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Pleue's Somewhat Journal

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image2.jpg.d2f0842a4bf922ebf7b483271792587f.jpgPLEUE'S SOMEWHAT JOURNAL:

Name: Charlotte Woods

Username: Pleue

Age: 16 > 18 y.o

Birthday: 11.20.XXXX

Height: 5'4 in./152.4 cm/

Weight: 103 lbs./46.72 kg.

Nationality: Canadian


Born just on the edge of Toronto, Canada, Charlotte, and her twin, Chase, were born into a middle-class family that consisted of her mother and father, and one older brother, Alexander. Both of her parents worked average paying jobs, and to her, she couldn't have wished for anything more than her happy little family consisting of five. Like peanut butter and jelly, Charlotte and Chase were an inseparable pair. You would never see one twin without the other trailing close behind. Although, both of their personalities clashes against one another. Chase was the outgoing and self-righteous twin, while Charlotte was more reserved and always had her head in the clouds, but the two couldn't have cared less.

By the time the two had started primary school, both had developed their own unique personalities. Of course, Chase had blended in perfectly fine with the crowds of overexcited six and five-year-olds. Charlotte, however, had trouble making friends and just stuck beside her other half for most of her school life. It also wasn't uncommon to see her in a daze or spaced out, especially when she's in the middle of a class session. This started impacting her (not very impactful) grades, and it often creeped out other students as well as flat out annoy the hell out of her teachers. By her second year in school, she had been reported to ignore her teachers, and it usually took a tap on the shoulder to get her out of the clouds. 

At this point, Charlotte's parents were actually concerned about their daughter's education, so they scooped her up, and took her to the nearest child's clinic. She was forgetful, but Charlotte couldn't forget the look of disbelief and shock on her parents' faces when the nurse had told them that their daughter had ADHD. The diagnoses didn't impact the view they had on their daughter, but they knew the road for her was anything but smooth. image1-3.jpg.69b53a1e88b15c5bbcb5d0282e5a739d.jpg

Charlotte grew up normally, just like any other kid her age, unless you count her weekly therapy sessions and medication, and also the number of times she had been in detention for not paying attention during class. Her brothers understood her condition and did their best to help their beloved sister in any way possible. They helped her in her studies, social life, and on and off personality. It's no lie that they love her, but even they know that she can be... difficult to work with sometimes.

As their teen years were flying by, her (very geeky) brother had discovered the world's next best thing-- VRMMO. Chase had been fanboying over the whole concept for months, maybe even years. To be honest to herself, Charlotte couldn't have cared any less about VRMMOs, but if it made her brother happy, it made her tolerate it. As a late birthday present to both her and her brother, the family traveled to Japan for a week-long trip. Her brother is, of course, overwhelmed with the news and almost broke down in tears when her father had announced it.

Just as their trip in Japan was about to end, their parents had given both her and her brother NerveGear and a copy of SAO, 'a present for barely passing the past year,' they said, knowing full well that Charlotte did not anything to do with social interaction, even if it was over the web. Chase being Chase, broke down into another fit of tears as he was gifted his present, for her had been waiting for this since the Big Bang itself. 

After a swarm of constant pleads to play with him, Charlotte finally gave in and stuff the damn helmet on her head, not knowing what she and her brother were going to experience on the short time they had left together.


Empathetic: Charlotte can't help but put herself in other people's shoes sometimes. Though she does not always like showing empathy, she always tries to understand someone before jumping to irrational conclusions. She has a kind heart, and she might not always fend for herself, but she does a pretty good job at it when for other people.

Neutral: If it were up to Charlotte, she wouldn't give in to either side of any argument. She hates being the center of attention, of course. But she just hates being in the center of an argument, especially if it is about her. She does her best to keep out of quarrels and fights the best she can.

Big-hearted: Charlotte has a big heart, so that leaves a lot of room for a lot of emotions and things that you humans feel. If you're on her good side, she is often charitable and generous with her stuff. She honestly tries her best at being nice to others, and over the years, it's been getting better.


ADHD: A bucketful of flaws can come from ADHD. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder usually means the person has trouble paying attention, a lot more often than a normal person. They have a hard time paying attention and are often daydreaming. Charlotte is just like any other person who has ADHD, she has a hard time paying attention to things and will often get distracted with small things very easily.

Forgetful: In addition to her disorder, Charlotte can be very forgetful to almost everything. A favor you asked of her? It's probably at the bottom of her thoughts. So, it is probably not a wise idea to ask her for anything.

Short-tempered: Charlotte herself is very short-tempered when it came to sensitive subjects. Though her mood swing won't last very long, you'll be sure to receive a lot of ranting from her. She is quick to forgive, but that doesn't mean that some situations won't stick in her mind.


LVL: 1


EN: 2

DMG: 3

ACC: 1


> T1Vanity - Beginner Light Armor

> T1Rare - Beginner Rapier: 1 DMG, 1 ACC


> DPS Package

> T1 3 Starter Healing Potions: +50 HP








Weapon skills:

> T1 Rapier Skill



+5: Starting SP

-5: T1 Rapier Skill



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