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  1. Rank 7: Mentor Alchemist | CRAFT T1-T7 EQUIPMENT | Exp: 823/1279 EXP | (8 Crafts per day) ALCHEMIC CONTAGION On your way to the starter town on the 10th floor you notice a glow, a faint yellow glow. As you near it, you find that it is a large tent; with a flap open that sits just outside the safe zone. Since the floor is in near perpetual darkness you don't notice the stains on the outside of the tent, the blood and dirt - as though the thing was dragged through a warzone before being hastily set up. You smell an array of odd scents; flowery herbs, burnt charcoal and others you can't quite put your finger on. As you enter the tent you squint to see, the light source seems to have come from jars, filled with fireflies that are threaded along the low ceiling. The inside of the tents floor is covered in various mismatched rugs and pillows, it looks comfortable. On the left side of the tent is an old, mahogany table filled with various vials and bottles, with faded labels on them. On the right side; is a locked glass display case that has a variety of crystals, also labelled. The back of the tent has a small table, that serves as a sort of 'counter' behind it sits a very dark looking orange haired woman; whose blue eyes glimmer faintly in the waltzing lights above. Behind her you notice what looks like a scientific set up - there are test tubes, vials, bottles, and a few Bunsen burners, sitting underneath various liquids that are bubbling away. You go to turn away, thinking, perhaps it'd be best to visit a different alchemist - but an unnerving, calm voice interrupts you. "Can I help you?" ORDER FORM PRICES idc STOCK Tier 1 Potions Damage +3 X0 Antidote +2 X3 Crystals Damage Crystal +1 X0 Damage Crystal +3 X0 Tier 2 Antidote+2 Potion 139574 Antidote+2 Potion 139574-1 Antidote+2 Potion 139574-2 Antidote +2 Potion 139575 Tier 3 Potions Damage Potion +1 X3 Crystals Crafters Respite X1 (On hold for Mari) Mitigation Crystal 1 (Precent 15 damage from Successful attacks against you) X2 Antidote Crystal I X2 Damage Crystal +1 x 16 Damage Crystal +2 X1