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Real Name
Fazio Marcari





History: Before SAO and even before Fazio was on his own. He was born to bluebloods: Italian man Grato Marcari and a French woman named Fancy Allaire. Grato Marcari was a man that owned many law firms and was in control of many lawyers on the southwest parts of Europe. On the other hand, Fancy was a model and partial actress of the Allaire family.

Being the only child of the Marcari-Allaire family, he was not the only grandchild to either grandparent. Fazio did not care for any of his cousins and was independent when it came to socializing with his family. It could be because all of his cousins were so much older or younger than him. A middle in the family he also didn't care for any of their occupations. Not wanting to become a lawyer like his father, not wanting to be in the medical field like most of the members in his family, and not wanting any of that. Fazio ended up taking after his mother in his early teenage years. He ended up becoming a child model, and this seemed to please his interests.

Being able to express himself with being photogenic his mother praised him for stepping out before the camera. While his father insisted Fazio should have been born a girl.
Fazio grew up not having a stable relationship with his father because of the little comments throughout the years. Should have been born a girl, he needs to take life serious and realize he's going to need an actual job, A boy wearing makeup, he sounds like a cross-dresser to me, Is that even my son?
All these little comments and more caused Fazio to latch to his mother. Becoming a mama's boy Fanxy was completely fine having Fazio wrapped around her all the time.

After years of modeling the young male still stuck with it after graduation. He ended up moving out because of the toxic relationship he and his father had. Fazio kept up the modeling job, which for him was working out nicely and he had everything he wanted at the tips of his fingers. He traveled around the world doing photo shoots and so much more with his career. He was completely pleased with his lifestyle.

Then he saw nerve gear and the new game Sword Art Online come out which took his mind by storm. He was interested and once it was out on the market instantly bought the equipment and game.

Virtues - Flaws

Callous - Fazio is definitely very cold to the bones most of the time. Having a hard time with emotion since his lifestyle has, trained him to be this way. He grew up with everyone judging him, and he needed to get cold-hearted or leave the business. He ended up choosing to shut down then be a kid.

Judgemental - He wasn't born judgmental but when he chose to become a child model it followed. Fazio was being judged, and that taught him how to judge. Because of his lifestyle, he thinks he had the right to judge anybody. Mentally he thinks everyone judges everyone and everything so why not vocally judge instead of hiding it?

Overconfident - This might cause Fazio to be quite full of himself. Growing up being told he looked like a god and was beautiful. This caused him to be overconfident about his looks but then he grew to be overconfident about everything about himself. His flaws are something he's confident about as well not even realizing they are flaws.

Smart Ass - Fazio is a smart ass and will forever stay one. He does think he knows more than others which tie back into him being overconfident in himself. He can argue all day with you. Even if he knows he's completely wrong, he can still and will still argue with you.

Fazio can also be connected to arrogance, being impatient, being a martyrdom, stubborn and more. He is just difficult unless you can ignore what comes out of his mouth most of the time.


Fortitude - Fazio has a strong will when it comes to fortitude. He knows what's simply right and completely wrong. Yes, he might be an airhead most of the time, but he won't step down from a situation when somebody needs to stand up for what's right.

Kind-Hearted - Fazio under all the hypocritical actions and rudeness is quite kind-hearted. Putting up barriers most of the time he ends up falling out of that line. Once you get close to him, and he starts caring a little he tends to show a softer more understanding side.

Reliable - Fazio if he says he's going to do it and tells you vocally. He will keep that promise. He will show up when needed and will appear sometimes when not wanted. To prove to you that he is reliable and will keep his promises even if he's upset with you. He does not break his word especially when he promises it.

Fazio is a very positive individual and cares a lot about the world. He just has insecurities so he tends to put up barriers and act the way he does so people won't want to get close. Being raised rich and being a model has taught him most don't really care for you or love you. He feels the life he has been born into is a life of loneliness so it should stay that way. A reason he turned to the virtual world.

Professions : None


Total SP 5 - Spent 0/5







Weapon Skills:


Armor Skills:




- Curved Sword [Energy = Very Low | Damage = Low | AoE = Low | Stun = Moderate]

Weapon Slots (2/2): 

Cost: 1 Slot
Cap: 2 Slots
Effect: Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) deal (12 * Tier) unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. Bleed damage does not stack, but can be refreshed.
Applicable to: Weapons




- Vanity Armor (Of choice)


- 3 Starter Healing Potions [Heals 50 HP]


Random Items:

- 10 Tier 1 Materials


Total Col = 2,500
Spent = 0

No Transactions





Story So far





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