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  1. An interesting looking entry on a piece of paper akin to a advertisement drew Eirwen's eye as he was walking down the street. Requisition to purchase~ 145831 HA as well as 1*T1 Immolation Potion
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    Profile Username: Eirwen Marinus Real name: Cuinn Bhàsa Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 6'1 Appearance: Eirwen has a very laid-back appearance, both in body language and clothing. Normally he wears open shirt clothing with an undershirt, and looser pants for not just comfort but also the lightness in movement. He always has a brown belt holding up his pants securely, often coated in various tools or things he finds useful. He has relatively short hair overall, but it is quite long in the front covering a portion of his face. Underneath the hair however are emerald green eyes. He often carries a wooden backpack, or what most would call a chest, with him as his way of transportation of goods and things that he needs. About: History/personality Before getting into the game, Cuinn's life had not been a great one. When he was just becoming a teenager, he was taken into here by the government after his parents we're caught doing some abysmal activities to him and his siblings. When they were brought in they were separated almost immediately, and unfortunately he hasn't seen them since then. Most of his time had spent moving around monthly through shelters and similar placements. In some of these places he caused a lot of trouble however mainly because he could not keep quiet about some of the things that were happening to the other youth. This led to him being moved around a lot as well as some very disgruntled people. He didn't have many things growing up, but he always was able to keep some semblance of a positive attitude, as it came naturally to him, although even he did not know how. Even though luck had not been on his side at all, he still found a way to talk with people and help when he could. Most people confided in him as he was not just empathic but also had decent skills when it came to being neutral in decisions or things of that nature. Through going through many situations that involved tactical thinking, he got very good at it. Both in real life and in games that he played. There was a great many MMO's, strategy games, and things of that nature which he excelled at, mathematics included. Virtual reality was always something he had a passion about. Something about being able to go into another world made him extremely happy. Not just for escaping the current one, but being able to fully explore and be alone when he needed to be. Forestry and nature, animals and sights, these are things he deeply enjoyed, but was rarely able to get to in his day-to-day life. When the opportunity arose for him to be able to test out a new first in a fully virtual reality game, he jumped at the chance. While being very laid back, but he can be serious when the need arises. He has also been shown to be caring for not just people, but creatures, and things. He is clever in tight situations, relying on his knowledge to escape negative occurrences, or to help others. Eirwen loves learning about other creatures and this persists into the game. He has a sense of honor, taking responsibility for mistakes in things that are caused either Direct or indirectly by him, offering to do everything in his power to help out the person affected, no matter the cost, or how long it will take. Virtues/Flaws: Trustworthy: Whether it's through how he communicates with others, his ability to empathize or understand situations, or to make rational judgments, people tend to trust him. However this isn't one-sided. Eirwen has deep respect and standing for the people that confide in him. He make sure to take care for other people in the info they give him, whether that be static information or personal. Empathetic: A combination of his nature and history has made him into someone who feels things around him. Whether that be through the emotions of others around him, or being able to pick up on mynute details in conversations, or just his actions in general when it comes to people, animals, or even basic things. He tries to show respect for them all, but causes a lot of apprehension in himself when forced to confront these things that are hostile to him and others. Sharp-witted: While he does have a lot of things that occupy his mind, Eirwen by no means is completely naive when it comes to information or the world around him. He is an extremely smart strategist when it comes to games, and often plans several steps ahead even though things usually don't go the way you planned them. Even for the things that don't work out the way he thought, a back-up plan is a sure thing. Meddlesome: Eirwen has a knack of getting into situations that seem to be a bit larger than anticipated. Whether due to his empathic nature or pure curiosity, he finds himself in circumstances that are a bit larger than life at times. Sometimes this is a great aid to himself and others, discovering things that someone may have missed, but most times this leads to himself being in trouble. Softhearted: While he's not completely naive, Eirwen has a definite soft heart. He has a hard time resisting helping people if he sees they're in trouble, if they're suffering, or they're in need that he is able to do something about. This however can get him into sticky situations as sometimes he tends to leap before thinking. Withdrawn: While he's friendly in most situations directly with others, he can be aloof and avoidant of people while he's overwhelmed or trying to be alone. Some people that don't know him well can take this as avoidance of the situation, but most often he just thinks better alone. Just as much as he enjoys helping, he enjoys his time alone and often does this by taking journeys through the land. Profession: ------------ Skills: SP: Total 5 SP: Spent 5 SP: Unspent 0 Non-combat: Passive: Combat: Weapon skills: Light Armor: Rank 1 - 5 MIT Inventory Weapons: Armour: Tools+Gear: Walking Staff: Vanity Light Clothing : Vanity (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) Gemini Bane: Mitigation 1 (+9 Miti) Immolation Potion: 10 unmit damage for thread. Set D "Support Package": Vanity Weapon of choice Vanity Armor of choice (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) Roleplays: » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress Relationships: None at this time
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