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Spectra's Journal ~WORK IN PROGRESS~

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My name is Haito, although you know me as Spectra. This is my story... I am a lavender-haired SAO player, I have played VRMMO games before but I have not played a medieval styled game. My eyes are a crimson red and I'm 17. I am 6" and a slim and fast player. My strong suit is speed and I prefer something that deals damage quickly. I come from a rich family and I was adopted at 7, even though my parents didn't have time for a child, I spend most of my time in VR. People say it's their "escape from reality". I can understand that, but for me, VR IS my reality. I'm top of my class at school and my parents want me to go into business. I don't care what I do, I just want to be Spectra. At school, I am a loner, I sit on my own in lessons and that’s probably why I’m top in my class, because I have no one to slow me down. Although I am a hermit, I can be extremely devious and if I get in a situation where I can use them in some way, you can count on me to exploit them in every way possible. As a child, me and my parents went out for a meal because it was my 5th birthday, I remember having a great time but as we were walking home a man came out of the darkness. I remember his face like it was yesterday, he was sweating and crying, so much in fact that his face was dripping. He slowly looked up, clenching his teeth as he pulled out a Glock 19. Just like that, before I could do anything he pulled it up and shot both of my parents... I stood in horror, like I forgot about my birthday and what good of a time I had. The blood soaked into my light-up shoes, making the childish LEDs inside go a dark red colour. I heard another gun shot and thought he meant to hit me and missed, as I looked over he was laid on the floor, gun next to him in a pool of blood.. He shot himself.. I get the urge to hurt people from time to time. Maybe it’s because I want revenge in a way.. I can only count on me now. I have nothing to lose anymore... Who knows what I’ll do in my time here...


Strengths: Speed- I used to practice parkour as a kid but dropped it because my “parents” thought it was dangerous and bringing my grades down. I hated just the thought of quitting parkour so as soon as I got the VR headset I used it to practice parkour in Gun Gale Online, I'm top 10 in that game but I got bored of it very quickly. Too many middle-aged men trying to look cool in front of kids like me. 

Reading people- I’m very perceptive and cunning so I try to use people’s weaknesses against them. I learnt about my talent in persuasion and reading people when I was young. I remember using my facial expression against my parents to get what I wanted. I remember, in this case, I wanted these new light-up shoes for my birthday, 5th birthday actually. It was just before the murder happened. I saw these new shoes in the store window and tried to look sad that I couldn't afford them, I remember looking at my mom with teary eyes. I guess she just couldn't resist my beautiful face?

Knowledge: Since I’m top of my class I have a photographic memory and can learn quickly. I've always had this. I can remember things from years ago, as demonstrated above. I don't know why I can do this, it's just been a natural thing for me to remember and learn quickly. As a child my father used to call me "miracle boy". I guess he had dreams FOR me, yet he was never forceful on my life decisions. My new parents however, they choose every decision for me. It's a little bit annoying but I've learned to deal with it I guess.


Weaknesses: Not very skilled in swordsmanship- I don’t fight a lot, if a fight or flight situation comes up, I’m faster than lighting. I suppose some training can help me with that though. I intend to get better because I suppose I need it in this death game now. You can trust me to use a sword... One way or another...

Cautious- I’m usually on edge because of what happened in my childhood. When I walk home from school I take a path where I get home before dark. It's not that I'm scared of the dark. It's mainly because I'm scared of who's in it. I can't go through that again...

Stubborn- I don’t work great in teams because I like my own way. I never used to be stubborn. It was until I was adopted, I started seeing that they didn't have time for me so when they wanted something from me, like tidying the house, I started to defy them. It's not my favorable trait and I wish I could work with teams. I'll work on it.



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