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<<PP-F17>> I Trust You (Hesita)

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Shoving his hands into his pockets, Jomei continued down the stairs from the temple like structure and back into the marble town square of Athenaia. The man kept his pace and expression all the way through the town, stepping onto the platform and warping for Taft on Floor Eleven. The all too familiar European styled city appeared before his eyes, the sun long set behind the mountains off in the distance, bringing the street lamps that lined the roads that players and NPCs walked daily to life. The ginger haired player kept to himself, following the path from the square to his home being muscle memory at this point. Finally reaching the front door of his house, Jomei retrieved the small brass key from his pocket and unlocked the entrance way, the comfort and tranquility of his home immediately hitting him as his shoulders slightly drooped, showing signs of exhaustion, and immense stress. Traveling through the illuminated hallway, Jomei walked into his living room where, to his relief, he saw the familiar blonde head of curls sitting, her bright, smiling face breathing a bit more life into him. Offering a weak smile, Jomei walked over to the couch his love sat at and set himself down beside her. Jomei immediately let his head fall into her lap, surprising her at first, but responded with the gentle touch of her fingers running through his ginger hair. "What the hell did I gotten myself into." he said through a very long, defeated sigh. 

Thread Complete: 
Jomei: 200 col 1 SP
Hestia:  200 col 1 SP

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