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Nora's Journal

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7NvFTE4.jpg<<Real Life|In Game>>f6EQugS.jpg

Username: Nora
Real name: Rosabelle "Rose" Seige
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 162 cm (5'3)

Nora is a young lady with fair skin, long black hair reaching all the way to her waist. In real life she has amber color eyes, while in the game setting, her eyes are hazel, they almost look like they could change color depending on the lighting. She is built slender, fit and graceful. In game, she favors black leather armor that is fashioned like a short dress, with full black leggings, dark brown combat boots and matching color belt.



About: History/personality 

Nora is an ordinary girl, having just graduated from high school and about to start her first year of University. She came from a middle-upper class family in Washington D.C. Her habits include reading and writing, traveling, hiking, wild animal conservation and photography. She has a part time job as barista in her local cafe and volunteers at the school's library. Since she was not a very social person, she does not have many friends, and completely lacking of a social life to speak of. She fills her time with work and habits instead, lately she has been trying to learn DIY crafts on her own by watching tutorial videos. But secretly, she felt a bit left out in school and she wants to be more normal and be a part of the group, but she has a hard time overcoming her introverted nature and go out more.  

She first learned about SAO shortly after graduation, while she was packing and prepare to move to her dormitory in the University's campus.  Just about everyone in her class was talking about the game, and it almost seems like everyone was playing it but her. It was a big deal, and it was the most heated topic all over the internet. Nora felt like this could be the perfect opportunity to finally have a common interest with everyone maybe and feels that if she didn't play the game, she would missed out on her chance to fit in. So she brought the game just before leaving home and secretly trying it out when her parents are away shopping for groceries. She has some basic understanding of the game, having read about it in the articles online, and she thought that she was only going to play it for a few hours, just to learn the basic before she dives any deeper. Little did she know that she might never get out of the game alive.


Nora is a very calm and rational individual. Regardless of what life throws at her, she has the inner strength to deal with the challenge ahead. She might got caught in a surprise and have her reaction time delayed, but she will very quickly calm down and examine the situation from a logical perspective, carefully considering the possible options and outcomes before any actions are made. 

Nora is very brave and courageous. Despite her careful observer trait, she can be quick to the action when the situation calls for it. Seizing the chance when the opportunity presents itself, and she is not afraid of taking the lead if situation calls for it.

Nora is a compassionate and responsible individual. She understands and can relate to other people's feelings, their worries and their reservation, she can observe the subtle hints in body language and read the hidden words without it being said out-loud . Nora might try to help out others if the situation calls for it, and she might felt responsible if she ends up unable to save who she set out to save. 


Nora is sometimes described as clumsy or tactless with her words. Her naturally stoic and serious expression, combined with her natural observer trait means that even if she could understand how the others are feeling inside, she can't necessary come up with words that will actually help the situation. Further, she doesn't necessary comes across as compassionate due to her neutral expression. Sometimes people described her as business like, and her attends at consoling people sounded like business talk or motivation speech. It is something that she is working to improve right now. 

Nora could be doleful, with very little friends, sometimes she felt like no one understands her to see her at all. Again, derive from her natural lack of expression, she is what others called the no fun person, and the person who is the last to be invited into a party. She has been told by her only two friends to live it up a little and smile more, be more like those cute girls at school. She understand their points and wants to do better in order to bring a bit more joy into their little gatherings. 

Nora could be very skeptical towards strangers. Always examining those who she didn't know with reservation, as if she expect them to wish to do her harm. At the back of her mind, she suspects the worst out of people and when those thoughts are in play, she could be cold and calculating if the situation is tense. It does take some extra time for her to warm up towards stranger. 

Profession: Alchemist (Rank 3)

Level 10

200 HP/20 EN

Skill points: 3/22 SP



Weapon skills:
» Curved Sword Skill Rank 1, increases 1 damage per rank [5 SP]

  1. Sword Art: Rank 1
  • [x1 Stun] Fell Crescent (4 Energy) - The user charges at a high speed at the opponent and makes one strong uppercut, stunning the opponent.
  • [x2] Rage Blow (2 Energy) - The user makes one heavy blow, cleaving into the opponents chest.

>>Katana Sword Skill Rank 2 (13 SP),  gain +3 base damage for rank 1, then +1 base damage for ranks 2-5.

  1. Sword Art: Rank 1
  • [x1 AoE] Tsumuji Guruma (1 Energy +2 per target hit) - A simple sword art that spins the user on their heel to slash in every direction.
  • [x2 Stun] Ukifune (5 Energy) - Knocks the opponent high into the air.
  • [x2] Han'ei (2 energy) - Two fast swings with the length of the katana blade.
  • Sword Art: Rank 2
  • [x3] Hi Ougi (3 Energy) - Upward, downward, then thrusting combo.
  • [x4] Tsuji Kaze (4 Energy) - A straight, long-ranged drawing strike.



  • Houou: T1 Odachi, perfect quality [Bleed/Bleed/Paralysis]
    Description: A dark red odachi with a black sheath. There are small red ropes tied onto the sheath for decoration purposes.
  • Nightmare Armor: T1 heavy armor of perfect quality [Thorn/Mit/Mit] A dark heavy chest armor made out of grey steel plate that covers over a black dress with white underside, the dress is teared at the end. A small black coat covers over the shoulder area which is also teared at the end. The dress is flavored only.


  • Silver Eagle Enamel Pin: T1 trinket of perfect quality [Acc/Acc/Acc] "TRINKET: A firm, silver enamel pin, intricately depicting an eagle on it. One could easily feel the bumps along where the feathers are etched."

» Battle Ready Items:

  • Feathered Pearl Charm: T1 charm of perfect quality [Eva/Eva/Eva] A dark colored pearl with a feather at the end. This trinket looks more like a charm and has a little slot on it to be able to be put onto something for safe keeping.
  • (5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)
  • Amber Clover Pendant: [ Loot Die II | +2 LD"JEWELRY: A four-leafed clover, preserved and cast in resin, fashioned as a piece of amber and made to be worn as a pendant. Made to be one of a few. Has tiny gold flakes inside, making the piece glisten gently in the dark."
  • Teleportation Crystal
  • Heaven's Tear Drop: T1 trinket of rare quality [Loot Dice +1; Gain +1 bonus crafting EXP for each crafting attempt] A crystal clear diamond that is in the shape of a tear drop.



>>[ET-F1] Something Wicker This Way Comes... TIER 1 BOSS

>>[Floor 1, OP] A little flirtation with ulterior motives

>>[F01 PP] Secret of Medicine of The Forest Lonzo/Koga/Noctua/Nora

>>[F05 - PP] I Hate It When Sand Gets In My Pants <<Blood in the Sands>>>>

>>[OP-F03] Blooming Trust

>>[F01-PP] Exploring the Cave <<First few lessons no.3>>

>>[F02-PP] Waking the Queen <<Long Live the Queen>>

» [F01-OP] Making Friends?
» [F01-SP] Learn to Sing Already <<Make a Living: Performer>>

>>[F01-SP] Never Give Up! <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

>>[F01-OP] One Step Forward <<First Few Lessons are Free no. 2>>
>>[F01-PP]Gathering Materials <<Nature's Treasure>>

>>[F01-PP] Getting a Katana >>Katana Acquisition<<

>>[F02-SP] Magic and Sword <<Alchemist>>

>>[F02-SP]Soaring the Sky<<Feeding your Enemy>>

>>[F02-SP] Eagle Play <<Training Your Friend>>
Nora's Shop

>>[F03-R1 Alchemist] The Ocean of Stars -OPEN-

>>[F01-R1 Performer] Nora's Opera House -Open- CLOSED

Relationships (optional)


>>Yukiro: a blacksmith two-hand swordsman with a really helpful and gentle personality, seems to have dark past, could act solemn at times. First player encountered.

>>Night: an artisan two-hand swordswoman, really powerful in combat and has a helpful and reliable personality. NIGHT is not her real name, maybe has a separate identity???

>>Koga: a blacksmith fellow katana-user. Pretty good at combat, provides really helpful insights on the combat system, good friend with Noctua.

>>Lonzo: a cook axe user. Really good at combat, has a light-hearted flirty personality, friendly towards everyone regardless of gender. Could be serious on quests, maybe not as light hearted as he shows.

>>Abalasster: a mystery merchant player with a pet. Wants to learn more about capturing a familiar from him.


>>Cordelia: real strong katana user, is very serious and has a no none-sense approach to things, but secretly has a good heart and helps out a lot of people???

>>Noctua: an artisan rapier user. Koga's friend. She co-owns the Ring and Sword with Koga, is maybe a bit shy.

>>Azhoda: an engineer in real life, higher level player first encountered on floor 3. Seems to be a friendly good person.

>>Gambit: a mystery player first encountered on floor 3, seems to have some kind of healing skill. Seems to a pretty calm and friendly approach to things.



Story Thus Far (optional)



  • 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP)
  • 1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)
  • 1 Rhino's Horn [Consumable]: (Applied to a Weapon. When attacking, on the First Crit, the attack ignores 40% Mitigation of the target it's attacking. If it is an AoE it only applies to the first target hit, not all 4. If this item is stacked with a Phase Weapon, the 40% Phase ONLY affects Block instead of overall Mitigation.) [This Item drops Once Per thread]
  • 3 x Vicious Dragon Fang Potion [dmg +3]
  • 1 <<The Matriarch's Stinger>> This incredibly potent venom can be applied to a weapon to provide an additional +1 damage for the duration of one battle. (Awarded to each player; this is treated functionally identical to an uncommon damage potion) 
  • Spyglass (2 charges left)


  • Suzaku: T1 Odachi, perfect quality [Acc, Acc, Bleed]
  • [T1 Rare Trinket] Black Bow Tie
    Enhancements: Accuracy, Taunt
    Description: A fancy bow tie for the fancy adventurer. 
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  • A potion of 'Safeguard' that can only be used in the quest 'The Third lesson, Is Just as Free'. Safeguard blocks the damage from the first successful attacks that hits the player used in First Few Lessons Three
  • 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) used in First Few Lessons Three
Edited by Nora

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Familiar Name: Aragon 
Description: A large white tailed eagle with white head and tail feathers and dark brown brown feathers everywhere else. It is very interested in combat and will naturally be more affectionate towards those who exhibit sufficient combat abilities. This eagle has an otherwise nonchalant personality and does not seem to care about much else, does not pay attention to food either. When Nora is away, this eagle will temporarily watch over the shop and forward customer's notes to Nora when she came back. It is pretty heavy and likes to stand on people's shoulder or arm if outstretched.
Familiar Mastery Skill: Dmg (rank 1)  Gain +(1 per Rank) damage when fighting with your familiar. Does not stack with damage enhancement.

Edited by Nora

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