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[PP-F3] Minos' Labyrinth <Search for the Hoya> <COMPLETE>

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Shinji just stands at his spot dumbfounded by the sudden end of his battle. It all happened a bit too quickly. Only a few minutes passed and already the quest is over, all thanks to Cordelia. As he watches her waving at him and rushing out of the clearing, a friend request window pops in front of him, the sender being Cordelia. He stares at the window as he feels a little hesitant to press either button. Another window pops up and tells him that the Hoya Pendant is now added to the inventory.

Just like that, he got extra experience from the quest without killing the minotaurs. It's a bummer that the thrill of his battle got stolen by her, but seeing that she has urgent business to do, and that he practically got free experience too, he simply shrugs his shoulders.

Oh well, he thinks to himself. It's only one quest, after all. There is always time and more monsters to slay anyway. Letting out a small sigh, he presses the green button in the friend request window, accepting her friendship. He wonders when he will ever see her again...assuming that she is still alive.

"Tch..." he says as he slightly cringes while looking at the ground. The thought of loss disturbs his mind again, but he shakes his head and tries to toss it aside as far away as possible. He then opens his inventory and summons the Hoya Pendant into his hand, and stares at it in detail. The pendant appears to be heart shaped, red in color. As he read that the pendant can take in any form, he wonders if this one's referring to his own heart....or love...or companionship...or a reminder of his loneliness.

"This is nonsense..." he mutters as he takes his leave and finds his way out of the forest, and eventually reached back to the Starting City.




200 COL

Hoya Of Minos

@Cordelia: 1 SP + 2 QUEST SP = 3 SP

200 COL

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