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[PP-F4] A Letter to My Younger Self

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Shi    0

It had been nine days of straight training; almost solely with his sword, although there was a tad of martial arts in there as well.

Had it not been a video game, this would be immensely hard on his body. Albeit, he felt tired, but still strong. The fourth floor was where he decided to relax. It was cold, but quite aside from that it was quite the pleasant atmosphere. While he almost always traversed the frosty forests and mountains that covered the floor, today he decided to keep it simple and explore the town. 

Shi had a specific restaurant he almost always went straight towards when he and Cain would get food. Under the circumstances, he decided it would be best to avoid it though. There was a quaint cafe nearby that he had been meaning to try and he had heard they served incredible coffee.

He approached the rustic, wooden door and pushed it open. It was empty. At least, there were no players. An NPC waitress greeted him, explaining that it was a quiet day and he had an endless choice of seats. Shi, being a fan of window booths, chose the one in the very back. It was a comfortable looking spot. In the center of the wood table was a lit candle. He couldn't put his finger on the scent, however he enjoyed it. It was calming, sitting in the coffee shop. He ordered and in no time at all, his drink was delivered. 

Shi gazed out the window, his drink keeping his hands toasty. He had so much on his mind, so much that he needed to deal with. Resting felt like a waste of time, but he knew it was unwise to overexert himself in such a constant measure.

The dark-haired man let out a long sigh before taking a sip of his coffee. "Where am I supposed to start?"


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There are many things Evelyn has regretted in her life. There was stealing her brother's game controller, which led to being tickled for two minutes straight. There was also the mistake of joining SAO. All other regrets aside, she was sure that going to the fourth floor for absolutely no reason would add to her long, long, long list. Of all floors, too, she had to pick the fourth floor. She could be relaxing on the tropicals floors. Hell, she could even be relaxing on the floors one, two, and three! Her mind was whirling with questions that had no answers when she burst through the doors of the cafe. Why is there a floor that goes below freeing everyday right after a floor that feels like heaven? Why don't I have any jackets? Why did I buy such a thin scarf? Bloody hell, these questions are making my head hurt. 

She rubbed her hands together and sighed in relief as she felt the heat warm up her body. She looked up and her stomach did a leap of joy. There were barely any players in here, and when she meant barely, she meant there was only one. One! Well, less human interaction for me! She exclaimed happily.


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