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[F9/F16-SP] Like a Phoenix, be reborn, like a gem under preassure «Burning Phoenix Feathers»

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Floor 9
<<Burning Phoenix Feathers>>
Recommended Level: 15
Repeatable only for the drop "Name Tag" | Party Limit: 4
Credit Goes to: Hikoru


  • 1025 Col
  • 1 SP
  • Nametag [Special Consumable] - On use of a Weapon or Piece of Armor, it can change the name or description of the item. 


  • At least 1 page of RP content (20+ Posts)
  • Must find at least 5 Basic materials by normal means [No fighting mobs, have to search the area. These Materials are used to make the Nametag]
  • Must fight 1 Phoenix for a Phoenix feather.
  • The Phoenix has to meet the loot minimum for players, not the floor itself.
  • A Phoenix Feather can only drop once per thread.


You heard that both a Blacksmith and a Tailor have found a way to change the name or look of a weapon or an armor that you may have. This interested you, and you go to one of them. Both of them tell you that they can help you change the look of your weapon/armor, but they need specific materials dropped, along with basic materials as well. They give you the location of where the special material is dropped, a Phoenix Feather, and ask that you go and retrieve it. They warn you that the Phoenix is powerful, and could be a challenge, so be prepared to fight.



<< Phoenix >>
HP: Highest Level Players Loot Minimum
DMG: Highest Level Players Loot Minimum
MIT: Highest Players Tier * 25
ACC: 2
EVA: 2
<< Hellstorm >> : On attack rolls of 9-10, the Phoenix raises to the skies and with a flap of its wings shoots feathers upon the player with the most hate, dealing 50 more damage to its base, additionally the player suffers Burn damage at 24 damage per turn for two turns.

Since his last expedition with this quest, Macradon had full knowledge of where and somewhat when these field monsters would spawn, which Macradon would take full advantage of. Without much hesitation, Macradon and Belphegor would venture out into the mountainous lava fields of the 9th floor, seeking the phoenix feather to craft another name tag, fully embracing the new image he had concocted for himself. Downing all the meals, snacks, potions, and salves, Macradon was ready to fight with full force, making today a farming thread so he would get some more out of it than just the damn phoenix feather. He wanted more to be done with his life, and one thing was to be able to really get all his stuff together, so he one day might be able to return to the frontlines as a new person, and not the failure that was the 23rd floor boss raid.

< Hearty Seafood Soup consumed >
< Carrot Saurkraut consumed >
< Beef Wellington consumed >
< Damage Potion consumed >



Macradon - Lvl 78
1575 HP
156 Energy
2 Accuracy
0 Evasion
23 Base Damage
 (35 w/ Holy) (28 w/ Charge)
- (1 Base +7 Skill +1 Athletics +9 Familiar +1 Ferocity +2 Potion +2 Protein)
131 Mitigation 
- (35 Skill + 81 Armor + 45 Food - 30 Protein)

Blade of the Dictator ............ // +12 Holy Damage, Phase
Armor of the Scarlet Templar ..... // +81 Mitigation
Templar's Necklace ............... // +6 Recovery, +1 Accuracy

Belphegor - Familiar ............. // +9 Damage

Battle Ready Inventory
Hearty Seafood Soup .............. // +45 Damage Mitigation
Carrot Saurkraut ................. // +2 Accuracy, +1 Evasion
Beef Wellington .................. // +2 Damage, -30 Damage Mitigation
Damage Potion .................... // +2 Damage

Teleportation Crystal ............ // Teleport to a location
Empty inventory slot ............. //

+2 Damage
+2 Damage, -30 Mitigation
+2 Accuracy, +1 Evasion
+45 Damage Mitigation

Two Handed Straight Sword  | Rank 5: +7 Damage
Heavy Armor                | Rank 5: +35 Damage Mitigation
Search and Detect          | Rank 5: +5 LD. +5 Stealth Detection
Charge                     | Rank 5: +5 Damage on first hit
Battle Healing             | Rank 5: Heal 5% (78) HP each post In-Battle
Fighting Spirit            | +1 Hate generation
Gatherer                   | Obtain additional materials after a successful out of combat gathering based on a natural CD result.
Hiding                   | Rank 5: +5 Stealth roll
Extended Mod Limit       | Rank 2: +2 Mod Slots

Disguise                   | +1 to your BD and +1 to your opponent’s BD
Survival                   | Heal 20 HP when out of battle
Familiar Mastery: Fighter  | Rank 3: +9(Tier x Rank) Damage

Skill Mods
Precision                  | +1 Accuracy
Athletics                  | +1 Damage, +45 Health
Ferocity                   | Increases Base Damage by 1
Finesse                    | Rank 3: Decreases Energy Cost of attacks by 3
Reveal                     | +2 LD when searching for dungeons and labyrinths. You may also search for a sub-dungeon or labyrinth once every 15 posts (instead of 20).
Surprise Attack          | Cannot miss from stealth. +2 Damage on attack.
Bull Rush                  | A successful Charge also stuns the target for 1 turn.
Tracking                   | Allows the user to track a previously-encountered monster, NPC, or other player. Negates all bonuses to the target’s Stealth Rating. After tracking, your first attack against the tracked creature cannot miss. Cannot be used in combat.


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