enough to craft, and wouldn't take more than a moment. He whirled his hands through the air whimsically, beckoning the snow and frost into the area to come together and coalesce into two balls of pure light. These twins spheres then began to twist and morph into their own figures; one elongating and becoming thin, while the other remained small and compact. All at once, the light dispersed, leaving two hovering weapons behind. One was a spear, as Nephthys had requested, and the other was an ornate dagger. Both sported conservative features, save for the small snowflake charm that dangled from each of their hilts. "I hope that these will be satisfactory for the two of you," he mused as he leaned forward and handed the items to the pair. "This sort of power can be very tantalizing. Please take care not to fall ill before its temptation." With that, he turned and began to take his leave.
  3. Father Wuotan

    [NYL-PP-F11] Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

    Father Wuotan nodded thoughtfully as Andromeda made her request, his muted eyes pitching upward as though in thought. After a moment, his gaze returned to the young lady, and a smile spread across his cheeks. "Yes. I think I can do something like that for you. Please wait just a moment." He ran his bony fingers through the airs whimsically, the surrounding frost that hung in the air coalescing into a slim figure. It grew, then glowed, then settled into the form of a small ticket. he handed it to the small woman, wearing the same smile as before. "I believe this will help you in that endeavor. Be warned, however, that whatever it produces cannot be undone." The then turned his head to Alkor. Then down a nearby trail. Father Wuotan had been expecting one more traveler, but it seemed as though they'd gotten lost somewhere. Pity. "Unfortunately, that is all of the time that I have for now. Please enjoy your holiday. You know where to find me if you need me." With a small wave, he departed from the duo, a wisp of snow masking his figure for only a moment before he disappeared altogether.
  4. Father Wuotan

    [NYL-PP-F11] Of Snowflakes and Mistletoe

    The bearded man studied the woman for a moment, puzzlement plain on his weathered face. He glanced down at the order, then back up again. "That's all?" he asked her. "No other attributes?" After a pregnant pause, he shrugged beneath his heavy robes. "Alright, that's certainly no problem at all. In fact..." His voice trailed as Father Wuotan reached into his side pocket. Slowly, carefully, he drew out a square box. The top and the bottom were wrapped individually in silvery white paper; tiny printed snowflakes shimmered in the light. "Take a peek," he encouraged with a ghost of a smile. "Make sure it's to your liking." Satisfied with the delivery of his first gift, Wuotan turned to Pinball next. The smile hardened as he regarded the Player Killer, but it did not disappear. "Strength to make things right?" he echoed. Then he made a soft tch sound. "Don't waste my time asking for things you already have." He turned away, lifting his hand to gesture a quick goodbye over his shoulder. As he did so, a popup populated in Pinball's peripheral. Quest Redeem yourself. O X
  5. Father Wuotan

    [F11 - NLY - PP] Holiday Spirits

    A gust of wind blew by and a flash of white appeared before the two players. The unfamiliar yet warm face of Father Wuotan graced the couple as he smiled at the duo. "It's not many times I see such a lovely couple spending their time together on a night like this," he mused, giving a hearty laugh as he looked around. "Such a night like this is to be remembered and a night to be spent with loved ones," he murmured smoothly, turning his attention back to the two. "It warms my heart to see people like you live so happily." "So," he chuckled, tilting his head. "What wishes do you have on a fine day like this? I do remember hearing something about food, if that is something you wish for then you just need to give me the word," he joked, giving Mewt a teasing smile as his hands retreated back into his cloak.
  6. Father Wuotan

    [PP-NLY-F11] Christmas Cheer [Lessa]

    Father Wuotan nodded in acknowledgement to Lessa, a player he already tended to earlier in the day, giving her a warm smile before turning to Hikoru. At the moment, the Old NPC thought that this player was making a request to revive an old friend of theirs, which wouldn't really be out of the question considering that plenty of players had requested something along the lines of that today, although he was never able to grant any of those wishes. Father Wuotan nodded his head, understanding what the player had wanted after his explanation. "Of course, it would be my pleasure to grant a wish that would mean so much to a person," he said warmly, his hand reaching into his coat as he rummaged through it before coming back out with a trinket that had fit Hikoru's description almost perfectly. "I hope you find great joy in your wish." Father Wuotan waved his hand at the two players before a gust of wind blew and he had disappeared into the thicket of crowds.
  7. Father Wuotan

    [F11 - NYL - PP] A Chance Meeting

    The words were practically a beacon in the dark, snowy night. Like a lighthouse, his request for aid guided Father Wuotan closer to the pair, and the panther who was seated beside them. The massive midnight-black familiar hissed, demonstrating that regardless of the size, a cat was still a cat. The bearded man smiled to himself before striding up to the players. "Good evening," he greeted warmly, offering a small wave of his hand. "I apologize, but I couldn't help overhearing that you're a bit lost?" This he said to the young man. Despite his age, Father Wuotan's voice was still a low, rich velvet as he stated, "Perhaps I can be of some help. While I won't be able to guide you throughout the city like this young woman might, I can offer you a gift to help you grow stronger." Now his gray eyes swung to the other player, and he added, "I would be happy to extend to you the same offer. What can I give you to improve your time here in Aincrad?" @Nephthys @Entropy
  8. Father Wuotan

    [NYL-PP-F11] Of Snowflakes and Mistletoe

    It seemed that the pair was slightly confused by what Father Wuotan had meant. He'd better straighten things out. "There may be a bit of confusion. I am Father Wuotan, the purveyor of this holiday season. The two of you may request one gift each from me, and I will do what is within my power to make your wish a reality." It seemed that Father Wuotan had come off as uncharacteristically rude to the taller of the two. Even old and gray, his emotions still sometimes got the better of him. Pinball was, after all, a character of the more notorious variety. Even then, the blessings of Christmas extended to all. "Feel free to take some time to think about what you would like, or talk about it amongst yourselves. I will be ready when you deem the time right to proceed." Despite whatever impression his earlier chagrin may have conveyed, Father Wuotan was the patient sort. There was much work to be done, but all the children of Aincrad deserved special attention in their own right. Those whose hands were stained more than others, also.
  9. Father Wuotan

    [F11-NYL-PP] Warm Spirits

    A boisterous chuckle escaped Father Wuotan's lips as Ceres made her request. It was an unorthodox one, certainly, but he could not fault the young woman for her spirit. Life was short, and to let it pass by without stopping to enjoy the simple pleasures it offered was often the folly of people her age. Despite the seemingly impulsive outburst, her request carried more wisdom than she likely realized. "Very well, young child. I believe this shall suffice," he chirped as he allowed his fingers to trail wistfully through the air in a circular pattern. After a moment, a plate full of succulent, warm food began to materialize, being caught in his palm before lowered to Ceres. "There is plenty here for you and all of your friends. You may only be able to enjoy it once, but I'm confident that whoever shares it with you will walk away with memories to last a lifetime." He turned his attention briefly to NIGHT, giving her a small wink. "It's okay if you do not yet know what you desire. Think upon it, and we will cross paths again soon. Of this, I am sure." "For now, it is time for me to take my leave. There are others that require my guidance this season. Should you ever need to see me again, know that you can always find my essence within each of you." He turned, began taking steps, and before long had vanished into the ivory screen of fog that persisted this time of year, leaving the two girls alone to ruminate on the encounter.
  10. Father Wuotan

    [F11 - NYL - PP] New Friendships, Maybe?

    Father Wuotan listened thoughtfully to the plights of the young heroes, nodding along to each request that was issued without saying much of anything. His chalky irises held a quiet, almost somber composure. It was clear that one person out of this group needed a bit more attention than the others. He stepped forward and gently placed a reassuring hand on Ariel's shoulder, warmth from his bony fingers permeating her clothing like the very cocoa they were sipping. "Even my powers have limits. I'm afraid I cannot perform such magnificent feats as this. I can, however, offer you the power to prevent such tragedy from occurring again." He reached into his robe and produced a slip of paper, which he handed to the Lioness. "Take this and use it to protect those who matter most to you. I'm sure that you will find it within you to do so with more confidence in your stride." His attention then turned to Azhoda, the more fiery of the group. The embers of her resolve caught flame within his pupils as he gazed upon her indomitable will. Surely, he could repurpose energy such as this into something useful for the young woman. He extended an open palm and, with a bit of focus, conjured a solitary ball of flame. As he closed his fingers around the luminant sphere, it extended from the openings between his fingers and assumed its final shape; a long staff with a sharp blade at one end. He handed it to the woman before letting loose a huff of air he'd been holding back, clearly exhausted by the endeavor. "With this, I am certain you'll find traversing the labyrinth of quests this castle has to offer a bit easier. It is my hope that you do not become spoiled by its power, as I have seen many great minds fall victim to the might of their own blades. Please accept it, and heed my warning moving forward." Finally, there was Lethia. Hers was a simple quest, and one that he had fulfilled for several people already. With a swipe of his finger, a popup manifested before her. Quest Be strong. O X With that, his work was done. "It is time that I be on my way. It is my hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas. While I may never see any of you again physically, know that I am always with you in your hearts." With a nod, he turned and began venturing onward. There was still much work to be done.
  11. Father Wuotan

    [NLY-PP-F11] Frost

    He knew that he should keep moving. His job here was done, was it not? He'd given his gifts, and now it was time for him to move on. There were other people to see, other presents to bestow upon unsuspecting festival goers. And yet, something kept him from leaving the pair behind. Call it curiosity, or a simple fascination, but he slowed once he had put a short distance between them. The snow crunched beneath his boots as he turned a slow one-eighty, glancing back toward the bench. He found them with their heads bowed, leaning in to share a private conversation. And likely more than words, if Father Wuotan's suspicions were correct. The thought brought a smile to his lips as he turned away once more. He would leave them to their budding relationship, whatever that relationship was. Friendship? More? Well, he knew the answer, but wasn't it more fun to let them figure it out for themselves?
  12. Father Wuotan

    [PP - NYL - F11] M O R E T I T L E

    Laughter lines spread from the corners of the man's eyes as he smiled. "You've heard people speak of me?" he questioned, clearly amused by the concept. "Well, I know I'm always flattered to learn that my reputation has preceded me." His jovial smile flattened into something of a smirk as he stated, "I certainly hope they were good things being said." He rolled his shoulders, then reached deep into his cloak. "I suppose you would like to move on to the important part," he stated, cutting a glance toward Gladiator. "I can't say as I blame you. It is a very nice gift that I have for you." Slowly, and with a bit of additional flair, Father Wuotan drew forth a massive sword from the swirling fabric. The physics of the act were questionable, but when the guy was handing out free stuff, who was going to complain? "Your sword," he announced, offering the two handed straight sword to Gladiator. "I believe it has some significance to you? Use it wisely, and cherish it. You will rarely miss your mark." The bearded man tossed Cordelia an easy smile, then said to both players, "Enjoy the holidays." A moment later, he was gone.
  13. Father Wuotan

    [NYL-PP-F11] Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

    Father Wuotan was content to simply watch the proceedings for a moment or two. After visiting so many players consumed by fear, loss, and a myriad of other negative emotions, it was a pleasant change to see such innocence. Was there anything so pure and untouched as the building of a snow man? Finally, the old man strode forward. The cold wind played with his long beard, the single jingle bell that hung there tinging cheerfully. His cloak billowed, and with each crunch of snow under enormous boots, the NPC drew closer. When he finally came to a halt beside the trio, his first greeting was for Alkor. "Hello, Alkor. It is a pleasure to see you again. I trust you've been well?" Next, he turned to Andromeda, raising his voice so that Randal might also be included in the discussion. "And greetings to you both. As we are not yet acquainted, my name is Father Wuotan. I choose to spend my time roaming Aincrad, giving gifts to unsuspecting folk." He gave a quick wink, then added, "You are my next victims. Is there anything that you might like for Christmas. If it is within my power, I will make it a reality." @Andromeda @Alkor @Randal
  14. Father Wuotan

    [F11 - NYL - PP] New Friendships, Maybe?

    It was somewhat difficult to give gifts in such a crowded place. There was some irony in that, as many of the players at the festival were there exclusively to find him, yet their being there made his mission much more complicated. Still, Father Wuotan refused to let the crowds keep him from his favorite activity - giving back to the people of Aincrad. Perhaps it was selfish, but he always appreciated the look in their eyes, the smiles, and the progress that came as a result of his presents. If he could help the players reach their final goal, well, that's what it was all about. An opportunity presented itself when Father Wuotan noticed a group of three players huddled at the end of the hot cocoa line. Weaving his way through the sea of festive festival-goers, he positioned himself nearby. "My, what a chilly evening this has turned out to be." Mischief swirled in his gray eyes as he added, "Hot cocoa is an excellent choice. Is there anything else that you three might hope for this Christmas? You may have heard of me, but my name is Father Wuotan, and I am in the business of gift giving." @Ariel - The Crowned Lion @Azhoda @Lethia
  15. Father Wuotan

    [F11 - NYL - PP] Happy News On The Holidays

    Father Wuotan nodded slightly as each request was made. While the items themselves were far from common, he believed that they would benefit the players tremendously. The burden placed on these individuals was enormous, and perhaps his gifts might make their journey easier. Besides, the holidays always left him feeling especially generous. "I believe I have just the thing," he stated to no one in particular, reaching back to rummage in his cloak. First, he withdrew a piece of newly crafted light armor. He offered it to Yukiro with a small smile. Next, he revealed a shiny trinket, a heavy armor item, and a folded coat, giving them to NIGHT, Lonzo, and Noctua. "I understand that they are not your first choice," came his explanation as he turned to NIGHT and Lonzo. "But I believe you will find they are still incredibly valuable." Next, he address the entirety of the small party. "I hope that you all find purpose in your gifts, and happiness in the holiday season." The smile that crinkled his gray eyes was warm as he added, "Merry Christmas." His cloak billowed as he turned and disappeared into the crowd. @Yukiro @NIGHT @Lonzo @Noctua