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[PP-F2] Breaking the past that weighs us down, with Jomei

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Ryo laughed. "I'll tell you about him on the way." Ryo said, more than ready to explain to Jomei what had happened to himself, Teion, and the crazed NPC. How he was smitten with Teion, and how he and she had a rocky start since the summer festival. How the two avoided one another like the plague, and eventually just met up for a drink one more time. Before the both were poisoned and led on a wild goose chase for the antidote. The creepy basement with all of the photos. Ryo would explain everything he could about the NPC. His mannerisms, the way he spoke and carried himself. Everything that Jomei would need to know about the NPC. After settling in for drinks, and enjoying the idle conversations, Ryo would take his leave by explanining that he had work to do back at the mansion. "I'll see ya' laters." The violette haired man said to Jomei as he left.

Quest complete
Ryo: + Extra Skill: Martial Arts(Unranked); +2 SP(1 thread, 1 quest), +200 Col
Jomei: 1SP (thread); +200 Col

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