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[F17|SP]A Challenge of Meal<<Challenge of Olympus>>

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<<Challenge of Olympus>>

What other stuff to do when you weren't questing in this crazy game? Sightseeing, of course. These floors were all beautiful in their own ways so it made sense for someone to want to want to explore! She knew that mobs wouldn't attack her if she didn't provoke them. The fields around the safe zone were kind of barren to be honest. It wasn't much of the lush feeling of grass and trees that existed on floors like floor 3.

In her exploration she did well at evading all sorts of mobs but one certain being was just walking towards her. It's heavy deep voice called out to her as it got close. A Satyr unarmed approached her, a scary looking monster for sure. She drew her weapon, even knowing it would probably kill her to try and fight something like this. He held up his hand and shook his head, he didn't seem to take any kind of fighting posture.


Level: 12 | HP:  240 | Energy: 24 Hate: 1/3/4(M/H/C)

DMG: 2 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 27 | ACC: 0 | Thorns: 18 | Regen: 5

R1 OHAS, Fighting Spirit, Concentration

Equipment(In use)
Regal Cuirass(Heavy Armor): 1MIT, 2 Thorns
Aegis(Shield): 2MIT, 1 Regen
White Spear - Lux(OHAS): 2 Bleed, 1 Taunt

Silver Serpent Ring: +2 LD
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring: +1 LD

2xStarter Healing Potions(50HP)
The Matriarch's Stinger DMG 1
Woodland Armor: MIT 1 (2/3)
Oyakodon with Miso - Overhealth 2


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The Satyr's voice was much deeper than she anticipated, but it didn't seem to want to fight, which means it wasn't just a mindless mob. It folded it's man-like arms across it's chest.

"Good afternoon, traveler. I come bearing a message from Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth. She taken notice to your feast as a connoisseur of foods and insists on meeting you on Mt. Olympus. I have not the information she wishes to tell you, however, if you seek to know, please make haste to the Gate of Olympus. Hestia will further explain her reasons." It said, then suddenly turning to leave her presence.

"Oi, wait. Where is Mt. Olympus then?" The paladin asked the half-goat man didn't even turn around or stop to answer.

"I'm sure that you'll find your way there." It said, and soon it was gone. Yuki sighed as a quest marker came into view on her HUD. Well, what else was there to do?

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The pink paladin sighed quietly as the satyr disappeared into the distance. It would be quite the trek to reach the gates of Olympus, though. Sooner she got started, the sooner she would get it finished though right? Who could turn down the chance to actually meet a god? It was not only a god though, but the god of feast and hearth Hestia! What did she want with Yuki?!  Surely she wouldn't just be called to a landmark named "Mt. Olympus" by a proclaimed god for no reason. Hopefully there wouldn't be any combat involved in this quest.

Luckily, she had nothing better to do so she started the quest right away. First she would need to climb Mt. Olympus just to see what Hestia wanted. The walk to the mountain wasn't far. A good reason why the satyr probably appeared now instead of when she first jumped to the floor. At the foot of the mountain, the climb seemed overwhelming. Something as stupid as climbing wouldn't stop her though.

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Luckily the mountain had a winding path from the foot that would make it much easier to climb than just scaling it. That's what she was most worried about, but the path made it so much better. Time was all she needed to climb this mountain and meet Hestia. She didn't believe all this god and goddess bull to be honest, but this was just a digital world. Anything was possible as long as it could be coded for the game. What would Hestia be like? Was she a kind humble soul, or was she ruthless beyond expectation? She wasn't sure what the legend behind her even was. Japanese gods would have been easier to know for her than Greece gods.

She started her way up the mountain via the dirt path. For some reason, she was ready to figure out what Hestia had in store for her when she made up to the top of the mountain. Did she want to impart some special recipe to her for to recreate? That would be awesome. A special recipe that could only be learned from completing this quest would be amazing.

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Even though the dirt path up the mountain provided easy scaling of the cliff-face, it still took much longer than she would intend to get up to the summit. The path twist and turns while heading up, and mobs even spawned while going up. Had to dodge those like the black plague if she wanted to make it up there. That made her wonder what the hell she was going to do if Hestia intended to challenge her to combat in some way. There's no way she would stand a chance against anything on this floor, she would die in an instant. Though, there was no actual recommended level for this quest it seemed, so perhaps that foreshadowed a non-combat situation.

After about half an hour, Yuki finally found herself in view of the gates of Olympus. They were golden and beautiful, like any story would depict them. The girl took off in a lunging sprint, ready to see what Hestia had in store for her.

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With the golden gates of Olympus now in view, the pink paladin wasted no time on finishing her trek up the mountain with a full blown sprint. At the gate's opening stood a woman cloaked in a robe. They stood patiently, awaiting her specifically to show. The woman stepped forward as Yuki approached her.

"Welcome to Mt. Olympus, young one. I am Hestia, the goddess of the hearth. What brings you to our gates?" She asked, pulling the hood down off her head. Her red-ish colored eyes would look menacing on anyone but her. The goddess was even shorter than Yuki, who was dwarfed by many other players in the game. 

"I think you already know why I am here, Miss. I've come to see what for I was summon." Yuki gave her a smile, which she returned softly.

"Right you are." She motioned Yuki to follow her through the golden gateway.

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The both of them headed through the gates and into the common area of Mt. Olympus. Not like it was some actual city, just buffer between different areas where several other named legendary gods and goddess worked on their craft and oversaw their domains. The paladin stuck close to Hestia.

"There are several great chefs and connoisseurs through out Aincrad and I cannot help but invite them to Mt. Olympus to chat." Hestia admitted as they walked into her beautiful kitchen. It was spacious and magnificent to anyone well versed in cooking. "But, I did not summon you to come here merely to chat with me. Instead, I wish to challenge you to battle of the hearth. If you can beat me, I will bestow upon you a special ember that will make your crafts ever so resplendent. Will you accept my challenge?"

Hestia closed the door behind them and went behind one of the clear polished counter, awaiting Yuki's response.

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The pink paladin nearly burst in excitement. She was actually being challenged by a god to battle of one of her most favorite hobbies! Cooking was probably one of Yuki's greatest passions and if she could beat Hestia at her own domain, imagine what she could make with that flame boosting her crafts. Yuki nodded to Hestia and gave her a challenging grin.

"It would be an absolute honor to have a competition with a god domained with cooking and food. I gleefully accept your challenge Hestia. Do your best and I will do my best as well. We will see if I'm able to out do the Goddess of the Heart." Yuki said approaching the counter to take her position. "What are the rules of the challenge then, Miss?

Crafting materials were laid out for them both to use. With the amount she had, she could make any dish that she wished to defeat Hestia. Relying on Japanese recipes would be the token to victory for Yuki.

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