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Rei’s Journal

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Username: Rei

Real name: Rei

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 160 cm


About: History/personality

Due to her parents pushing her so hard (described more in the “story so far” section), Rei became very cynicystical and cautious. She fails to believe in the abilities of others and put trust in her peers. This often leads to her challenging authority and, sometimes appearing to be blunt, rude, and egotistical. She is’t truly any of these but, going into sao, she seemed to appear that way. She trusts very few people and only allows herself to remain close to a few in sao. Despite this, Rei is a very caring person. Though not always the most apparent thing about her, she was really sweet. Anyone who spent a lot of time around her or somehow got through her tough outer shell, learned about the kind loving person she was, always thinking about others. Anyone who managed to befriend her was lucky, and usually delighted with her true inner self.


Intelligent: Rei is exceptionally smart. This is thanks to a combination of natural talent and hard work. If you put Rei in front of any technological device or computer she could have the entire thing figured out quick. She was usually the first to find out things when it came to tech and how to get around an interface or the vast internet. Her intelligence also makes her a very efficient gamer, especially in games requiring high amounts of strategy and concentration, such as mmorpgs. This makes her a natural born leader and a great player to be around!

Caring:  Despite her somewhat Assertive personality, and her distrust of people, in the end all Rei wanted was for the common good of those around her. She never forgot about the needs of others and despite her own needs, did all she could to help others!


 Leader: Thanks to her intelligence and perseverance, Rei is a great leader. She is great at guiding others and, leading them into combat. Her exceptional intelligence helps her to lead and makes her  good at strategy.


Assertive- Rei has is very assertive. This is a flaw as it usually leads her to trouble when dealing with authority. She tends to try to take control and if she thinks something should be done differently, she is going to say something. This has gotten her into plenty of trouble before sao and, definitely was not any better in game. When asserting herself into a situation, people tend to be annoyed, especially when she has no authority in the matter.

Finicky- Rei tends to be finicky when doing something important to her. This goes along with her assertive personality. She fears that people she is unfamiliar with will struggle to complete any give task and as a result she is very peculiar when it comes down to fine detail. This may make her seem excessive or even rude at times but, she can’t help it.  


Bossy: As part of her lack of trust for others competency, Rie often tries to boss around others. This makes her annoying at times but, goes along with her natural ability of leadership. This flaw makes her likely to challenge authority and often gets her into trouble.












»Level 1

HP: 20

SP: 5

Energy: 2

Attack: Rapier: 3 (1 base damage + 1 weapon + 1 rank damage)

Mitigation: 0


Weapon skills:










None so far




None so far

Story Thus Far :

        Rei was scared to fight at first, she didn’t have any reason to either she had a few followers and was fairly popular but, didn't have much friends.
Her parents where always pushing her to do better and better as, they didn't get to far in their lives and though they lived lives of mediocrity, they knew they wanted better for their only child. Rei despite the strictness of her parents did as they wished and pushed herself as much as she could. Anytime she got close to someone she would push them away in fear that she might lose her edge. Even after being raised this way her whole life, at 15 (when she entered sao), her main goal in life was still to make her parents proud.
This explained why she loved games so much. In games she didn't have to push herself, she could just be carefree and focus on fun and not any other issues. The few friends she made were online. When she heard about the nerve gear and sao, she couldn't help but, to want to at least try it, she thought it would be like a second reality, a second life, where things would really be different. As soon as she heard she saved all the money she made. She worked twice as hard in her academics and when she wasn't studying she was working to save extra money.
When she finally saved enough to buy the nerve gear and sao on launch day, she asked her parents but, was shut down, because of a grade lower than 97 on a test. After a long argument she left and bought the nerve gear anyways. She snuck home through her window and payed. When she learned of the true intent of  Kayaba and that she would be trapped in sao , she absorbed herself in leveling and combat in an attempt to get back. She couldn't imagine spending the last moments with her parents fighting over a stupid game.






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