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[F01-PP] The Gemini - Snow vs Calrex

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"Hm...maybe it was too soon to mention?"

The bluenette closed his eyes for a moment after Snow spoke her piece, preparing to get up and take her leave. He also calmly stood , giving a small nod in response to her bow, closing his eyes for a brief moment. In the meantime, since the NPC host recognized the two were wrapping up their time in the Starlight Cafe, he had started making his way over in order to retrieve the porcelain tableware.

"Something about this isn't sitting right, but I guess I can't really say much else. She's probably still got a lot to deal with, and I'm not exactly the person to be helping her through it. Daire was her only friend she knows from real life in SAO, and now she's gone. I guess I got lucky by making so many friends and allies so quickly into starting my questing."

As the blonde began to move and make her exit, Calrex spoke one more time, more to get the words out than to try and stop her, "Jacob's Ladder...if you need a hand feel free to reach out..."

A few swipes on his menu also allowed him to send a friend request over to Snow, but by that point she was already out the door. Returning his hands to his jacket pockets the Ultramarine Knight gave a small sigh, turning with a calm smile to the host before making his leave, "Well this has certainly been an interesting excursion to the first floor..." 


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