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New Hope Azhoda, Shion

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Shion is a planner and thinks before doing anything, She is not really big on her emotions and because of her not understanding them doesn't promptly show them on the big screen. Her expressionless face can, however, get a smile of now and then but is it really rare to see. She is a curious cat, spending her time with mechanics for hours just to understand them in the best way she can. Keeping mostly to herself she is quite an independent girl, standing proud of her own exploits. Doing things fast and efficient but forgets the basics quite a bit forgetting to eat or sleep. Shion may not seem like it, but deep inside she cares for people And shows it in her own way pushing them away from danger or anything else she doesn't want them to get near. She may be a bit blunt and harsh when it comes to points and facts but she can be nice if you don't rub her the wrong way.


Growing Up~ On August 18 a young girl was born to a known rehearse scientist in Tokyo and a lawyer. Having two parents who were busy most of her life and the money she gained from them people would think she would grow up like an entitled prince, but she never really did. Her nanny was quite strict with her showing her how she would be respect full. Because of this she became quite a lady and showed much respect to elders. On the other hand, because of her money she was given over the years, Shion never really saw money as something important in her life knowing that she would gain it from her parents or just by doing chores for the nanny.

Early Age~ At a young age, Shion became interested in her job she later would get. A college of her dad showed her a small robot and a plane of some sort, He explained that it was a plane that didn't need fuel at all and just floated on the air. This gave Shion a sparkle of joy in her eye, one you would rarely see ever again in her normal life. Because of this Shion bought her own make a kit of a small robot. Starting to work on that she had something to enjoy herself with. She could spend days with it. Once she went to school she even showed off oh smart as she was always first to finish her homework. In high school, Shion showed quite a bit of potential joining up with the robotics club and later with the engineering club as well. She didn't make many friends at all but she was close to one guy in the engineering club. His name was Ryuusei, not the strongest kid but she liked talking to him. One day he got bullied by some other kids and Shion jumped in even punching one of the guys on the nose. After this, she was told off and send away from her school for a bit starting homeschooling at the age of 16.

Resplendent_Cordelia_Heroes.thumb.png.ea6ac090040f8c8f528acdda414e0aa9.pngMiddle Age~ Shion grew up with nobody around her age at these times, her mother homeschooled her and she learned a lot. She started to show more and more interests in engineering and took a small job at a car shop. A lot of people looked up weird seeing a girl like her getting her hands dirty with a job like this. She wasn't that strong but over time she started doing some workouts to keep up with the guys at the workshop. After her mom homeschooled her a few more years Shion went to college, trying to learn more about engineering. It was hard for her at first being the only girl among the guys here, but she didn't pay much attention to them and just ignored them being to focuses on her ideas and work. Once she was done with her College she went on to try and make her own in the world. She heard that the college of her father has started working on a project with an old military lieutenant to work on a glider. 

Later Ages~ She joined her fathers' college and became one with the small team of five people. There she came to meet the lieutenant and his son, by surprise his son was someone she knew already being Ryuusei. He was there to help as well as being one of the few, inside the team. One day their boss got sick and gave the task to the lieutenant to choose a successor, He looked around a bit and decided to make Shion the successor, Making her the project leader. She was happy and she dedicated her life to working on this project, sometimes forgetting to sleep or eat for days. One day Ryuusei came with an idea for Shion to relax sometime and gave her a game for VR. She took the game to the workplace in the weekend and started up the game at the room she created to her own. But yet to know was that she would be stuck in this game until all 100 floors were cleared


Go-getter~ Shion doesn't leave work unfinished and wants the job to be done fast and efficient without any problems. She wants the best solution to the problem if one comes to pass, taking it at the pace she can run. She doesn't slow down and this could also be a bit of a problem to her own body as she will wear herself out.

Creative~ She is a Creative and fast thinking girl, Coming up with all kinds of things in her head was always something that happens with Shion. Ideas pop up out of nowhere even if they are just rough sketches of her great plan. This makes her also quite talented in drawing what she enjoys most of doing as well.

Respectfull~ She respects people who can show others or herself who they are by fighting or just strong words and show of a leader. She may not few many with respect but she does want to show people she can be nice by showing the respect they earned. The least she can do is show people of what they are worth and make she they get the respect they need.


Logic Thinker~ Well it is a flaw in her case even if many would love to have this, This is because of her lack of understanding human emotions and getting ahead of herself with people. She will not understand things and seems to think everything can be solved like a puzzle. 

Oblivious~ Lack of her emotions developing into something she could use she thinks with logic and less with her heart. Even if someone shows a clear sign of liking her she will never understand it and look past it. Not only will she not see it but also is clearly any good in showing any emotions herself and walks pass something so clear.

Absent~ Shion has grown a bit away from people and trying to focus on what is on hand. Ignoring people and just not replying to any messages she has gotten, In her mind, these are all distractions of useless people who just get in the way of her end goal. It may be hard but people have sometimes a hard time getting along.


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Azhoda: 46 | HP 920/920 | EN 92/92 | DMG 16 | MIT 89 | REC 2 | HM 2



Equipt Items
  • Gliding Glaive (T1 THAS | Perfect | DMG 2, ACC 1 )
  • Omos Guard (T2 Heavy Armor | Perfect | MIT 3)
  • Flaming Heart (T2 Heavy Armor | Perfect | HM 2, Rec 1)
    • 5x  Standard Healing Potions (T1 Potion, Heals 50)
    • 2x  Vicious Dragon-Fang Potion (+3 Damage for a thread)
    • 1x Rhino's Horn (the First crit ignores 40% of MIT not granted by block)
    • 2 x  Vicious Dragon-Fang Potion (+3 Damage for a thread)
    • Empty
    • Empty
  • Two-Handed Weapons THAS Rank 5
  • Heavy Armor Rank 5
  • First Aid Rank 3
  • Quick Change
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Empty Skill ...


Plot Size: Estate
Room(s): (Optional) (Include assigned player(s))
First Floor
Bedroom: Azhoda | Basic Kitchen: Azhoda |
Second Floor
Attic Storage: Azhoda | Storage Closet: Azhoda
| Basix Workshop Forge: Azhoda | Slime Farm: Azhoda


House Name: Kikenna Estate

Rested: -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Col Stash: +5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests
Item Stash: +1 Battle Ready Inventory Slot
Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt
Basic Training: +1 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month.

Location:  Floor 24 Island with houses around it 

Description: A Japanese style house as a bit to have its own wall around it with an open garden around it as well as a small pond. The main building is shaped in a corner with a black roof and white walls. On the right side from the entrance sits a second part of the house, connected with a walkway having the small training room and more plus a two-story building. Outside in the backyard is an outhouse with a forge inside it and close to the pond sits a small slime farm.



  • Gliding Glaive (T1 THAS | Perfect | DMG 2, ACC 1 )
    • A silver Glaive curved blade with sharp teeth on the blunt side of the blade. With two circles at the top and a gear-lick figure on the bottom.
  • Silver Pads (T1 Light Armor | Rare | MIT 2 )
    • Two shoulder pats made of silver material. On both sides sit a small horn and on one shoulder a small cape.
  • Dragons Claw (T1 Jewelry | Rare | Loot Dice 2)
    • A Ring in the form of a claw made from silver and gold stripes and in the middle of the back of the hand sits a green orb.
  • Snell (T1 Jewel | EVA 3)
    • A blue crystal sounded by a metal flame in bronze colouring.
  • Blazing Soul (T2 THAS | Perfect | DMG 3 )
    • A golden like spear with a strong metal, beneath the spearhead, sits a sort symbol of the sun of the same material as the spearhead.
  • Therapeftís (T2 Light Armor | Perfect | MIT, Recovery 2)
    •  A body grey bodysuit tight around the user's upper body, hips, and arms. A short leather jacket, violet-blue, with leather plating on the right shoulder with a short shoulder cape that can be changed depending on the guild.
  • Omos Guard (T2 Heavy Armor | Perfect | MIT 3)
    • This Heavy armour piece is a silver-like metal marking of fire. The metal goes around the right arm and shoulder of the player, giving the player some protection on their weapon arm.
  • Flaming Heart (T2 Heavy Armor | Perfect | Heavy Momentum 2, Recovery 1)
    • The Armour is made of a silver-like metal with red markings of fire. The Armour is placed in front of the chest of the user guarding the player's chest.
  • Blood Thorn (T3 THAS | Perfect | Burn, Accuracy, bleed)
    • A spear made to look more like a Naginata, burning red with silver metal. The blade has small flames engraved onto it and. The Handle has red leather.
  • Vlam Blade (T3 Shield | Rare | Flame Thorns, Taunt)
    • A Kite shield with a sharp side on it for extra damage. The shield is silver with red and black flames engraved into it and in the middle sits a flame both black and red.


  • 5 x  Standard Healing Potions (T1 Potion, Heals 50)
  • 2 x  Vicious Dragon-Fang Potion (+3 Damage for a thread)
  • 1 x Rhino's Horn (the First crit ignores 40% of MIT not granted by block)
  • 2 x Sharp Dragon-Fang Potion (+2 Damage for a thread)
  • 3 x Yui's Grace

Col and Mats.

  • 30.888 Col
  • 10 Tier One Mats
  • 0 Tier Two Mats
  • 0 Tier Three Mats

God Help Me.

Edited by Azhoda

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Trust Rating / Opinion,

Trust level: It works as simple, Every action taken by a player in this section affects the level differently. You got a <- left side and a +> right Side, the left side shows bad events and has two colours of levels, Orange and red, First comes Orange and once Orage fills up the bar resets and becomes Red slowly. The same side with the Right side but the two colours are Yellow and Green.




Relationship: Friend
Trust level: |          <-|+>          |

 A friendly guy someone closer to Shion's own age, He seems to have sene some great deal of this place and know quite a bit from all kinds of places. He gave her some great advice and Shion has started to trust him as she would do with her parents.



Relationship: Ally
Trust level: |          <-|+>          |

Shion Met Calrex during an event on floor 17, where they were holding hands for an event that was taking place. Shion could not help but notice that he had some very soft hands compared to Baldur that she met that day as well. Shion would not lie if she didn't want to feel his hand again.



Relationship: Close Ally
Trust level: |          <-|+>          |

Meeting Cordelia, or Cord for short was quite something, It was pure luck that the two of them met. They helped each other out for a bit and then even later met again during the event on floor 17. Gaining her trust in combat who is quite capable of her ability.



Relationship: Friend
Trust level: |          <-|+>          |

Meeting Koga on floor 1 was quite something first it was just out of pure luck and care on Shion's part but once they started hunting down the field bosses they became closer friends over time and grew into a strong trust that Shion would have never understood at all.



Relationship: Ally
Trust level: |          <-|+>          |

Meeting NIGHT together with someone who Shion came to see a sort of interest in as well. It happened on floor 21 were NIGHT and her friend went for some gathering as Shion was trying to level up more. NIGHT saw the bad side of Shion but also her fighting spirit.



Relationship: acquaintance
Trust level: |          <-|+>          |

Lessa came by luck across Shion, it was quite something. Shion was a bit shy and flustered as they went together to a spa as she had planned but Lessa joined her there and stayed for some company. it was really nice to talk with her and maybe she would do it again.



Relationship: acquaintance
Trust level: |          <-|+>          |

Just another redhead met on an event where Shion was forced to join, at least he seemed to be a nice guy and someone who seemed to take charge as well. Shion did look a bit up at him but she knew one day that she would be stronger or just as strong as him.



Relationship: Ally
Trust level: |          <-|+>          |

Met on Floor 21 as well, a capable tank and one who seemed to be a joy of her own spark. Shion could not help but seem happy around her even if it was a bit forced as well. But she gained a lot of trust from Shion even when they met back then.



Story So Far

Forgotten Story ARC~ At the beginning of the game Shion was focused on trying to get out on her own, she levelled up fast and up fast and but slowed down trying to help other people. She started to help people for a bit and worked together with some people, but she and that group got cocky and when there once were six people there now only remained 3. Yuuma, Shion and someone Shion never to wish to talk about as he went completely awol. Once this happened Yuuma took up the work of info broker and Shion stayed in contact just to keep an eye out for people. Shion here grew colder and was clear in her eyes that weak people should not be joining the front lines. She was cold and harsh to those who asked her to help only if they showed confidence in their abilities in combat would she help. But most importantly she was a Solo player at her core.

Growing Trust~ Later in her time in the game Shion gained no trust from anyone, she stayed away from the town of beginners only coming there if she needed. But she had to come back at some point As she did she helped out a player and gained a trusted ally one she began to trust slowly. Buying herself a house as well and joining some events she started to be less of a cold girl and more trust she gained as she joined up with a friend in her eyes...

Edited by Azhoda

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