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  1. Recon

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    Following the two he heard Oni go on about entrances and keeping down because of possible 'threats' "Hey I don't really think anything that's out for blood is down here unless you are scared of some rats." Recon responded to him. "Anyways you two hear the story of the three players who were stuck in the sewers?" Recon looked at the two who were walking before him and answered his question "Well I didn't cause it was a s***ty story." He gave a short snicker after that little pun he made. "Anyway's jokes aside how are your day's going? Hopefully, fun cause being stuck in a death game sewer wasn't on my list of plans for the day." That thought was still in his head the fact that he's been stuck inside of this game for how long Recon still remembered that announcement. Being stuck in this game wasn't on his life plans at all neither was being able to smell sewers was on that list as well.
  2. Recon

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    Recon glanced back to Oni"Really? you'd want to walk in the sewers for however long it would take to exit this place? trying to ignore this terrible smell?" Speaking of the smell it finally got to him he was about to throw up just from the smell but in reality, it was just him gaging. Recon pulled up his neckwarmer to cover his nose this actually helped and blocked out most of the smell. Recon turned back two them "So...Etherial you think there is a way out of here just how long would we have to walk exactly?" His voice was muffled from the neck warmer covering Recon's face. The situation the three were in was terrible they all seemed to hate each other Recon had his thoughts about the two they both were stubborn as hell that's what he got from the two. "If we work together everything would work out smoothly." Recon answered muffled.
  3. Recon

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    After Recon watched as the boy climb the makeshift rope he continued to look for a plan B escape. Again Recon started feeling the walls for a brick sticking out and there was a badly placed brick slightly sticking out. The brick was slightly sticking out it was large enough to place the tip of his foot on it. Recon was ignoring the other two while he was looking for a plan B. "Well woul-" Recon was cut off before he could say anything about his findings. Hearing the other two he could already guess what happened to them Recon then turned around and looked at the two. "Ouch...you two okay?" He smirked then commented, "Welcome to the s***tiest place on earth Miss I hope you enjoy your stay." Recon said sarcastically. "So anyone has any other ideas? Cause I have one and it's a great one." Recon then turned back to the wall with the brick sticking out of it. He tugged on it checking if it would give it seemed sturdy enough.
  4. Recon

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    "Why would I need to tell you my name if you're not capable of introducing yourself first." Recon responded "Well my name is Rec-" She left before he could even say his name "-on at least you know my name whoever you are." He had turned to the other player down there with him. Recon decided to pat down the wall behind him to check if there were any bricks sticking out of the wall. To his surprise there wasn't any on the wall he was checking it was flat. He then made his way over to the next wall and began checking for any bricks sticking out once again. Once more the other wall was as flat as the other one. "Hmm wonder if I could just rock climb out of here. I'm not really looking forward to that ladder." Recon turned back to where the girl was standing and to his surprise, the makeshift rope was thrown down and Recon bowed and said: "Ladies first madam" to Oni.
  5. Recon

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    Recon looked up at the girl. "Hey, I wasn't the one who decided to enter this building I ended up here because I took a bad step." then he glanced back at the player down there with him "Hey I was minding my own business down here till you decided to bring the building down." He stood up and looked back at the other player who was above them. "Just so you know I did go to school but that's beside the point anyway's would you help us get out of this s**tty situation?" Jeez, these two are a handful and here I thought everyone was nice guess I was wrong. The smell from the sewer was getting annoying. Recon looked up at the trap door "Maybe there might be a way out through that way." he mumbled then he turned to the girl. "So uh what's your name?" Recon turned two the player down there with him. "Also having a nice day down here?"
  6. Recon

    [PP - F1] Lost and Found

    A few hours earlier Recon was scouting the city this was a thing Recon did regularly when he was bored. Whilst doing some looking around he never was watching where he was stepping this would be his mistake. After a couple of steps, Recon stepped on a manhole half-open the weight of him pushed down on the manhole cover and there he went straight down. The expression Recon had made was what the hell did I do. "Just my f**king luck." It was like some slide you'd find at a play place in a fast-food restaurant. Eventually, the slide leads to some sort of sewer room. He didn't have a very soft landing and would you know it some hit points were taken away. Recon let out a sigh and lifted himself up the smell hit him hard "Jesus where the hell am I in a sewer or something?" The first thing that he did was look around and a ladder along with a trap door caught his eyes. The ceiling looked like a floor to a building that had rotten away and seemed about ready to give way. Recon moved to the wall and sat down and began to look at his current options. After what felt like an eternity he heard what sounded like footsteps coming from above him. looking up he could see the wood starting to crack "Oh boy." he mumbled then the wood gave way and a boy came falling through. Recon sat there looking at the player who didn't see him at first did he not notice him sitting there if so time to introduce myself. "You come here often?" Recon said sarcastically.
  7. "Thanks for the praise I guess?" Complements were never Recon's thing to be honest he wasn't praised as much when he was a child that's probably due to the fact that he was just a simple kid not special or anything. Once again he continued looking for the plants in the tall grass. To be honest, it would have been nice to have some music while doing this it would be a pretty calming and relaxing thing to do. Wonder if I'd be a good farmer sounds like a fun job to do right? "I'm going to look over here!" Recon looked up to see where she was heading off too. "Roger dodger be uh careful though." ID# 176606 results: Loot 20 2/5 materials found. Well, would you look at that my luck seems to have turned around," Recon mumbled to himself He then pulled out another one of the glowing plants right out of the ground with some force.
  8. "To be honest I would rather have done nothing but you make a good point I can't get anything just by standing around." Recon stood there and looked around for any bushes or patches of tall grass ignoring her little tap as he didn't even feel it. Just after Orvilla took off a small patch of tall grass grabbed his attention. "I'll be over here if you need me." Recon sped walked to the patch and took a knee before starting the search for the materials. This isn't exactly bad as he thought all he had to do was just looking for some glowing stuff good thing that it wasn't too hard to miss. He pushed some grass out of his view and spotted a tiny clump of the glowing materials needed. "Looks like my luck might be turning around." With that, he started pulling out the glowing plants like weeds. ID# 174305 Results: LD: 14 | 1/5 Materials found Recon pulled up the required material needed for the potion. "This is what I need right?" He mumbled to himself before hearing her yell. "That's great! I uh think I found some as well!"
  9. "Just don't surprise me like that, please asides from that did you know that the shovel was a groundbreaking invention?" Recon had a smirk on his face from that little joke he told. "Wait I have to do this as well?" Recon had thought that all he needed to do was just stand there and watch the player get the materials for them both but apparently that was wrong. "Alright, I'll get to work then." Rolling up his sleeves He headed to the gathering spot she had pointed out. Crouching down Recon had started to dig around the vegetation. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a small glowing patch Recon started to loot it for the healing plants required for the potions. ID# 174073 Results LD: 2 None of the materials needed was in that glowing patch. "Well, F**k." He mumbled before standing up. "You find any of the stuff we need over there?"
  10. "Ah, so that's what this quest is about." At least he's getting a health potion out of it. This isn't too hard actually just gotta look for the material "he-" She took off before he could have said anything leaving him in the dust. "Hey! Wait for me!" Recon ran after her trying to keep up but she was too fast for him. Soon he caught up to her at the exit of the town. He was out of breath just from that mad dash she made. "Okay so..." he was panting between words "All we need is some glowing plants?... Or something that's glowing?" Recon had finally caught his breath just as she started to go down the path. "Okay next time please tell me when you start running or jogging you just about caught me off guard back there." He followed her down the path scanning area just in case something decided to pop up. This would be the second time he left the safety of the town the first time he left was to just get a feel for the area. While she was looking for the material Recon stood guard "Onto the next spot eh?"
  11. Indeedy? Who says that in this day and age? actually who says that at all. She's an odd person I'll giver her that hopefully, they know what they're doing. Recon smiled as she opened the door open for him. "You bet." He walked into the workshop with her once inside Recon took a moment to look around the interior of the workshop. It was nice and pleasing to look at really so much that Recon was completely out of it Ignoring the conversation that Orvilla was having with the NPC. Then he heard the girl signaling that it's time to leave. "Right behind you." Recon stepped over to the door opening it and held the door open for her. "This won't be too hard right? I wasn't exactly listening to what was said so you going to have to explain what's going on to me." Hopefully, this wasn't something important about the quest cause Recon would be very useless in a fight with something. The guy doesn't even know how to swing a sword nor know how to use it correctly.
  12. Recon stood outside of the workshop staring at the entrance. This was going to be his first time doing a quest surely it can't be too hard right? It's not like he's going to die from a simple starter quest for new players. "Hopefully I get some items out of this anything would help," he mumbled to himself. Or anything that would help him, in the long run, hell Recon would take bread crumbs if it helps him. He shook his head "Pull yourself together go-" A girl had cut him off before he could have said the rest. "I uh." Recon turned his head to her the first thing he noticed was how short she was and the mask. "Yeah, I am what about you short one?" What a weird sight to behold someone wearing a bone mask of an animal but I'm not going to question it I'll probably see more odd and questionable attire later on down the line.
  13. "I'm here for exploration then I came across her who I thought was speaking to some ghosts." Recon then looked at both of them 'I can't imagine trying to find some Dark Elf in these weather conditions.' He poked the muddy ground with the tip of his straight sword playing around with the mud. "Actually good luck trying to find that Dark Elf in this weather can't even find a trace of them in the mud." An idea had popped into his head "Maybe there might be a way to find the Dark Elf." His eyes shifted to the other girl's familiar. "Alright, maybe we could use you're familiar to track it via scent as your familiar is a wolf correct?" This was his idea it may work or not cause most living things do have a scent. So possibly this Dark Elf has one...right? Recon lifted his sword out of the mud and began to wipe the mud off with his hand carefully hr didn't want to cut himself after all.
  14. The girl was just bearly visible from the mist he had a hard time trying to not lose her whilst running. Recon squinted his eyes in her general direction and had noticed she stopped then he came to a complete stop to avoid bodychecking the girl. At first, he wondered why they stopped running was it another one of those things? Or was it something worse? Recon had his head on a swivel looking left and right before checking behind him. Out of the mist came a player Recon turned around to face this unknown player. Did they kill the damn thing? If so great job. Recon didn't know how to answer the player's question sure he was okay nothing had hit him. He was about to answer the player's question until the girl answered it. "Yeah, we both are doing fine now that you dealt with the situation." Afterward, he examined himself looking for any injuries just to be sure he wasn't actually hurt or well if he was he'd've noticed his health bar go down. Nothing wasn't out the ordinary besides a few burrs stuck to his legs. Recon ignored them it's not like it was effecting him or preventing him from functioning.
  15. "Sorry for spooking you." Recon lowered his sword in relief and smiled "Well usually I don't scare people and It was probably my fault for you drawing your weapon. Then again I drew my sword on you thanks to this fog." The fog was an issue for him as well there was so much he could do in terms of finding out if it was a player or some animal. "Sorry I forgot to introduce my self my na-" The hiss was sudden and Recon jumped and his head snapped towards the noise. Just what did that noise? A spider? His question was answered as two black spikes shot pass Recon almost hitting him. He looked to where the spikes came from and spotted the silhouette in the fog. "Jesus marry and joseph." The girl had already taken off before he had the chance to turn to her."RUN!" Recon swiftly turned around and ran in the direction she went no way he could have fought that thing.