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General Information

Username: Yūrei
Real name: Kaylee Veritz
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 130lbs

SP acquired: 5

SP Used: 5

SP Available: 0




Kaylee grew up in a disturbing corner of her home town and has lived there practically all her life. The area is poverty-stricken and rampant with petty crime. If you asked the teenager how many times she had been mugged for a crumpled up 5$ bill, she’d have to take a minute to count.

Beyond the neighborhood’s lack of decency, Kaylee has had deal with being a single child of a widowed mother all her life. Her father was died in a car accident not long after her birth. The assailant who collided with him died as well, it was later found out that the man had been taking drugs.

With no father and a busy mother, Kaylee didn't get to see her family much. She often missed school from sickness and lack of motivation, causing her to fall in a deep depression. Debating whether she could take her life, she was then invited by some worried classmates to learn to play musical instruments together. Kaylee hesitantly accepted the offer, and now believed she had a reason to continue living.

After that revelation, Kaylee grew much more spirited and actually became a well-known face at school. They nicknamed her ‘The Ghost’, reason being that she seemed to appear out of nowhere, even though she's been present the entire time.

Upon graduation though, life happens. Many of Kaylee’s newly acquired friends branched away, starting their own lives as parents and structured adults. Kaylee did not. Unable to find herself a job, she again fell into a depressing state. Her band members, the classmates from before, were worried about her so they chipped in some money and bought her a gift. Some video game she'd never even heard of. She gracefully accepted it, but didn't touch it.

A year later, she decided to take her life, still unable to gain a hold on her life. Just before she did though, the memory of her band mates’ gift floated in her brain. She remembered her friends telling her it was an ‘Online Roleplaying Game’ whatever that meant. Perhaps she could take one last chance at life, on a digital plane.


If there’s one thing Kaylee is capable of, it surveying a situation. She gathers details and makes sure all the facts are in order before taking action. Without a calm mind, a person will make rash decisions and Kaylee does her best to avoid thost mistakes.

Kaylee can bolster her ability to keep her emotions in check. Whether that be holding back joyful glee or repressed anger, she is quite adept. This allows her, again, to make logical decisions without including her own feelings. This could be looked at as a vice as well, but she flaunts her emotionlessness as a virtue.

There isn't very many things that Kaylee can boast about, but when she finds those somethings, she will let you know exactly how amazing she is. This may have to do with the displeasure of being ignored and apply to her want to be noticed as an admirable person. She will never brag about something she is incapable of doing, though, and will likely back down from a challenge if someone expresses greater skill than her.


Having no relation with most people, good or bad, has made Kaylee a rather gullible girl. She can easily be tricked by others and would never realize it if she was not told so. This makes her easy to manipulate and prone to grudges.

Kaylee doesn't necessarily love money, but she isn't afraid to do something for the sole purpose of monetary gain. This could even mean robbing fellow gamers, after all, it is a video game. As much as she enjoys the payout, however, she would never take a life for it.

Kaylee is not a gamer, and never has been. The system of Online-RPG’s easily confuse her and she isn't exactly the most talented button-masher ever spawned. It's a very crippling disadvantage to be in a completely new scene where under normal circumstances one respawns, when the respawn is completely null. Kaylee is likely careful with every decision she makes, but will have to lean on more experienced gamers to aid her in the long run.

Unemployed, damn it's even hard to get a job in the digital world.

Edited by Yuurei
Added updates regarding SP

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