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[PP - F1] This is the end. v2

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Ruby for a lack of a better term, was just depressed about everything. Over and over again, she had just wanted to feel like she was worth something. However, for the most part she had just been close to death every time she fought an actual boss, over and over, even fishing bosses. And she, just couldn't handle it anymore. With a silent tone in the night, she had taken the last few looks around trying to remember what good memories she had before everything had went to hell. Stepping out of the main settlement into the fields, she looked around to how it all began and just remembered all the bad memories she had with everyone, she just couldn't put into words how she had felt. Taking her gauntlets off, she had placed them down awaiting its new owner she had messaged a while ago about. Then went off into the darkness never to be found again.

- Astral Blade to Pinball

- Ruby dies of suicide.


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A message, late in the night, from a player Pinball had never held a conversation with. He'd fought with her in a boss raid or two before; but that was as far as any familiarity with the healer went. So it came as a surprise, then, when the now-alien chime of a notification shook him from his light sleep. 

Giving away a weapon? This late at night? To Pinball? He didn't wear his disguise, and he hadn't altered his username either. It was as if she'd picked a player at random, without any real forethought put into her decision. It was strange, regardless of whatever reasoning she may or may not have had. 

There was always the chance it could be a trap. He'd escaped from imprisonment a long time ago. Luckily for Pinball, the APD had poorly guarded their sole prisoner, and they hadn't pursued him at all following his jailbreak. They'd fallen victim to inactivity, like so many other guilds and organizations before them. Unfortunate for them, lucky for Pinball. It meant that, more likely than not, there wouldn't be a group of players setting up an ambush for him. 

When he arrived to the coordinates laid out in the girl's message, she was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Pinball would find the gauntlets on the ground, in the middle of a quiet forest. Ruby was nowhere to be seen. Pinball frowned, his heart sinking in his chest. 

He waited, propping himself up against a tree. Maybe she just had to do something. He didn't want to think about death. He was tired of all of the death. Floor 1 was the most popular suicide spot in Aincrad, and Pinball shoved this thought as far back into his head as he possibly could. She was just busy. Had to change equipment to search for some sort of material, maybe. Pinball would wait for her to come back, and then he'd finally get the answers to his questions.  

But nobody came. 


Astral Blade // Added to Inventory 
-> Holy | Fallen | DMG | DMG 

Edited by Pinball

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