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GGO Crew Recruitment

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Hey, i'm Stryder, current overseer of the GGO project. Me and my team are working on recreating the old Gun Gale Online Website. We currently have five people working on, and while we are making progress due to recent developments, exams and such, i was thinking of seeing if a few people might want to join and help us develop it for everyone.

It doesn't matter your experience with this, even if you have NEVER even tried developing anything, your still welcome if you like the GGO world, the only thing i really ask is that you know how to Rp moderately well, and that you know what Gun Gale is, be a little hard to work on something you don't even know about. 

If your still reading, i'l guess i have your interest a little. If so, il give you a rundown on our current groups, which isn't much. If you apply and i accept you in, which most likely i will, you will be put into one of these teams. This is ONLY a DESIGNATION. Just because you are in say the Quest crew, that doesn't mean you must ONLY do quests. You may still help and put input into any other area, but the members in those area's will have final say on the outcome, but any and all input is welcomed greatly!!! 

Our current teams are Quest Development, Mechanics, Gear and World Development. Now, don't be distressed that if you got to this point and have no interest, but WANT to help with GGO. We are also looking for people to do beta testing to make sure that the mechanics we make will at least work early on. This isn't starting just yet, but if your interested in it, feel free to leave me your name and when we are ready, il let you know straight away!

If you have interest in this, please send me a email at 
bearkid1431@gmail.com or send me a PM here, whichever is better for you. In said message, please include the following list.


Discord Name, or Skype name, but we are all on discord so it would be easier if you had/could get that

If you are sending me an Email, please include your SAO name so i know who it is. 

What area you are interested in helping us with

And why you want to be on the Gun Gale team.

Thats all i really need. Thank you if you have read this far, and thank you anyway, we appreciate even looking at this as help would be greatly appreciated :) If you have any questions, please ask them here as so everyone can see the answers if they have the same questions. Thank you all, i wish you a lovely day!!!

If you want to see our site, here it is!!!



EDIT - We have filled up most of our roster, we really only need someone now who can help Shizua with gun stuffs.

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