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<<Username>> Bowan

<<Real Name>>

<<Age>> 17

<<Gender>> Male

<<Height>> 5' 6"


<<About/Player History>> A gamer at heart, Bowan keeps his actual name private because his father murdered his three younger sisters and his mom before trying to kill him. Originally from America, he was taken in by a kind family in Tokyo who doesn't judge him for killing his father in retaliation. When not playing MMO's, he would spend his time learning to smith from a master swordmaker in Kyoto, or would instruct at a kendo and martial arts dojo founded by the legendary Musashi Miyamoto. He was offered the job after winning his third national championship at the age of 13, marking him as a prodigy in swordsmanship.


<<Virtues>> Bowan is a good judge of character. He often has valuable insights about the people around him. These prove useful in determining the best course of action in every one of his social interactions.

He is also unendingly loyal when it comes to those he cares about. Once they earn his trust, they have a friend for life. His trust, however, is not easily won.

His creativity and out-of-the-box thinking helps him to come up with a lightning fast reaction to any situation, be it combat or puzzle-solving. He often refers to it as being like a game of Shogi, where he is 5 steps ahead by the time the first piece is moved.


<<Flaws>> Bowan can be dark and brooding at times, causing a lot of mistrust from other players. This is due to his original family, and having to deal with the memories of what happened to them. He played video games to let go and forget, but now the game has become his reality.

He has a slight sadistic side that can come out during an intense fight, trading his calculating, no-nonsense expertise for something akin to a beserker rage. When he is like this, he has no mercy. He hates it, though.

His sense of humor is cynical and he can't help being a smartass when the opportunity strikes. Anyone around him who isn't tolerant is in for a real treat. His favorite thing to comment on is when someone accidently leaves themselves open to it, and he will refuse to comment if it is too obvious.





One Handed Straight Sword-Rank 1






Night Vision





Beginner's Pack-10 Bread, 15 Water, Basic Longsword, Cloth Clothing (Equipped), Stormbringer (Equipped)



Earning a Living

Edited by Bowan
Cannot have interaction with canon characters and cannot be a beta tester because this is not a beta anymore

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