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Saige's Journal

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Real name: Stephanie Reyes
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Age: 16
Birth Date: November 22
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 90 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good


Before SAO’s servers launched and before the log-out button disappeared, trapping her and thousands of people in a virtual world where the only way out is to beat the game, Saige was a normal girl with normal responsibilities. She was a dignified honors student who would always get her homework done days before the deadline, and she spent her free time writing novels that would never get published and playing games she was never really good at. She didn’t have much problems, aside from the occasional group project nobody wanted to do and the occasional conflict with one of her few friends.

Saige encountered Sword Art Online while browsing through her favorite gaming website. Like most gamers, she fell in love with the VRMMO’s concept instantly. SAO was unique, and it gave players a chance to experience being in a fantasy world themselves. She bought a NerveGear and a copy of the game at first chance, and shifted her schedule so she could have the entire day of the server launch free. But upon logging in, she would realize that SAO wasn’t the fantasy paradise she had imagined it to be…


Independent - Having grown up as the only child of a married couple with a hands-off approach to parenting, Saige learned how to do things without asking for help from a young age. While the current situation’s a bit different from what she’s used to, she can easily revert back to her normal routine of doing things by herself and only asking for help when necessary once she gets over her initial fear of taking risks. However, this doesn’t apply to anything related to her emotions and insecurities. Nobody can be completely self-reliant, and she has her limits. Try as she might, the fact remains that she’s just a small girl trapped in a situation that’s too big for her.

Driven - Her primary goal? To survive without falling into the hopeless state of idleness that most of the player base has already succumbed to. Before the day Saige finally gathered her resolve to stand up and fight, she was one of those players who wanted to stay in the starting city and wait for their salvation without taking any risks whatsoever. And while she hates taking risks, she hates doing nothing while other players are doing and sacrificing everything to clear the game even more.

Loyal - For a loner like Saige, genuine allies are extremely valuable. She will never betray anyone whom she considers trustworthy, and she would even go so far as to stay by their side and protect them when things go wrong. Of course, if they betray her, it’ll be a different story… 


Insecure - Being an honors student apparently doesn’t exempt you from having lots of insecurities. Saige has the tendency to compare herself to others whom she thinks are better than her, thereby leading her to start disliking herself. She always falls short from what she thinks are people’s expectations of her (and her own expectations, as well), and she’s never satisfied with her current self. There’s always room for improvement, she would often say.

Distrustful - Dying in the game means dying in real life. And to make it worse, she doesn’t know whom she could trust since everyone has the strength and capacity to kill her and none of her friends came here with her (as far as she knows, she never really asked them about it). Placing her trust in the wrong person could be the death of her, so instead she opts to distrust people in general.

Tactless - Saige is a nice person, but her blunt and insensitive manner of speaking convinces people otherwise. She doesn’t hold back when criticizing someone, and can oftentimes be unnecessarily harsh. It’s more of a bad habit than a malicious action, but it offends and misleads people into thinking that she’s a cold and insensitive person.

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Level 3

Solo Player 

Used SP: 5
Unused SP: 3
Skill Slots: 1 | 2



» 2H Straight Sword [Rank 1] -- +3 DMG, Access to Rank 1 Sword Arts



Col: 2,900  |  T1 Mats: 10


» Starter 2H Straight Sword (vanity)


» Starter Light Armor (vanity)


» 3 Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)
» 5 T1 Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (Heals 40 HP)
» 1 T1 Damage Potion (+1 Damage)
» 1 T1 Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)


» Candy Cane Material [Player's Tier - Unique Item] - Ability: When consumed for a craft, no roll is needed and becomes a auto Perfect Craft. (You do not gain EXP from this craft.) - Description:  A special material with a candy cane swirl.

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Roleplay Tracker
(plus Col and Mat transactions)

Story Thus Far


--Journal Entry No. 122

After a few days of thinking, I've changed my mind. Maybe it’s because I got tired of waiting or maybe it’s because my inner gamer wanted to at least try playing the game I so yearned for. It doesn’t matter. From now on, I’m going to fight. For myself, and for the people I could have saved had I made this decision earlier. Wish me luck. And pray that I don’t lose this newfound resolve.

--Journal Entry No. 123 [source]

"See those eyes? Those are the eyes of a fighter. Just because you lost once doesn't mean you're going to give up forever. You may be a bit behind now, but with enough hard work and determination, you'll catch up! I know you can do it, so just believe in yourself, got it?" ~ Rosalia, two years ago. Wonder where she is now?






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