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[F01-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> A Nice Walk In the Garden

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I made my way back to where I entered the Garden and found myself in the regular forest once again. Making my way back through the forest, I felt the weight of the responsibility of this world slowly settle on me and the relaxation I had felt in the Garden slowly receding. Everything in the regular world now seemed a pale shadow by comparison. I began to cross the plains as the sun began to set and warily evaded the wolves and boars here even though I was high enough level now for them not to be much of a bother. Eventually I made it back to the Town of Beginnings without incident and started heading down the winding streets that meandered to the back alleys where my workshop was. As I walked in, the little bell rang and I looked around my shop. It was definitely good to be home, but today had been an amazing day.

Thread Summary:

  • Standard Rewards:
    • 1 SP
    • 400 Col
  • Quest Rewards
    • Materials Found: 20
  • Total Rewards
    • 1 SP
    • 400 Col
    • 20 T1 Materials


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