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Ariel - The Crowned Lion

[SP-RW] Ascending Lion (Prologue): "Two lifetimes ago"

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11:40 AM. Outside, the late autumn sun was slowly but surely making way towards its zenith above the japanese soil. Bathing the few scattered cherry trees in the garden with a golden radiance, it let everyone know that spring was in full bloom. Silence, the only thing disturbed by the birds that didn’t left for warmer places this year. If one were to listen carefully, they could hear some small echoes of shouting and clashing wood sounds coming from a dojo located in the same garden. A small annex to the main house that was architecturally based on a sukiya-zukuri1 with various european influences, like a chimney.  

The morning training which usually lasts from early sunrise until noon with a light breakfast pause around half past nine, was almost finished. But neither sparring partner seemed to notice the flow of time as they continue pouring all their focus into their actions: striking, parrying or evading the other in an attempt to get an edge and outmaneuver the opponent; this would happen more often than the two would like to recognize. Usually a certain blackhaired woman in traditional wear, someone dear to both of them, would almost soundlessly open the sliding doors and distract them from their daily routine. Today, following her usual pattern, she would to be coming in around fifteen minutes from now.

If you were to watch the pair as they were skillfully exchanging blows, you would notice that one of them had the natural advantage of being taller and bulkier than the other; then after taking a closer look, unfortunately more skilled than his opponent. Usually he would adjust his skills to match the other's but today he notices that his partner was being more careless than usual, making unnecessary movements, half-baked strikes and not paying attention at all to their stance. It was clear as daylight that something was distracting the person and that slightly annoyed him.

After easily evading one of the poorly thought attempts to strike his lower right side he seized the opportunity and thrusted his wooden training sword aiming at his opponent’s head, stopping a couple of centimeters in front of the their blue training mask. His opponent drops their stance and lowers their own training sword, their shoulders slumping as they sighted. With a gentle smile the man lightly taps his opponent’s forehead with the tip of his sword, while looking towards the garden, outside. He lets out a short sigh as well, putting away his training sword and removing his red mask:

Okay training is over for today, you're head is in another place and I know exactly where. I know I shouldn’t have agreed to let you get that game. I don’t know why you even play those things when you get real life fencing training with a dashingly handsome master swordsman like me.” he over exaggerated via words and gestures by presumptuously posing, letting them know that despite what he said he wasn't upset at then for it.  

He couldn’t see right away his partner’s reaction as they both were still wearing mask but later noticed that his words had some effect, as his former opponent lowered their head and turned around, placing the bamboo training sword into its proper holder by the wall. Facing the winner of today's 'match' once again, they begins removing the mask’s restrains. Blond hair starts flowing from beneath until it reaches full lenght, covering their shoulders and a their back. The hairstyle was similar to their mother's in almost all aspects but one, the blonde colouring was one of the few traits they have inherited from the man in front of them, who also started taking his mask off. 
The second feature that immediately catches any observer’s attention is the color of their eyes, a highly unusual silver nuanced iris with a discreet tinge of sea blue. The owner raiser their eyebrow and after a curt nod their spoke, slight annoyance in their tone:I understand and I’m sorry, master. Thank you for your ‘kind’ words, I tried to explain that I'm looking for something else in these games but you father, remain indifferent and keep asking me the same question over and over again. I’ve giving up in trying to explain to you what I’m looking for.” 

Oh! my Kayla looks so scary when she treats me this way… go and play that game you’ve kept talking about with your mom. You know I’m not up-to-date with that type of stuff, in my times we had computer games true; but not this complex things. From what I heard, this helmet thingy you use, knocks you out, inducing something like a controlled coma. Then feeds computer generated images and sounds directly to the brain, simulating real life sensations to some degree, right? Dad doesn't really like all of this...” 

Responded her father: Eugene D’Sole, trying hard to formulate his words similarly to what he heard from his daughter Kayla Ariel D’Sole and his wife Hanami. He would hear them talk about the latest trends in fashion (and sometimes technology) throughout dinner, after evening training ended. He too wanted to join them sometimes but those topics were out of his conservative profession's area and he couldn't find the time to 'study' them. He could use his personal computer and the internet for business related affairs but that was about all he used it for. While his wife was very interested in all kinds of articles that she read on a daily basis. He was grateful for that, as they possibly wouldn't have meet if she didn't attend that tournaments that was mostly advertised online. 

A few minutes after the exchange the two finished cleaning the practice area and would leave the dojo, each with their own schedule. Today Eugene opting to surprise his wife with a kiss on the cheek from behind as he finished earlier. He would hum a slow tune from his home country as he would dance with her around the kitchen afterwards. 
Kayla would return to her room with a smile, despite her father's musings and prepare for the big day ahead. 

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