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[PP/F5] Following the Trail <<Traveller>> (Tressa)

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Following the Trail

The fifth floor; a large mountain range that enclosed one of the most nightmarish places of all Aincrad.  Many people have their adventures end in this very place all due to the random aspect of its very nature.  Some days will be calm with little activity, while others will bring storms that rip the skin from ones bones.  If that was ever a problem to begin with.  The heat of day would scald and the cold of night would freeze one faster than the fourth floor's winter wonderland.  Winds could turn up the terrain to reveal ancient tombs and horrid beasts.  Barely any water in sight.

This was the Great Desert of Aincrad.

How long has it been since the hunter last planted his feet in the hostile sands that covered 87% of the fifth floor.  Not long enough, he wagered as the jade green haired man walked over to the bulletin board of Fortaleza.  His half plate armor shown bright white against the heavy sun that graced this floor.  There was no real intention to remove the armor, although he wasn't on the guild's time.  The wasn't much time to worry about appearance as the front lines needed constant training. 

He was replacing his "Hunter for Hire" poster that he kept on every floor from the 1st to the 21st floors.  Though, no one really wants to hire someone that is such a high level now-a-days.  Unless their name is known for generousity, or were a tank that could successfully protect others, hunters were not needed anymore.  Everyone seemed to be able to fend for themselves, mostly.

In all, the hunter was glad that this change was finally coming along, but that also meant that his own business would suffer, as well.  He sighed heavily.

"Wonder what I should do, since I'm here."

The hunter pondered as he looked out of the gates to the city into the heat wave covered sands that blanketed the rest of the floor.


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"Another day another- wait what was I going to do today?..... Oh yeah! Explore a different floor! I think I might go on the fifth floor, never been and I've always loved the sand, and I've heard it's windy there so that would be nice to feel and hear." She smiled gleefully and set out the door, ready to start her day.

She teleported to the fifth floor and immediately regretted it, the heat was more than she expected it to be. "Really... Really? Why! I love the sand and I don't want to hate it now." She sighed a bit and kicked some sand, watching it drift off into the distance, carried by the sand.

Tressa sighed softly and sat on the sand for a moment, letting the heat fade over her, she was trying to ignore it, but sand kept getting into her mouth, and the wind was whipping her hair into her face. She groaned and dusted herself off, stepping away from her sitting place and went to the edge of the city, wondering if she wanted to actually leave the city and explore the great unknown AKA the outer limits of the floor.

She shook her head to herself and turned, seeing a quest icon. She lit up and scattered over to the NPC, who was describing the quest called <<The Traveller>>. She smiled and hit accept on it, hoping that it would be a bit easy for her to do. She looked at it, and decided she might need a bit of help with this, and thought that maybe she could get some help, and there was a convinent sign of someone asking if some people need help. "Perfect!" She smiled and quickly wrote a message.

Dear Player!

Could you possibly help me with this quest called The Traveler? It would be my first quest and I'm not sure exactly what to do for everything.

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There wasn't much of a surprise for the hunter to get a message from time to time, but this one of the few times that the specifics cooperated with his current situation.  The hunter was just about to leave the floor when the notification blinked into his vision.   A young player was requiring assistance with the Traveller quest, which took place on this very floor. 

Some place to have your first quest at, though.  The hunter remembered the first time that he came to this floor, he had already tackled many quests from the first four floors before.  To be a lvl 1 AND come to this hell hole.  The hunter thought that this player must be very ambitious to gain proper health regen or was quite stupid.  Either way, they asked for help and he would give it.



I would be happy to escort you through the great desert.  Meet me at the main city gate.  You will know it is me from my unique green hair.

After sending the reply, the hunter took to setting up his arsenal.  Taking off his white armor in favor of equipping the dual charms Favor and Spirit on his wrists.  The armor was replaced by a shredded red cloak that he wore over his black sleeveless turtleneck sweater.  On his sword belt, he kept Loyalty on for safety reasons.

When he was done, he waited for his client to come by.

(Stats to be posted soon.)

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Tressa was hoping that this man was going to help her. She didn't really know what she was doing, or who this guy was. She gave herself a quick moment of contemplation, knowing that she was throwing herself into a potentially dangerous situation. She shrugged a bit and decided to head forward anyways, there was no use in sitting around and feeling scared all the time.

She saw there was a message back to her about the quest and she smiled happily, opening it and reading the message, and giggled a bit when he said something about his green hair. She closed the window and set off, adjusting her armor.

She looked around and saw the player's name on the message, and then looked up. There were quite a few people on this floor, so it was a little difficult to pick out the colors in the masses. She hummed to herself and continued to look, and luckily she finally saw the color of hair she was looking for.

"Hey!" She said and waved excitedly. She was super pumped to start her first ever quest, so she ran up to him quickly and smiled brightly.

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