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So, It's a tie between 3 and 4. I was hoping there wouldn't be ties. Lets see, I'm going to roll a die, three and below is three, four and up is four (obviously).

And the roll is...


Which in turn means that the number "4" is the winner.

But "Why did you make us pick numbers?" you may be asking yourselves. The number determined several different possibilities on what path my character would either Ascend, or Descend. The number determined a path of which Ghost would go down.
So now I shall show you exactly what the numbers stood for, except for the winner, that one stays secret to keep you in suspense!

1 - Jade eventually copes with her depression, and in the end becomes more social.

2 - Jade eventually loses it and ends her life.

3 - Jade ends up falling in love with a randomly selected male friend.

4 - This is secret... but now I am going to fill this with filler text to waste someones time because reasons. uwu

5 - Jade eventually opens up to people about her past in detail.

6 - Jade falls in love, stalks, and obsesses over a randomly selected male friend a bit too much... (Essentially turning her into a Yandere)

7 - Jade eventually overcomes her fears and becomes a stronger person due to the experience. 

So yeah, all of those were possibilities that could have happened. Now knowing these, what possibility would you have chosen for her?

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Haha that was fun, pity I joined only recently.
Not knowing your PC, I'll just comment the answers based on my preferences for developing a random PC.
Surely I wouldn't select number 2, I want to mantein my PCs alive when possible.. :p
Number 6 could be very interesting xD
I think I would choose either number 5 or 6 in the end, maybe even 3 but not so sure.

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