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The Metal Fetishist 2.0

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Username: Yatsu

Real name: Tetsuo Tsukamoto

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Level: 2

HP: 40

Energy: 4

SP: 6

Sword Art Rank: 1

COL: 2700

Materials: 11 T1

DMG: 3

MIT: 9



Yatsu is a Japanese guy in his early 20s who lived somewhere in the seedy, industrial corners of Japan. It could be in Kanto, Kansai or even Hokkaido, who f**king knows. He obtained a Nerve Gear from a sleazy friend of his who offered it to him in exchange for the large machinery or metal scraps in his house so they can be sold at high prices. Not willing to give up on his "home decoration", he just beat the s**t out of his pal and took the gear away. 

Because Yatsu is a big fan of Japanese cyberpunk and director Shinya Tsukamoto, especially his "magnum opus" Tetsuo: The Iron Man, he became obsessed with metal as part of his desire to become the real Metal Fetishist. He always collected metallic crap and machinery from a few local junkyards, and he placed them on walls, floors and whatnot in his house. Examples of junk were pipes, exhausts, rebars, wires, engines, and many other stuff. A lot of them strangely worked too, albeit with no useful purpose, as some of the machines would emit smoke and industrial noises. Overall his house felt like a cybergenetic lair, and he fully embraced his fetish for metal. 

One day, this crazy guy even tried copy the opening scene by cutting open a gash on his leg to shove a metallic rebar into the wound, wanting to unite flesh and metal together like a cyborg. However, he stopped halfway through cutting as he became worried about maggots that might appear and wriggle around the supposed wound days later. After cleaning the gash, he then turned his attention to the Nerve Gear, and recalling the widespread news that Sword Art Online is some "new one of a kind" product in gaming history, he decided to try it since, well, he thought, "Why not give it a try while waiting for my leg to heal?"

Little did he know that he was about to be stuck in Aincrad, perhaps for eternity. How the hell is he going to fulfill his fetish for metal now?




First, we look at virtues

High endurance: Yeah he ain't immortal, but that fetishist can withstand numerous kinds of pain or discomfort thanks to his bizarre bulls**t such as burning his own body with the hot surfaces of his machines, that forehead gash thing, and scraping metal against his teeth, enjoying the raw grinding sounds made in the process. However, this doesn't mean that he still cares about himself. So it might be fine if he is inflicted by a strike, but if the attack is mortally dangerous, then this is where he will bail out.

Can create s**t from scratch: Surprisingly he is capable of sculpting certain stuff from metallic junk. He can create a complete "Iron Man" suit (not the Marvel one duh), an improvised head of a step drill, and even a phallus. Ahem. Perhaps this trait could be useful if he is ever a blacksmith...

Decent to people: Despite his crazy behaviour, he isn't a complete psychopath that hurts even the innocents. Maybe he would make some people uncomfortable around himself, but in some situations he is well mannered and never get angry if people happen to express their repulsion towards his fetish. Not that it matters anyway. Friendship isn't a priority to him. He does however, teach them a gruesome lesson to those who go too far in pissing him off.

And now the flaws

His fetish: The core of Yatsu himself. As he extremely praises Tetsuo: The Iron Man, he ended up being a 2.0 version of the Metal Fetishist by decorating his home with metallic crap, sculpting some stuff and generally hurting himself with his obsession. He would sometimes embrace, snuggle or lick his decorations. He also enjoys industrial noises, whether they come from his own efforts or other sources like nearby road constructions. 

Violence: What more can be said? You want to hear about how he mashed a junkie's face with a large step drill head in the junkyard? Or maybe about how he straps a working drill to his crotch and proceeds to drill through a bitchy woman's skull? Perhaps he only do this to people that he finds irritating, but...well, just be careful out there.

The face of insanity: Now perhaps he isn't fully insane thanks to his occasional decency and his ability to create equipment or items to toy with, but his facial expressions are always off putting. He constantly grins, his voice is hushed and perverted while communicating normally, and his stare is unnerving. Sometimes he would chuckle out of nowhere. You know those Dark Souls NPCs that always laugh at every end of their dialogues, just to keep their sanity intact? That's the gist of it. 



Two Handed Straight Sword - Rank 1 (+1 DMG)






Name: Bastard Sword

Item Type: 2H Sword

Tier: 1

Quality: Uncommon

Enhancements: +1 DMG

Description: A bastard sword forged with strong steel, enough to deal good damage against low level enemies. Maintain it well and in return it will take care of you like your sweet lipped mother.




Name: Hauberk

Item Type: Heavy Armor

Tier: 1

Quality: Uncommon

Enhancements: +1 MIT

Description: A suit of chainmail armor covers the upper half of the wearer. A common form of protection during the Early Middle Ages, it comes with a bascinet. Looks comfy enough to wear.




Name: Rose Syrup

Item Type: Potion

Tier: Starter

Amount left: 5

Description: A healing potion that restores up to 50 HP. Tastes like sweet strawberry cool aid minus the carbonated elements. Use it wisely, goofball.




Received 2500 COL and 10 T1 Materials as starting equipment

Received 200 COL and 1 T1 material as reward from Korosu

Edited by Yatsu

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