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  1. As Kura jogged into the maze, Labrook gave a cheeky grin and jogged in after him. "That's the spirit!" He would say, leaving the two girls in the dust. Yuurei would simply sigh and look over to Sai. With a slight chuckle in her tone, she would give her a smile. "Boys can be so reckless sometimes." Then Yuurei would follow in after them. Sai, not wanting to be left alone outside of a safe zone again quickly followed suit despite being pretty much terrified of just the maze itself. Once all four of them were reacquainted they would begin their trek through the winding labyrinth. Even Labroo
  2. Upon the approach of the maze, the slightly dense forested area that they were getting used to traversing would slowly start to thin out. The giant walls of the maze stood higher than twenty copies of Yuurei standing on each other's shoulders. As cool and collected as she was most of the time, the maze gave off quite the eerie vibes that were somewhat difficult to ignore. Not to say how Sai was taking that menacing aura. The girl was shivering slightly, slowly inching over to her 'bodyguard' as they got closer. The leader of the expedition was much less perturbed by the feeling the maze was g
  3. Yuurei nodded quietly at Kura question. She had expected only to do it with Sai, but he had accepted the quest rather than deny it, so why not get it off your quest tags? She always hated when there was a lingering quest in her log. The NPC would then start leading the way whilst explain what they planned on doing for the day. He would mention that they were on their way to eliminate the Hoya Minotaurs. Some old beasts that lived in a labyrinth a mile or two away from Aruyt. Meanwhile, Yuurei would send a party invite to Kura so they could keep track of everyone's health. If he accepted,
  4. Amazing how the game was years in development, seemingly expecting not to see any actual updates that it wouldn't be thoroughly play-tested enough to catch these glitches in the system. At least the world was beautiful. "Ah, I see." Yuurei would watch the burly man make his way over to the players and wave to Sai to come over as well. The much smaller, and younger, girl would instinctively job over to the Emerald Spirit. "Thank you for the help." "You two are surely looking to take on the beasts known as minotaurs, correct? You two look like well skilled warriors capable of such a feat."
  5. The Emerald Spirit and her tag-a-long friend were going out on their first adventure together. There were several quests available to Yuurei that she had ended up passing up when she first started playing the game. Despite her inexperience with video games, Yuu had gained an amazing affinity for learning the system. She wasn't sitting by entirely idle for all that time. The things she'd learned and performed to protect and save Saigyouji caught that girl's attention. She not only wanted to learn from the snow-haired samurai as she could, but also be friends with her. So here the duo was w
  6. Current Level: 9 Current SP: 21 Link to SP Tracking: [link] Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Yuurei Shikiri Item ID: 149856 Item Tier: 1 Item Type: Katana Item Rarity: Perfect Item Enhancements: DMG III Description: A blade so sharp and devastating that it would be able to cut someone's soul in two. A sharpened blade composed of an alloy of Fabrinine and Orichalcum makes a razor sharp edge that requires some extra maintenance to maintain due the m
  7. Finally, this stupid quest was finished and Yuu could let out a breath of fresh air. when she returned to the blacksmith who had initially sent her on the quest, she wasn't surprised to find out that he wanted her to do something else for him. She was completely down to do more questing, but first she would have to help Sai find some armor and a decent enough weapon to at least protect herself on this floor. Her next mission, after everything with Sai was settled, was to find a woman out of the safe zone who was supposedly a jeweler. It was to be another simple delivery, and if she had to
  8. Without really speaking it, the two would start to make their way back to town. It would be best to get Sai back to the safe zone and make sure that she's informed that she should properly equip before leaving it next time. "Thank you." The girl would tell the ghost. Yuu shrugged for the second time. "Anyone would have done the same thing I did, I'm sure. I don't really feel like I deserve recognition for something like that." "B-But..." Sai would trail off. "A-Alright, well, I can still be glad that you're a pretty nice person. I think anyone else probably would have called me helpless a
  9. Getting tired of these shenanigans, the Emerald Spirit raised her blade once more and tore through her opponent with a cut so clean the enemy was cleaved in half. A moment passed as the boar digitized back into the ether. Much to her relief, it would leave behind exactly what she needed, it's ivory tusk. The samurai would quickly scoop up the item and place it in her inventory for later. Seemingly sure that it was safe now, Sai would escape her safe haven and meet up with Yuu again. "I-I'm glad you're alright. I definitely wouldn't have been fine without you here to help, but I dunno if I
  10. Was this a taunt to her pride? The girl made another swing, that was three in a row now. This boar was really going to feel her might wrath of Heavy Momentum when she finally landed her attack. 10,000F degree knife against butter anyone? Even though Yuu's attack would be less successful than the boar's was and it would land a critical on her, she was hardly perturbed. Sai was watching this all, seeing the critical strike hit her savior, she called out in a panic. "B-Be careful! Don't get hurt because of me please!" She would plea to the silver haired samurai. Yuu's jade eye's pierced thro
  11. The game seemed to be giving her a break, but it wasn't going to last very long. All those successful hits would stop the moment that she was face to face with one single boar. She was already annoyed enough that this boar would make the double digits in kill ratio, yet she still had not gotten the final tusk that she needed for her quest. Was she going to be stuck here forever until the boars landed 176 more attacks on her and she met a cruel fate with destiny more shameful than probably anyone else in this game? Nah that wouldn't happen. Though the boar would scratch her leg through the
  12. Despite everything she's gone through, killing an entire pack of boars, she was actually surprised that she hadn't taken more damage then she had. Though, to be fair, she was properly equipped for such an escapade. Another gleam of her otherworldly katana would signal the passing of life and death once more. The boar would transcend back into data where it would surely respawn in about five minutes or so. That, however, left one more boar to deal with. It wasn't having much of a better time than any of the other boars that had attempted to fight with her. It carelessly swiped against her,
  13. "Get back! More are coming!" Yuu would say, readying her blade once more. Sai would nearly jump out of her skin at the command of being told to get back, but when she realized the oncoming hoard's approaching, she would not argue with Yuurei. Taking cover behind a tree, Sai would get a front row seat to watch a much more heated battle ensue. Even if the fight wasn't necessarily difficult for Yuurei, she could only use so much energy. In fact, she would look up to her bar to realize that she had just used up the reserves on those two attacks. Gritting her teeth in annoyance at the attack t
  14. The brilliant gleam of her blade now putting a wildly blinding light upon any onlooker's eyes, Yuu knew what it was time for. With all the time she's spent in this fight without landing an attack, her passive energy collection was going to unleash something devastating on this helpless hunk of haunch. Raising the blade in the air, catching a bright glint of the sun, Yuurei's swift attack was barely even discernable to Sai's eyes. "There we go." Yuu would shift her hair back into position and meet up with the other girl. "Th-That was amazing!" She would say, completely flabbergasted. "You
  15. With another swing, the samurai would attempt to put an end to this petty squabble one could call a fight. However, the game would continue to decide that she wasn't worthy of finishing this boar despite having vanquished four or five in a single slash. "No, you're not going to die." Yuu would reassure Sai, not forgetting about her presence. "You won't heal instantly. We'll need to keep you away from a few enemies until your HP ticks back to full." The girl would explain, still having some limited knowledge of how exactly combat worked, but she knew enough to put Sai's nerves at ease. "Th
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