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The Story of Nines

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Username: Nines
Real Name: Ayota Yuki
Age: 15 - 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5’6”

About: History/personality
Ayota didn’t have a hard life by any means, his family was upper middle class, he did great in school and he had a few friends that he always played games with. He excelled at getting good at the games and owning his friends. He grew competitive over the years and often took it too far, that is... until his friends decided he had enough chances and left him. That hit him hard, and now he was only good at games for being good. After a few months he hit rock bottom, his grades dropped and his drive to get better had completely disappeared.

Ayota had completely changed his ways, he got less competitive, but he still liked to play around with people. He was less outgoing than most other people and he decided to practice being a totally new person in a new game he had heard about. He asked his mom to buy him the NerveGear for the game, and his mom agreed. He waited for the launch, plugged in the headset and said those fateful words. As his screen filled with color, he gulped; he had officially started a new adventure and would do his best to be the best at this game.
Kind - Ayota wants to be the nicest person out there, as there were no people so kind to him. He wasn’t bullied or anything, but he wasn’t exactly complimented. He never had any support in his decisions and then he would have to go at it alone. After losing his friends his over confidence and bravado had completely fizzled out.


Caring - Losing his friends made Ayota more considerate when it came to people’s feelings. Helping people and making them feel better were his first priority, his feelings would come later. It makes him feel good to make others feel good and that was wonderful in his mind.


Calculating - Ayota made a habit of getting good at games, and that included puzzle games. His mind became adept at seeing patterns and rules and holes in those rules. He had even begun to notice patterns in speech and behavior, but often was too scared to act on that information.

Impatient - Ayota was always putting fun first, so rather than learning to wait for fun, he’s always actively looking for it. Which means waiting is the least fun thing to him is waiting for something fun to happen, so he usually throws caution to the wind and rushes things along. How is he supposed to have fun waiting for his friends to get ready, so he’s constantly rushing things along.

Klutz - Getting used to walking around all the time and moving during fights has been difficult for the boy, he’d much rather press w to walk forward than actually walk forward. Besides, having this system guide you still feels weird to him, especially since he had never been in a fight in the real world. He wasn’t very good at moving around in the real world either, but this game was nothing like the real world.

Shy - Ayota’s always worried about hurting people’s feelings again, and being left alone again would break his heart, so he’s decided to stop talking to people all together. It was more of a subconscious decision really, he was scared of being a prick, so he’s not giving himself the chance. Like how the brain tells you to breathe to keep you from dying.



SP: 5 |Spent: 5




Weapon skills:
» Rank 1 One Handed Curved Sword

Weapons/Tools: (DPS Package)
» Small Blade | Rare | 1x DMG 1x BLD | a small silver blade, curved with a dragon’s wing D guard.

3 Starter Healing Potions (+50 HP)

2,500 col

10 T1 Mats

» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle
» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress
(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)

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