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Name | Shiranui Yukihime

Age | 23

Aspects | 157.4cm; 54.4kg

Traits | White hair, Light blue eyes, Pale skin

Likes | Video games; Spicy foods; The sound of rain; ferrets

Dislikes | Sour food; groups of people; conversation in general


A loner grown up in Japan, Shira focused on herself. Getting through school with decent grades, her only wish was to focus on pursuing a career as a game designer. Her skill for creating story was keen, but she lacked at math making it difficult to learn coding.

In her free time, Shiranui created small time games a solo developer, hoping to make a name for herself. Unfortunately, solo developing a game can be difficult in a large scale. Though she had made a few decent games, she really needed to learn coding or find a partner that knows enough to make her dreams become reality. Though, soon her games would be put on hold, when she gets a hold of a Nervegear and trapped in Sword Art Online. 

This wouldn't slow her progress though. While here, she has spent time learning everything about the game that she can. She would use this experience to learn everything that she can about designing a video game.


Although she may appear inconsiderate upon first inspection, Shirayuki is just a very quiet individual. She is extremely analytical and tends to over assess almost everything around her in a moments time. She can be annoying to deal with since she prefers to be silent, but her fighting skills are solid.


Virtues | Flaws


Ready to fight, ready to live. This world doesn't dampen the spirit Shirayuki one bit. She embraces the digital world with a brave heart and fire in her eyes.


As a game designer, Shirayuki has taken a lot of time inspecting other games whether it before ideas for her own game or general enjoyment. A lot of her works were inspired from the fantasy genre of games, so SAO is no different to her. She will be a vital asset to anyone who needs a partner.


No stones are left un-turned. Shirayuki's curiosity could one day be her demise, but one could never learn anything without making mistakes. Making mistakes is one of Shirayuki's specialties, but she always learned from them.


One could easily mistake Shirayuki for being completely mute. Her forms of communication come in body language, but she is more of a follower than a leader. Though some would argue silence is a virtue, Shirayuki's mute-tendencies make her difficult to strategize with.


When she has her mind set on something, Shirayuki is set on it. Nothing can change her mind, or you'll have to give her some pretty good reasoning. This is fine when traveling alone, but with others, she tends to do what she needs to with a trained mind and locked focus.


Despite having no ill-intentions, Shirayuki sure seems like she does with her quiet nature. The attire of looking like a ninja or assassin doesn't really help her case either. Though she seems like she might stab you in the back, she really wont.

-Two-Handed Battle Axe(1)

Shuriken(T1/Unc./THBA) - Damage I
Ninja's Garb(T1/Unc./LA) - MIT I
-Empty Slot-

Col: 2500
Materials: 10

Starter Healing Potions: 5

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