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Username: Noel.

Real Name: Noel Cresis.

Age: 13.

Gender: Male.

Height: 5’00”.

Appearance: Noel is relatively thin and lightly built. He is Caucasian, and his skin is slightly pale. Noel has black hair and blueish-grey eyes. He prefers to wield a Curved Sword and wear Light Armor.


Noel is relatively new to the RPG scene. He lives in an urban part of America in an ordinary, middle-class family. Noel mostly enjoyed reading and watching TV and did quite well in school. He is kind of shy, and didn’t have too many close friends. His birthday was around the time of the release of the NerveGear, and as a result a friend reserved a copy for him, in hopes they and their other friends could play it together.

With the discovery of the dark truth of Sword Art Online, Noel learned that most players not “of age” were being taken into cluttered and cramped orphanages being paid for with what money the frontlines had to spare. After many months of mundane life, Noel was inspired by tales of heroism and courage shown by the frontlines and was awed that ordinary people could stand up to Kayaba and risk their lives to save everyone. He snuck out of the orphanage to pursue his goal of joining the heroes on the frontlines.


Courageous: Somewhat surprising for a child his age, Noel can effectively stave off his fear of death to perform risky tasks. He will do whatever it takes to grow stronger and save others, even at personal risk. He believes being afraid won’t help advance towards everyone’s goal of escape.

Loyalty: Noel is quite cooperative and efficient when working with other people. He gets along with others well and follows orders to the letter. He doesn’t let emotions or problems get in the way when something or someone is at stake and he has a role in helping.

Sympathetic: Noel feels strongly for other people. He dislikes seeing people in need and tries his hardest to help them. He aims to spread hope and courage like his heroes in the frontlines.


Indecisive: Noel can’t serve roles of leadership very well. He lacks the insight or ability to make decisions or create plans. He would rather someone else bore the responsibility of leadership.

Naive: Noel is quick to trust people. He thinks the best of most people he meets. Unless given a strong reason not to, he believes what he is told.

Proud: Noel thinks quite highly of himself. He doesn’t turn down dares unless obviously dangerous, and takes even teasing personally. If his bragging is disproven, he acts irritable and pouty, but is restored to his usual self quickly.


Earn a profession from the quest "Earning a Living."


Level: 1.

Skill Points: 0/5 (6 total required to level up.)

Skill Slots: 2.

HP: 20/20.

EP: 2/2.

DMG: 3.

ACC: 1.

MIT: 0.

EVA: 0.


Combat: N/A.

Non-Combat: N/A.

Passive: N/A.

Weapon: Novice Curved Sword.

Sword Arts

[×1 Stun] Fell Crescent (4 Energy) - High speed charge and uppercut.

[×2] Rage Blow (2 Energy) - Heavy, cleaving blow into opponent’s chest.


See “DPS Package.”





DPS Package

  • Tier 1 Rare Curved Sword. (Accuracy, Damage)

  • Tier 1 Vanity Light Armor.

  • 3 Starting Healing Potions. (50hp.)

  • 10 Tier 1 Materials.

  • 2,500 Col.

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