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Username: Lilik
Real Name: Lily Genesee
Age: 21 > 23
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0

Lilik is a bit of a mixed bag. While she can be incredibly loyal to those she feels she owes a debt to, she is not one to deliberately forge lasting bonds. She is stubborn, easily frustrated, and prone to bouts of anger. Having fended for herself for most of her life, she doesn't always play well with others. With that being said, she isn't above asking for help, or cooperating with a team, if she deems it necessary. She can be caring when the situation calls for it, but Lilik often has an odd way of showing it. She often falls back on dark humor, or her wildly competitive side, when she finds herself growing uncomfortable. She is loud, cocky, and was described by one foster family as "intense." However, much of her personality is a facade, meant to cover lurking insecurities - she has yet to figure that out.

At six foot, her height is the first thing that people notice about Lilik. The next is her long hair, dyed a startling plum. It frames a sharp face and wide, deep-set eyes, made red with contacts. She has a small nose, and a mouth with thin, smirking lips. Her sharp features are marred by a crimson face tattoo, which continues down her entire left side. Lily saw the body art in a magazine, and at the age of seventeen, had it done herself (much to her foster mom's dismay). Once trapped in SAO, Lilik replicated the look with vanity items. She prefers tight-fitting clothing, often in various shades of black and grey. Her gear is styled after her favorite historical battle armors and weapons.

At four years old, Lily entered the foster system. She never stayed in one place for too long, her volatile personality exhausting even the most well-meaning parents. In fact, the girl made it her duty to avoid "conforming" to the system's expectations. Though quite intelligent, Lily found school difficult, a fact she hid by deliberately failing. Issues of violence and war, however, fascinated her - she took a liking to studying battle history and strategy. She also showed a natural talent in the visual arts, enjoying sketching and painting when she found the time/muse. Sprung from the system at eighteen, Lily began doing odd jobs to stay afloat. She traveled as much as possible, and took pleasure in visiting historic sites of bloody wars.

After a few years, she had scraped together enough money for her dream trip - exploring Japan. She applied for and was granted a work visa, and moved to Tokyo. There, she found work as a cook in a restaurant. It was an ideal job, as it kept her out of the public eye until she became fluent in Japanese. It was also where she met Rainey, a young woman originally from South Carolina. Rainey moved to Tokyo to go to college, and worked as a waitress while she earned her degree. Unfortunately, Rainey struggled in the big city, and Lily took the eighteen year-old under her wing. It was Rainey who suggested the girls spring for two sets of Nerve Gear, and the new game, Sword Art Online. Lily complained about the unnecessary expense, of course, but eventually conceded. 

Together, the pair logged in, and never logged out again. Given her competitive, do-it-yourself nature, Lily was eager to start grinding. Her goal was to clear the floors, and free her friend from the game. Rainey, however, was distraught by the concept of being trapped. Rather than motivating her to level up, that fact left her paralyzed. She refused to go anywhere dangerous, and begged Lily not to go either. Rainey insisted she would die without Lily's help, and the guilt ended up tethering the older girl to the safe zones. For two years, Lily merely existed, coasting through life in order to keep an eye on Rainey. Only after Rainey joined a questionable guild and abandoned Lily did the woman finally go after what she really wanted - combat.

Capable: Lilik has always been responsible for her own success. As such, she rarely depends on anyone else. She is capable of looking out for herself, and getting the job done without outside aid.

Goal Driven: Once Lilik puts her mind to something, she'll work until she sees her goal realized. She is dedicated, driven, and gets dug-in. It takes a lot to budge her from a mission once she's committed to it.

Loyal: Lilik is not quick to form bonds. But once they've been forged, Lilik is quite loyal. She is especially so when she feels she owes someone for something. It was for this reason that Lilik remained in the safe zones with Rainey for two years. 

Hard-Headed: Occasionally, Lilik becomes so convinced that she's right that she refuses to see reason. She won't listen to to others, and becomes obstinate. Even when she's proven to be wrong, she'll remain bitter.

Loose Cannon: Lilik isn't especially predictable, especially when she feels overwhelmed. She was never taught how to deal with complex emotions, or given the tools to use them effectively. Instead, she often lashes out, or responds incorrectly. She also has an especially short temper.

Insecure: While she hasn't realized it yet, much of Lilik's toxic behavior stems from deep-rooted insecurities. She never knew her biological parents, and from a young age, she'd decided they didn't want her. When her foster parents attempted to tell her the truth, she refused to listen, convinced she'd been abandoned. Self-doubt is always lingering, and she compensates with overwhelming self-assuredness.





Weapon Skills:
» 2H Assault Spear - Rank 1 [Novice] (5 SP)

» Uncommon 2HAS [Damage]

» Uncommon Leather Chestplate [Mitigation]

» [5] Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50HP)


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